Full Profile of Former BADKIZ Member Monika: Fun Facts, Career Journey, Latest News

badkiz monika

Monika: From BADKIZ’s Rapper To a Solo Artist

Monika started her career as a BADKIZ member in 2014, but eventually, she took another step as a solo artist several years later. Let’s find out more about Monika through the below article written by Channel-Korea!

Monika’s Full Profile

badkiz monika

Birth Name: Kang Yeh (강예)

Stage Name: Monika (모니카)

Place and Date of Birth: Japan, May 21st, 1991

Age: 30 years old

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: A

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Years Active: 2014–present

Label: NOH Entertainment

Associated With: BADKIZ

Instagram: musikant_monika

Fun Facts of BADKIZ’s Monika

badkiz monika
  • Monika’s father is German and her mother is Korean
  • Monika can speak English, Korean, Japanese, French, and German as well
  • She was trained for 8 years
  • Initially, her dream was to be an actress
  • She participated in King of Masked Singer and Hidden Singer Season 4
  • She was a BADKIZ member from 2014 to 2018
  • Her role models and inspiration are Zion.T, Colde, and Crucial Star
  • She loves swimming, playing piano, and doing pilates
  • Monika’s ideal type is someone with a casual appearance and easygoing just like the actor Kim Ji-seok
  • Currently, Monika is pursuing a career as a solo artist

About BADKIZ’s Monika’s Personality

badkiz monika

Monika was known as the leader of BADKIZ, since she had the longest period of time during her trainee days. Other than that, she was also known as a responsible and persistent person. This was proven through her career with BADKIZ, despite all of the line-up changes in the members, Monika remained in the group for a couple of years!

BADKIZ’s Monika’s Focus Fancam

badkiz monika

Monika readily displayed her sexy dancing moves during one of the BADKIZ “Come Closer” live performances! With tight black pants, a white long-sleeved crop top, and a tiny ponytail, Monika definitely made the crowd hypnotized with her visual as well as her amazing dancing skills. Other than that, her passionate expression during the “Come Closer” performance also made her performance even more unforgettable.

Watch another Monika focus fancam, here:

BADKIZ’s Monika’s Visual

badkiz monika

Let’s take a look at some of Monika’s gorgeous visuals, here:

badkiz monika

Since Monika is a mixture of Korean and German descent, she definitely has a unique visual appearance. Monika’s visual features also made her appearance look even more stunning, not to mention that she has those beautiful eyes, thick eyebrows, a pointed nose, as well as thick lips. With dark hair, Monika’s visual looks more than just stunning.

badkiz monika

During her golden era with BADKIZ, Monika appeared with burgundy hair with tiny bangs which made her visual very adorable. Not only that, but her visual features also completed her adorable look since her eyes and her lips were emphasizing her unique appearance. Monika can easily transform herself from a sophisticated stunning woman into an adorable chic girl, right?

badkiz monika

If you take a look at Monika’s visual clearly, you are going to notice that she doesn’t look like the typical South Korean girl. No wonder, the mixture of Korean and German descent within her blood has made her visual quite different but attractive at the same time!

Monika’s Career Journey

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Monika started her career as a BADKIZ member in March 2014. In the group’s debut, Monika was involved as a member along with Bom Bom, Yeunji, Eunjoo, and Jina when they released their debut single “Ear Attack”, followed by the second single “Father”. But, BADKIZ gained a lot of attention after releasing the single “Babomba” in November 2014, and successfully raising over one million views since the first release.

The group released other singles such as “Come Closer”, “Hothae”, “Ear Attack 2”, “Give It To Me”, and many more. BADKIZ also experienced a lot of line-up changes. However, Monika remained in the group and continued her activity as a BADKIZ member with various added members afterward.


After several years passed, Monika decided to leave BADKIZ in early 2018. It was revealed that she wanted to focus on her solo career. Monika eventually made her debut as a solo artist in March 2018 by releasing the digital single “Will It Get Better”.

Monika’s YouTube Channel

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Monika also opened up her own YouTube channel named 모니카 MONIKA. Through her channel, Monika has been uploading a bunch of music-related content such as her music video for several singles, collaboration singles, cover song performances, and other content such as daily vlogs, fan featuring guide videos, photoshoot videos, and many more.

Recently, Monika uploaded her latest video on YouTube. It is another cover song from her, she sung a song titled “The Look of Love” originally performed by Diana Krall. Not only that, but she also displayed her beautiful performance while playing the piano.

Watch the latest video from Monika’s YouTube channel, here:

Monika’s Single “Theodore”

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Let’s keep up with the latest updates from Monika. What has she been up to lately? Since Monika started pursuing a career as a solo artist, she has released several music projects and the latest single from her was released on October 25th, 2020. It was her collaboration single with Sikboy, which is titled “Theodore”.

Listen to the latest single from Monika, here:

That was all the information about former BADKIZ member, Monika. Even though her career with BADKIZ is over, eventually Monika found her own happiness with her current career as a solo artist. Let’s keep supporting her and look forward to the next Monika project in the future!

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