Full Profile of B1A4 Member Jung Jin-young: Age, Height, Facts, Movies, and TV Shows

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Jung Jin-young’s Profile

Jung Jin-young, more familiarly called Jin-young, is a member of B1A4. Jin-young is the leader and also lead vocal of the group. B1A4 itself debuted on April 23, 2011 under WM Entertainment, but by the start of 2015, switched to LOEN Entertainment in order to distribute their physical albums. B1A4 debuted with the single “O.K” from their EP Let’s Fly. After deciding not to continue his contract with WM Entertainment on June 30th, 2018, he currently resumes his career under the label LINK8 Entertainment.

Jin-young was born in Cheongju, Chungcheongbukdo, South Korea on November 18th, 1991. His height is 178 cm tall, and he weighs 59 kg. Jinyong is good at singing, songwriting, and acting. He writes, composes, and/or produces songs for the group and some other groups like Oh My Girl, IOI, and even composed a song for his drama OST Love In The Moonlight.

You may recognize his face in some dramas. Jinyong started his career in acting by tvN’s drama, She is Wow. In that drama, Jinyong played a role as Gong Min-Gyu. He had actually played in the drama The Thousandth Man before, but only as a cameo.

Jin-young has an older sister and is good at cooking. He also a pet cat that he often shares pictures of with fans on Instagram. You can follow him there on the username @jinyoung0423. He is active on Twitter as well with the username @_jinyoung911118. Jin-young once said that his biggest treasure is his laptop.

Jin-young’s Career as an Actor

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As mentioned before, Jinyong is also an actor and started his acting career on the drama She is Wow as Gong Min-Gyu. She Is Wow is a drama about A-Ra, a popular actress who is married to the ideal husband Jung Han, the most popular announcer, and has a son Min-Gyu. A-Ra has a very perfect life. However, everything changes when their troubled son Min Kyu arrives back in Korea from America. Min-Gyu got kicked out of school there because of his bad attitude and terrible actions. A-Ra and Jung-Han worry that others may find out about Min Kyu’s troubles. Things get even worse when a secret, which can destroy A-Ra’s perfect world, exists.

Besides She Is Wow, Jinyong has also played the main role in other dramas, such as Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra, Love in the Moonlight, and a movie The Man Inside Me. Even though he is well known as a singer, he also very talented in acting. He has proved himself of this talent as he has received the Best New Actor award for his role in the drama Love in the Moonlight at 2016 KBS Drama Awards.

If you are curious about Jin-young’s acting skill, you can watch some or all of the movies and dramas where he has played a role. Let’s check the list below!


  • Miss Granny | Soosanghan Geunyeo (2014) as Ji-Ha (Mal-Soon’s grandson)
  • The Person Inside Me (2018) as Dong-Hyun

Drama Series

  • Love in the Moonlight | Gooreumi Geurin Dalbit (KBS2 / 2016) as Kim Yoon-Sung
  • Warm and Cozy | Maendorong Ttottot (MBC / 2015) – Jung Poong-San
  • Persevere, Goo Hae-Ra | Chiljeonpalgi Goohaera (Mnet / 2015) – Kang Se-Chan
  • She is Wow | Woowahan Nyeo (tvN / 2013) – Kong Min-Kyu
  • The Thousandth Man | Chunbunzzae Namja (MBC / 2012)

TV Movies

  • Drama Special: If We Were a Season | Wooriga Gyejeoliramyeon (KBS2 / 2017) – Oh Dong-Kyung

Jin-young’s Dating Rumor and Ideal Type

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Jin-young was once rumored to have a girlfriend. The rumor spread because of a picture of Jin-young and a fan that looked very close. In fact, the girl was named as ‘Star Girl’ in the tabloids. The picture was not clear, but people were pretty sure that the boy in that picture is Jin-young however, the girl’s face could not be identified.

By his nature, Jin-young is a kind and warm person. Until now, there were no issues about Jin-young’s relationship or any other dating rumors. Jin-young doesn’t seem to be in any relationship as he is still busy developing his career in the field of music, and does not have time to think about personal concerns.

Even so, Jin-young said that his ideal type of woman is a someone having good virtues, such as morality and politeness. He expects that the woman will have the same personality as him being kind to everybody around her. He also wants a woman who can be loyal to him and be herself. He is looking for a girl who can be compatible with him throughout his life and support his career.

Jin-young has been involved in some subjects related to marriage, but he has still yet to give his own opinion about it. He was involved in We Got Married, Arrange Marriage, Second Marriage etc. He would love to cook for his wife as he is very skilled in cooking and would like to serve and surprise her with her favorite dishes. He wants to have a marriage life filled with pure love. But, before he marries, he wants to reach his dreams first and foremost before settling in marriage life.