Profile of Apink’s “mononym” Kim Nam-joo , and Facts (Age, Boyfriend, and Plastic Surgery)

If you are a Pink Panda, then you must already know who this beautiful girl is! Yes, Kim Nam-joo, better known as only Nam-joo, is one of the members of the successful girl group Apink. Recently, she shocked the netizen with her new appearance. Want to get closer and know more about Namjoo? Then just keep on reading!

Profile of Apink’s Namjoo
  • Stage Name: Namjoo (남주)
  • Birth Name: Kim Nam Joo (김남주)
  • Nickname: Shiksin
  • Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper
  • Birthday: April 15, 1995 in Hwagok-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Specialty: Jazz piano
  • Hobbies: Doing an impersonation of other people, Eating, dancing and singing.
  • Twitter: @Apinkknj
  • Instagram: sarangdungy
  • Education:
  1. Dongmyung Kindergarten
  2. Wonmyung Elementary School
  3. Seoul Middle School
  4. Seoul Performance of Arts High School
  5. Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of Performance Arts.

Exciting Facts About Namjoo

If you want to know Namjoo better, then you should check out all her facts here!

  1. Her birthplace is Seoul, South Korea.
  2. She appeared on a CF for LG when she was a kid.
  3. She is an only child.
  4. She speaks Chinese better than Naeun, even though Nauen is the one learning it.
  5. She is called the “Tireless Energizer“.
  6. She calls herself Beyoncé.
  7. She has a very bright and active personality.
  8. She’s good at impersonations.
  9. She loves eating spicy food and pork and kimchi stew made by her mother.
  10. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.
  11. Her favorite number is 3.
  12. She has known HyunA since elementary school.
  13. She made an appearance in BEAST/B2ST‘s “Beautiful“ as the girl dance crew.
  14. She is the second youngest member after Hayoung.
  15. Namjoo had a duet with Phantom, they sang “Seoul Lonely”.
  16. She is part of the duo Pink BnN, alongside Bomi.
  17. Namjoo’s ideal type is a man with monolid eyes who has a good facial expression. Also, someone who is pure and innocent but also sexy.
  18. She can play the piano.
  19. Namjoo was intimidated by Naeun the first time she saw her, she said that Nauen seemed scary at first.
  20. She is one of the shortest members of Apink.

Namjoo’s Boyfriend

Since her debut up until now, there have been no rumors about her dating anyone, so it is safe to say that she is still single. But, she has said that her ideal type is a man with no double eyelids, and who also has a good and kind facial expression. She also said that she wants her future lover to be innocent, but somehow still sexy. Well, although physical appearance does matter, we also hope that her future boyfriend will have great personality. Good luck on your love life Namjoo!