Full Profile of Alphabat Members (Names, Religion, Birthday, and Facts)

5. Lee San Ha (The F) Profile and Facts – Former Member


Real Name : Lee San Ha

Stage Name : F:ie

Position : Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Date of Bithday : October 10, 1991

Age : 27 years old

Height : 179 cm

Weight : 69 kg

Religion : N/A

Blood Type : A

Zodiac : Libra

Hobby : Choreographing

Twitter : @AlphaBAT_HA

Facts About Lee San Ha :

  1. He is Love Line couple with E:psilon.
  2. He is the cutest member in Alphabat.
  3. He is part of Trio 91 with E:psilon and D:elta.
  4. He can playing piano so well.
  5. He has the darkest skin in Alphabat.
  6. F:ie is a big fan of BEAST’s Hyunseung (ex) and he is a member of BEAST fansclub.
  7. He really wants to do the Trouble Maker dance with Hyunseung.
  8. His specialty is creating creative choreography.
  9. His favorite color is red.
  10. He likes ice cream.

6. Kim Jun Su (The G) Profile and Facts


Real Name : Kim Jun Su

Stage Name : G:amma

Position : Vocalist

Date of Bithday : February 9, 1993

Age : 25 years old

Height : 183 cm

Weight : 69 kg

Religion : N/A

Blood Type : O

Zodiac : Aquarius

Hobby : Listening to music, Playing basketball

Twitter : @AlphaBAT_JS

Facts About Kim Jun Su :

  1. He is the highest member in Alphabat.
  2. He likes to use his right hand when eating even he is left-handed.
  3. He likes playing basketball.
  4. His specialty is playing the piano.
  5. His favorite color is green.
  6. He likes spicy foods.
  7. He is the laziest member in Alphabat.
  8. G:amma was defeated by the Moon Royal Pirates during a quiz round in Idol School, before G: Amma was superior.
  9. He doesn’t like salty foods.
  10. His favorite food is Tteoppoki.

7. Seol Jun (The H) Profile and Facts – Former Member


Real Name : Seol Jun

Stage Name : H:eta

Position : Vocalist

Date of Bithday : May 8, 1993

Age : 25 years old

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 60 kg

Religion : N/A

Blood Type : B

Zodiac : Taurus

Hobby : Listening to music, Watching movies

Twitter : @AlphaBAT_jun

Facts About Seol Jun :

  1. He once covered Orange Caramel’s Dance with J:eta, where he wore a wig.
  2. H:eta has good fashion sense.
  3. H:eta has been asked for his phone number by 2 members of a girl band when Alphabat debuted on M! Countdown.
  4. He almost debuted with EXO.
  5. His favorite color is blue.
  6. He likes kimchi.
  7. His specialty is singing and exercising.
  8. He is the mom in Alphabat.
  9. He is the most handsome member in Alphabat.
  10. He is a fans of Girl’s Generation.

8. Shin Se Lin (The I) Profile and Facts – Former Member


Real Name : Shin Se Lin

Stage Name : I:ota

Position : Rapper

Date of Bithday : June 5, 1994

Age : 24 years old

Height : 173 cm

Weight : 63 kg

Religion : N/A

Blood Type : O

Zodiac : Gemini

Hobby : Listening to music, Playing football

Twitter : @AlphaBAT_SHIN

Facts About Shin Se Lin :

  1. He loves Rapp.
  2. I:ota is the part of Underground Rapper.
  3. He is good at writing lyrics.
  4. I:ota and D:elta work together in AlphaBAT’s latest single “A-ya.”
  5. He is the member who has a slightly scary face.
  6. He is the most wise and assertive member.
  7. His favorite color is green.
  8. His favorite food is junk food.
  9. He is a fan of 2NE1.
  10. He does not like spicy foods.

9. Kim Su Yeob (The J) Profile and Facts – Former Member


Real Name : Kim Su Yeob

Stage Name : J:eta

Position : Vocalist and Maknae

Date of Bithday : November 12, 1995

Age : 23 years old

Height : 181 cm

Weight : 55 kg

Religion : N/A

Blood Type : B

Zodiac : Scorpio

Hobby : Listening to music, Reading magazines

Twitter : @AlphaBAT_KSY

Facts About Kim Su Yeob :

  1. He is the youngest member in Alphabat.
  2. He is the laziest member in Alphabat.
  3. He almost debuted with BOYFRIEND.
  4. He likes to nag when the other members made him angry.
  5. J:eta and B:eta are maknae and leader couples that are 8 years apart.
  6. He loves to do Aegyo when performing on the stage.
  7. His favorite color is green.
  8. He does not like spicy foods.
  9. He loves chocolate.
  10. J:eta has bad fashion sense.

Alphabat Member Popularity Ranking


As we know, Alphabat is one of the boy groups that has unique stage names for the members. Stage names taken from the Greek language are sorted by the oldest member to the youngest. Previously, all members were in different agencies like SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, STARSHIP Entertainment, CUBE Entertainment, and many more. They trained for a long two years before they finally debuted with the name Alphabat.

Alphabat actually debuted with two members namely Kyumin and Selin, but Kyumin decided to leave the group. Alphabat was finally formed with Selin who now has the stage name I:ota, plus eight other members.

In 2013-2014, Alphabat made a comeback with AB City, Attention, Answer. Their first stage performance was with AB City on M! Countdown and it successfully to stole the attention of netizens. Then, close to Christmas they released a special Christmas song with the title Surprise Party and they also released their fandom name ALPHA. Then in February they released their first mini album, Attention. Then they released their second mini album, Answer.

In November 2016, Simtong Entertainment teamed up with an agency in Japan, Jakol Corporation to promotion Alphabat in Japan. However, not all members participated, only C:ode, D:elta, F:ie, I:ota, and the youngest member J:eta.

On May 23, 2017 Alphabat opened a new official Instagram account, indicating they would soon be restarting activities as a group. On June 8, 2017, Alphabat appeared for the first time on Naver’s Vapp channel Idol x Idol.


On July 25 2017, member H:eta announcesd his enlistment via his personal Instagram account. As a result, Alphabat is left with only 4 members. However, it is currently unclear if H: eta will return to the group in 2019 upon completion of his enlistment. On July 28, 2017, Alphabat released their EP, Get Your Luv, which they had a small showcase for.

On August 7, 2017 Alphabat released their music video for their title track, also called Get Your Luv. They also released the dance practice for their title track on the same day. On November 3, 2017, Alphabat performed Get Your Luv on Music Bank, their first time performing the song on a music show.

  1. B:eta – 17.16% 
  2. J:eta (former) – 14.75%
  3. E:psilon – 10.46%
  4. I:ota (former) – 10.19%
  5. F:ie (former) – 9.92%  
  6. D:elta (former) – 9.65%
  7. G:amma – 8.04%
  8. C:ode (former) – 7.77%
  9. H:eta (former) – 7.77%