Full Profile of Korean Actress: Ahn Ji-hye


An Actress With a Solid Body, Meet Ahn Ji-Hye!

Ahn Ji-Hye is an actress who debuted in SBS’s ‘To The Beautiful You’ (2012), and was a former gymnast in the past. She is best known for her appearance in a supporting role as a brilliant martial arts player in the drama series ‘Six Flying Dragons’ (SBS, 2015-2016). Even though there are other South Korean actresses who have the exact same name, ‘this Ahn Ji-Hye’ is the one who is the most searched for b,ased on her popularity alone.

She was an actress under Wid May Entertainment, but left for unknown reasons (her name has been removed from the official website). The agency is now a home to Ahn Il-Kwon (Actor), SNUPER (KPOP Boy Group), and KangNam (Soloist).

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Ahn Ji-Hye’s Full Profile


Real Name : Ahn Ji-Hye
Native Name : 안지혜
Profession : Actress, gymnast
Nationality : South Korean
Birth Place : South Korea
Birth Date : February 4, 1989
Star Sign : Aquarius
Height : 165 cm
Weight : 46 kg
Former Agency : Wid May Entertainment
Debut : In 2013, JTBC drama ‘The Old Man’
Education : Hanyang University (Theater and Cinema)

Ahn Ji-Hye’s Discography


Ahn Ji Hye is best known for her role in SBS’s “Six Flying Dragons”. She played a beautiful assassin, and successfully garnered viewers’ attention with her splendid fight scenes and charisma. She got a lot of love from viewers, along with the nickname ‘역주행 캐릭터’ (Reverse Character).

TV Shows

  • Six Flying Dragons (SBS, 2015) – as Bi Wol
  • 3 Days (SBS, 2014) – as Presidential Bodyguard
  • Dr. Frost (OCN, 2014) –  as Ji Min
  • Firstborn (JTBC, 2013) – as Tan Sil
  • To the Beautiful You (SBS, 2012)


  • Farewell (2015)
  • Cherry Mousse Cake (2013)
  • Love 911 (2012) – as Emergency Service Technician

Ahn Ji-Hye Trivia

  • She is skilled in gymnastics, because she worked as a gymnast until her first year of college.
  • She took the role of actress in a musical by chance, and walked the actor’s path afterwards.
  • She was seen to have two rings on her left hand (thumb and index finger) when she attended wrap party of SBS’s “Six Flying Dragons” at a restaurant near Yeouido in Seoul, on March 23rd 2016.
  • Her talents include tumbling and acrobatics.
  • She participated in the”Sports Today 2018 Challenge Race”. She ran a marathon that was held at the Peace Plaza in Sangam-dong, Seoul, on the February 25th. She reportedly has been involved in various marathon competitions, such as Half Marathons, and completed the race.
  • She has also worked on numerous commercial models including Chevrolet Captiva, Mr. Pizza, Galaxy S4, Maxim, Hite Dry Finish D, Korean Air, Everton Bed, and Hite Brewery (Source : Bakhyeontaek reporters, Nikkan Sports).
  • She revealed the secret of her solid body: “I exercise every day. Basically, I do my daily work, I train my body through dance or martial arts. I go to the action school, and do some action training.”
  • Her skills in swordsmanship were posted on various portal sites and online communities under the title of ‘Untouchable Skill’. Her action footage has exceeded 50,000 views per post. She also did vigorous action training for the sake of her career as an actress. Check out her jaw dropping videos below!