Profile of Ahn Jae-hyun: Age, Height, Wedding, and Drama Lists

Ahn Jae Hyun’s Wife


The lovebirds are undoubtedly a cute and attractive celebrity couple, eventhough Ku Hye Sun’s is older than him, they still match well and genuinely seem in love with each other. No matter what Ku Hye Sun does, it always looks cute in Ahn Jae Hyun’s eyes. Ku Hye Sun is an actress, singer-songwriter, director, and artist. She was born on November 9, 1984, which means she is 3 years older than Ahn Jae Hyun. She gained immense recognition after her appearance as Geum Jan Di on hit drama “Boys Over Flower”.

Not long after Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun’s marriage, they appeared on their own reality show called “Newlywed Diary” living their lives in a cozy home with their pets, amidst the backdrop of snowy mountains. On the show, Ku Hye Sun stated why she wanted to marry him. “We were both mature when we were dating. But now he’s a kid and I’m a kid. And we’re family. I don’t know what kind of mind he had when marrying me, but I married him because I realized I was innocent like a child when I was at his side.

It was also revealed on the show that Ahn Jae Hyun may have revealed his feelings to Ku Hye Sun first, and accidentally let everyone else know in the process (he told her she was pretty, the hot mic picked it up, and everyone on the Blood set heard). It was she who initiated the first kiss with him. Ahn Jae Hyun recalled “When she kissed me, I jumped out of the car and telling her, ‘You’re crazy, you’re crazy!‘”. Ku Hye Sun didn’t want to have their first kiss on-screen, so she took matters into her own hands. “I just kissed him. I told him to come to my car and I kissed him immediately when he came into my car.” she said.

Ahn Jae Hyun’s Facts

  • He was a silent kid for the most part, and later admitted that in his childhood, he was very calm and quiet while his siblings were always creating a ruckus in the house.
  • His hobbies were different as a kid, and he liked cooking at home more than playing outside with his friends.
  • He attended a lot of cram schools and was sort of a kid who wasn’t very much interested in the academics. Studies bored him, and that was when he started dreaming of a possible career in other fields which didn’t involve him spending several hours digging through books. But despite his lack of interest in studying, he scored great marks in school, proving to the other kids and teachers that a sharp intellect is all that’s needed to excel in academics. But despite that, he found it very hard to imagine a regular career.
  • In high school, he took up cooking classes, his childhood passion, and then he also enrolled in music academy. He didn’t have any specific goals for his future in his mind, and therefore hopped from one thing to another.
    Perhaps his third year stint with fashion classes was something that interested him deeply. Being fully aware of his physique and handsome face, he wanted to try out as a fashion model, but he had to somehow finish his education first. He didn’t have much of a say there, his parents enrolled him in college to study business administration.
  • Once done with that, Jae Hyun started working in the field, and as it turned out, a modelling career was something that was made for him, and he was signed to the ESteem Modelling agency soon.
  • He got his start in modeling after he won a competition hosted by a modeling association.
  • He once got turned down from a modeling agency because he was ugly. They suggested he get plastic surgery on his nose and eyes.
  • In 2009, at the 4th Asian Model Festival, he was awarded the ‘Best New Model’ award and in 2013, he was honoured with the ‘Best Fashion Model’ award at the 8th Asian Model Festival Awards.
  • Ahn Jae Hyun kept calling Kim Soo Hyun hyung in the drama (‘My Love From Another Star’), when he is actually one year older in real life.
  • As a jewelry designer, Ahn Jae Hyun actually thought of putting some of his handmade pieces on Jeon Ji Hyun’s hand.
  • He picked Han Ye Seul as his ideal type in a 2013 interview.
  • He doesn’t drink alcohol.
  • He is not a vegetarian, and Thai food is his favorite.
  • Jaehyun is an ardent cat lover. He has a cat named Ahn Joo (Ahn Joo means an appetizer or side dish you nibble on when having drinks).
  • He has made appearances in several music videos such as “Sad Song” by Baek A-yeon, “Please Don’t” by K.Will, “Gone Not Around Any Longer” by Sistar19, “Hair Short” by Wings, “The Space Between” by Urban Zakapa x Soyou, and “On The Way Home” by No Reply.
  • He can sing. He released a track entitled “That Was You” for the You’re All Surrounded OST.
  • He is the type who gains weight easily, so in order to maintain a slim body shape, he has tried extreme dieting methods. There was a period of time where he only dared to eat fruits, vegetables, and rice, refusing to consume any other carbohydrate-rich foods. There were also times where Ahn Jae Hyun underwent extreme fasting and when he went for a drink, he would crave food that was normally prohibited. If he could not resist the temptation, it would backfire instead as he ended up binge eating.
  • He explained that he loves wearing black pants and a white shirt, and he would roll up his sleeves and move the belt buckle more to the side to remove focus from the center of the body and give it a more casual vibe.
  • He has modeled with Park Shin Hye for Jambangee in 2014.
  • He received so much negative feedback for his acting on KBS2’s “Blood” alongside with his wife, Ku Hye Sun, who also got involved in another controversial acting job on the same drama not long after that.

List of Ahn Jae Hyun’s Dramas, Shows, and Movies


As a model-turned-actor, Ahn Jae Hyun has received much attention for his tall figure and exceptionally good looks. He was cast in some hit K-dramas such as SBS’s “My Love From Another Star” as actress Jun Ji-hyun’s younger brother, SBS’s “You’re All Surrounded” as a cop, and KBS2’s “Blood” as a vampire suffering from loneliness and longing to get close to a person.


Year Title Role Notes
2014 Fashion King Kim Won-ho
2015 Wedding Bible Chinese film; not released
2016 Perfect Imperfection Ann Chinese film


Drama Series

Year Title Role Network
2013-2014 My Love from Another Star Cheon Yoon-jae SBS
2014 You’re All Surrounded Park Tae-il SBS
2015 Blood Park Ji-sang/Jason KBS2
Snow Lotus Ma Moon-jae SBS
2016 Cinderella with Four Knights Kang Hyun-min tvN
2017 Reunited Worlds Cha Min-joon SBS


Reality Shows

Year Title Network Notes
2011-2012 Lee Soo-geun and Kim Byung-man’s High Society jTBC Cast member,
episodes 1-53
2013 Music Talk Talk Ma bling MBC Music Host
2014 M! Countdown Mnet Host
2016 New Journey to the West Season 2 tvN Cast member
2017 New Journey to the West Season 3
Newlywed Diary with Ku Hye-sun
New Journey to the West Season 4 Cast member
Kang’s Kitchen Cast member