Profile of South Korean Actress Kim Yong-rim

Kim Yong-rim

Kim Yong-rim is a South Korean actress who was born on March 03, 1940. She debuted as actress when she was 31 years old in 1961. Within her 47 year long career, she already appeared in 82 dramas and 5 movies. Kim began her career by appearing on the KBS drama Paldogangsan: Where Flowers Bloom in 1974. She has been nominated on several awards shows, and won some awards.

Kim’s latest drama was the KBS2 drama Love on a Rooftop, where she played Kim Soon-im.


Kim Yong-rim’s Profile

Kim Yong-rim

Name : Kim Yong-rim (김용림)

Birth Place : Seouth Korea

Birth Date : March 03, 1940

Zodiac : Pisces

Occupation : Actress

Education : Paihwa Girls’ High School

Family : Nam Il-woo (Husband), Nam Sung-jin (son-actor), Kim Ji-young (daughter in law-actress)


List of Kim Yong-rim’s Dramas

Kim Yong-rim

As a veteran actress, Kim has been appearing in a lot of dramas. Up until now, she has already starred in 82 dramas. She began her career on the KBS drama Paldogangsan: Where Flowers Bloom in 1974. After her debut, her face was seen on TV a lot because of her appearance in dramas.

In 1985, she appeared on the MBC drama Silver Grass. She won a Grand Prize award at the MBC Drama Awards because of her acting on that drama.

Kim hasn’t appeared in any dramas again after her latest drama, KBS2’s Love on a Rooftop that was airing in 2015. She played Kim Soon-im.

Here is the list of Kim Yong-rim’s appearances in dramas.

Year Title Role Network
1974 Paldogangsan: Where Flowers Bloom KBS
1975 Bride’s Diary Aunt MBC
1977 왜 그러지 MBC
I Regret It MBC
1978 Lawful Wife MBC
Young Master Housemaid MBC
1979 산이 되고 강이 되고 MBC
1980 Daughter MBC
Terminal MBC
1981 Gyo-dong Madam Queen Munjeong MBC
Let’s Love MBC
1982 Market People MBC
Annals of Renunciation – Kim Gap-sun Paek Son-haeng MBC
Friend, Friend MBC
Women’s History – Hwang Jini MBC
1983 Your Portrait MBC
Father and Son Jinsa Choi’s daughter-in-law MBC
1984 Love and Truth Sang-hoon’s mother MBC
1985 Silver Grass MBC
1986 500 Years of Joseon – The Hoechun Gate Gang Hong-rip’s wife MBC
1987 Love and Ambition Park Tae-joon’s mother MBC
1988 Forget Tomorrow Mrs. Hwang MBC
1989 Sleepless Tree MBC
Journal of Baekbeom Kim Koo’s mother MBC
A Happy Woman MBC
1990 House with a Sunken Courtyard Madam Noh MBC
That Woman Woman from Gyeongsan MBC
1991 The Beginning of the End MBC
Women’s Time Choi Hee-soon KBS2
Dongui Bogam (Mirror of Eastern Medicine) Heo Jun’s mother MBC
Beyond the Mountains Jung-ah’s grandmother MBC
1992 Gwanchon Essay Min-gu’s mother SBS
1993 How’s Your Husband? Go Min-ja SBS
Woman’s Mirror Ma In-soon SBS
Theme Series “A Thing Called Love” SBS
1994 Mudang Danggolne KBS2
Shoal Mrs. Seo MBC
1995 Dazzling Dawn Queen Sinjeong KBS1
1996 Gomtang (Oxtail Soup) Soon-rye SBS
Daughter-in-Law’s Three Kingdoms Lee Jung-rye KBS2
Three Guys and Three Girls Kim Yong-rim MBC
Power of Love Lee Soon-im MBC
1997 Women Gi-nam’s grandmother SBS
1998 Shy Lovers Mother MBC
Married 7 Years KBS2
I Hate You, But It’s Fine Kim Ae-gi SBS
1999 Trap of Youth Mrs. Han SBS
I’m Still Loving You Hwang In-soon MBC
Days of Delight Woman from Hongsan MBC
2000 Ajumma Oh Sam-sook’s mother MBC
Promise Kwon Yong-soon KBS1
2001 Well Known Woman Jung Byung-hoon’s mother SBS
Empress Myeongseong Grand Royal Dowager Queen Jo KBS2
2002 Miss Mermaid Geum Sil-ra MBC
2003 Wife Ms. Song KBS2
Wedding Gift KBS2
A Problem at My Younger Brother’s House Kim Soon-ja SBS
2004 Lotus Flower Fairy Ascetic Joo MBC
The Age of Heroes Jin-joo’s grandmother MBC
2005 Three-Leaf Clover Ryu Yeon-ja SBS
The Barefooted Youth Ms. Seo MBC
My Girl Jang Hyung-ja SBS
2006 One Day Suddenly Yang Hye-sook SBS
2007 Bad Woman, Good Woman Mrs. Song MBC
Landscape in My Heart Hwang Jung-sun KBS1
2008 I Am Happy Kim Il-dong SBS
Don’t Be Swayed Song Ok-boon MBC
Aster Lee Soon-shim MBC
2009 Again, My Love Hwang Bo-seon KBS2
Two Wives Jang Young-ja SBS
Style Lee Bang-ja (cameo) SBS
2010 Life Is Beautiful Yang Byung-tae’s mother SBS
2011 Ojakgyo Family Shim Kap-nyeon KBS2
2012 Drama Special “A Corner” Lee Young-ae KBS2
2013 You Are the Best! Shim Mak-re KBS2
Drama Special “Mother’s Island” Mom KBS2
The Greatest Thing in the World Woo Sun’s grandmother MBC
Thrice Married Woman Mrs. Choi SBS
2014 Jang Bo-ri is Here! Park Soo-mi MBC
Everybody, Kimchi! (cameo) MBC
Birth of a Beauty Mrs. Park SBS
2015 Love on a Rooftop Kim Soon-im KBS2