Profile of Handmaiden Actress: Kim Tae-ri

Net Worth, Awards, and Nominations Received by Actress Kim Tae-ri


Since Kim Tae-ri’s official debut on the big screen “The Handmaiden”, she has won and been nominated for a couple of prestigious awards. Riding high on the success of “The Handmaiden”, since then she has mainly been cast as an important character for many screen appearances. She has made a good sum of money from her acting career, through which she has accumulated an estimated net worth of $9 million, but it has not been confirmed yet.

Her most famous movie, “The Handmaiden”, was made with a budget of KRW 10 billion, (approx. $8.8 million) and was able to accumulate the tremendous amount of $37.7 million at the box office. Her other movies including, “1987: When the Day Comes” earned USD 53.1 million (South Korea), and “Moon Young” made USD 48,978.

Year Award Category Nominated Work Result
2016 16th Director’s Cut Awards Best New Actress The Handmaiden Won
25th Buil Film Awards Won
17th Busan Film Critics Awards Won
37th Blue Dragon Film Awards Won
17th Women in Film Korea Festival Won
2017 8th Korean Film Reporters Association Awards (KOFRA) Won
6th Marie Claire Film Festival Best Newcomer Won
11th Asian Film Awards Best Newcomer Won
53rd Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress (Film) Nominated
22nd Chunsa Film Art Awards Best New Actress Nominated
17th Korea World Youth Film Festival Favorite New Actress Won
2nd Asia Artist Awards Best Entertainer N/A Won
2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (Film) Little Forest Nominated
23rd Chunsa Film Art Awards Best Actress 1987: When the Day Comes Nominated

Filmography of Actress Kim Tae-ri: Movie & Drama List


As previously explained, Kim Tae-ri started off her career working as a model in TV commercials for different brands before she made an official acting debut. In 2010, she acted in short film titled “Citizen Zombie”, and then was cast to appear in a music video “Spring Is Coming” by Tafka Buddha on the same year. Not stopping there, in 2014, she was featured in the short film “What Are You Looking At?” as a high school girl and in the following year, she worked on three short films, “Lock Out”, “Who Is It?”, and “Moon Young”.

After building her career in small projects, she finally landed a lead role as Sook Hee in the South Korean erotic psychological thriller film “The Handmaiden” which led her to the flower path as a best rookie actress. Despite being a rookie, her following projects such as “1987: When the Day Comes” and “Little Forest” also made remarkable achievements.

Movie Appearances by Actress Kim Tae-ri

Year Title Hangul Role Notes
2010 Citizen Zombie 시민좀비 Art Short film
2014 What Are You Looking At? 뭐보노? High School Girl
2015 Who Is It? 누구인가
Lock Out 락아웃 The Woman
Moon Young 문영 Moon Young
2016 The Handmaiden 아가씨 Sook Hee
2017 1987: When the Day Comes 1987 Yeon Hee
2018 Little Forest 리틀 포레스트 Hye Won

Theater Plays by Actress Kim Tae-ri

Year Title Role Remarks
2012 넙쭉이 (Lumpy) 넙쭉이 (Lumpy) Under study
2013 너한테 실망이야 (I’m Disappointed With You) Yuna
사랑을 묻다 (Ask For Love) Tarry
넙쭉이 (Lumpy) 넙쭉이 (Lumpy) Double cast
팬지 (Pansy) Min Hee
지금도 가슴 설렌다 (I Still Have My Heart) Mira
Spoonface Steinberg

Broadcast Appearances by Actress Kim Tae-ri

Year Date Channel Title
2016 May 7 SBS 접속 무비월드 무비&토크 (아가씨) 팀 : Movie World & Talk (The Handmaiden) Team
May 17 Arirang TV 쇼비즈코리아 (아가씨) 팀 인터뷰 : Showbiz Korea (The Handmaiden) Team Interview
May 25 MBN (아가씨) 팀 인터뷰 : (The Handmaiden) Team Interview
May 27 SBS 비디오머그 “주눅 많이 들었어요”…영화 ‘아가씨’ 배우 김태리 인터뷰 : Video Mug “I’ve heard a lot…” Interview with actress Kim Tae-ri
May 29 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 매혹적인 배우들 (아가씨) 팀 : Sections TV Entertainment Communicating With Fascinating Actors (The Handmaiden) Team
June 4 Channel CGV 무비버스터즈 영화로운 만남 (아가씨) 김태리 : Movie Busters Meet A Glorious (The Handmaiden) Kim Tae-ri
YTN YTN NEWS 박찬욱의 ‘아가씨’ 파격과 예술이 만났다 : YTN NEWS Park Chan Wook’s ‘The Handmaiden’
June 14 YTN YTN NEWS ‘당당함’이 무기? 신인 김태리의 매력 : YTN NEWS Is This A Weapon? The Charm of Newcomer Kim Tae-ri
October 9 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 제25회 부일영화상 : Section TV Entertainment Communication 25th Anniversary Film Award
December 20 SBS 본격연예 한밤 2016 최고의 아가씨 김태리 : The Best Actress Kim Tae-ri
December 29 Olle TV 무비스타 소셜클럽 2016 올레스타전 올해의 영화인 : Movie Star Social Club 2016 Star Movie of The Year
2017 January 18 SBS SBS 나이트라인 초대석 김태리, 충무로에 떠오르는 괴물 신인 : SBS Nightline Greetings Kim Tae-ri
July 11 SBS 본격연예 한밤 영화계 보석 김태리 : Actual Entertainment Midnight Movie Jewel, Kim Tae-ri
November 24 KBS2 연예가중계 (1987) 팀 인터뷰 : Interview With The Celebrities of (1987) Team
November 25 KBS2 영화가 좋다 아찔한 인터뷰 (1987) 팀 : Good Movie Interview (1987) Team
December 19 SBS 본격연예 한밤 (1987) 팀 인터뷰 : (1987) Team Interview
December 31 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 충무로 명품 배우들 (1987) 팀 : Section TV Entertainment Communicating with Chungmuro ​​Luxurious Actors (1987) team
2018 January 23 SBS 본격연예 한밤 대세 배우 김태리 : The Main Actor, Kim Tae-ri
February 2 KBS2 연예가중계 (리틀 포레스트) 팀 인터뷰 : Interview With (Little Forest) Team
February 4 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 무공해 연기 요정 김태리 : Section TV Entertainment Communicating With Acting Fairy Kim Tae-ri
February 5 tbs 팩트iN스타 청춘, 쉬어가도 괜찮아 <리틀 포레스트>팀 : Fact iN Star Youth, It’s Okay to Take a Break (Little Forrest) Team
February 10 KBS2 영화가 좋다 아찔한 인터뷰 (리틀 포레스트) 팀 : Interview With (Little Forest) Team
February 27 SBS 본격연예 한밤 (리틀 포레스트) 팀 : Midnight Entertainment With (Little Forest) Team
March 1 JTBC 뉴스룸 문화초대석 배우 김태리의 ‘특별한 사계’ : Newsroom Culture Invitation, Actor Kim Tae-ri’s ‘Special Four Seasons’
March 4 KBS2 출발! 비디오여행 심 스틸러 김태리 : Start! Video Travel Sim Stiller Kim Tae-ri

Other Appearances by Actress Kim Tae-ri

  • Television Series (2016) : tvN “Entourage” – as cameo (ep.1)
  • Television Series (2018) : tvN “Mr. Sunshine” – as Ko Ae Shin
  • Online Broadcasting 2018 : Naver V LIVE “Kim Tae-ri X Happy Bean Relay Project”

Here you can see the “Mr. Sunshine” trailer, where Kim Tae-ri was cast as the main actress of the drama for the first time since her debut!