Profile of Handmaiden Actress: Kim Tae-ri

Facts and Trivias About Actress Kim Tae-ri on Her Debut Movie “The Handmaiden”


“The Handmaiden” is an erotic psychological thriller, adapted from Sarah Waters’ novel, “Fingersmith”. The movie was appreciated by the critics, and it was a commercial hit too. By delivering a mind-blowing performance in the movie “The Handmaiden”, she proved that she was the best choice for the role. She received applauds, awards, and recognition for her acting skills. But here is some trivia you might want to know about her and “The Handmaiden” team!

  • Kim Tae-ri was a fan of Kim Min Hee even before she worked in film. One can imagine her glee when she got to work with her favorite actress.
  • Kim Min Hee’s first impression of Kim Tae-ri reminded her strongly of her first meeting with actress Kang Hye Jung, who had her career breakthrough in the movie Oldboy (2003).
  • The film contains explicit sexual scenes between her character Sook Hee and Lady Hideko (Kim Min Hee).
  • Kim Tae-ri was grateful for director Park Chan Wook and his consideration and affections, as he filmed the bed scene with a remote controlled camera.
  • The hand-clasping between the two actresses wasn’t in the script. Both of them were exhausted, but appreciated each other’s efforts to do the love scene that Kim Min Hee encouraged her younger co-star by helping her finish it.
  • Lady Hideko’s last monologue in part 2 was supposed to be done in Japanese but Kim Min Hee did it in Korean. The crew asked her to re-do it, but she refused implying that it would lessen the gravitas of the scene.
  • Sook Hee shaking her hand off in disgust after Fujiwara rubs it in his crotch was unscripted. The director liked it so much that he kept it.

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