Profile of Korean Actress Kang Eun-jin

Kang Eun Jin

Kang Eun-jin is a South Korean actress. She first made her debut in 2005 with 2005’s hit period film The King and The Clown as a Court Lady. Let’s find out more about Kang Eun Jin!

Kang Eun-jin’s Profile

Kang Eun Jin

Name                : Kang Eun Jin (강은진)

Date of Birth      : September 16, 1982

Birthplace          : South Korea

Height               : 162 cm

Blood Type         : AB

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Kang Eun-jin’s First Movie: The King and The Clown

The King and The Clown

The King and The Clown (왕의 남자) is a 2005 South Korea historical drama film, starring Kam Woo-sung, Jung Jin-young, and Lee Joon-gi. It was directed by Lee Joon-ik and written by Choi Seok-hwan. This movie was released on October 29, 2005 and was considered as one of the highest selling Korean movies, with over 12.3 million tickets sold.

It is set in the late 15th century during the reign of King Yeonsan. The two male street clowns and tightrope walkers, Jangsaeng (Kam Woo-sung) and Gong-gil (Lee Joon-gi) are part of an entertainer troupe. Here, Gon-gil is in charge of female roles, since he has a beautiful face. The manager often prostitutes him to the rich customers. It was then that Jangsaeng got tired and was sickened by his disgusting behavior, and Gong-gil killed the manager in defense of Jangsaeng. The two of them ran away to Seoul, where they formed a new entertainer group with 3 other street members. There in Seoul, they began to encounter many affairs that would test their friendship and loyalty to one another.

Despite its success, this movie was originally a low budget movie, with only 4 billion Won. Even to this day, The King and The Clown remains the 9th highest grossing movie of all time in South Korea. It was well received, and has many good and positive reviews. This was remarkable, considering it is focused on a traditional arts with a homosexual theme, a theme that wasn’t really popular back then in South Korea. One of the review stated that, “It’s the juxtaposition of the merriment of the clowns and the twisted mentality of the king that makes this film so intriguing. It’s so easy to feel the sense of helplessness from each of these characters as they slowly begin to realize they missed their chance to escape long ago.”

Then it’s obvious that this movie received so many awards. Some of the awards are:

  • 2006 Baeksang Arts Awards                  : Grand Prize and Best New                                                                                          Actor (Lee Joon-gi)
  • 2006 Grand Bell Awards                       : Best Film, Best Director (Lee                                                                                       Joon-ik), Best Screenplay, Best                                                                                   Cinematography
  • 2006 Blue Dragon Film Awards             : Best Music (Lee Byung-woo)
  • 2006 Korean Film Awards                    : Best New Actor (Lee Joon-gi)
  • 2007 Deauville American Film Festival  : Jury Prize

Kang Eun-jin’s Other Movies and Dramas

Kang Eun Jin

After her succes in The King and The Clown, she began to get more and more offers to act, whether it was in movies or dramas. Here is a list of movies that she has played a role in:

Year Title Role
2005 The King and The Clown Court Lady
2009 Lifting King Kong Female at the broadcasting company
2010 Poetry Nurse
2011 The Journals of Musan Young-sook
Boy Female employee at insurance company
We Wish to Reincarnate in Paradise Novelist 1 riding on boat
War of The Arrows Eun-yi
2012 Pieta Myeong-ja
2013 Red Family Chang-soo’s mother


And here are the dramas:

Year Title Role
2016 Dear My Friends Kim Ho-young
2017 Witch at Court Yoon Jung-ae


Let’s keep looking forward to her work in the future, and wish her the best!