Full Profile Of Actress Cha Ye-ryun: Wedding, Jo Sang-wook, and Drama List

Cha Ye-Ryun
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Cha Ye-ryun (born Park Hyun-Ho on July 16, 1985) is a South Korean actress. A graduate of Sangmyung High School, she began acting in 2005 at the age of 20, when she had a supporting role in the horror film Voice.[1] In 2007, she made her official television debut as one of the main cast members in the melodrama Bad Love. Cha played her first leading role in the 2014 romantic-comedy film The Actress Is Too Much.

Cha Ye-Ryun’s Profile

Cha Ye-Ryun
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  • Name Cha Ye-Ryun
  • Hangul: 차예련
  • Birthdate: July 16, 1985
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 172cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Family: Joo Sang-Wook (husband)
  • Twitter: @cha_yeryun

Cha Ye-Ryun and Joo Sang-Wook as Lovers

Cha Ye-Ryun
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Joo Sang-wook is a popular South Korean actor. Born on July 18, 1978, he made his acting debut in the 2006 film Arang. He has since starred in many popular films, television dramas, music videos and variety shows. He is best known for his starring roles in Giant (2010), Special Affairs Team TEN (2011), Good Doctor (2013), Cunning Single Lady (2014), Birth of a Beauty (2014), Masked Prosecutor (2015), Glamorous Temptation (2015), Fantastic (2016) and Grand Prince (2018).

Joo Sang-wook’s profile is :

  • Name: Joo Sang-wook
  • Hangul: 주상욱
  • Birthdate: July 18, 1978
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Family: Cha Ye-Ryun (wife)


  • Trot | Teuroteu (2016) – Jae-Goo
  • Days of Wrath | Eungjingja (2013) – Joon-Seok
  • The Huntresses | Joseonminyeo Samchongsa (2014) – Sa-Hyun
  • 90 minutes | 90 Bon (2012) – Sang-Hee
  • The Scent | Gantongeul Gidarineun Namja (2012) – Detective Han Gil-Ro
  • No Mercy | Yongseoneun Eupda (2010) – Lee Sung-Ho’s attorney
  • My Wife Got Married | Anaega Gyeolhon Haeta (2008) – Han Jae-Kyung
  • The Perfect Couple | Choegangromaenseu (2007) – Kim Jong-Hyuk
  • Arang (2006) – Jae-Hyuk

Drama Series

  • Grand Prince | Daegoon (CSTV / 2018) – Lee Kang
  • Fantastic (JTBC / 2016) – Ryoo Hae-Sung
  • Glamorous Temptation | Hwaryeohan Yoohok (MBC / 2015-2016) – Jin Hyung-Woo
  • The Man in the Mask | Bokmyeongeomsa (KBS2 / 2015) – Ha Dae-Cheol
  • Birth of a Beauty | Minyeoui Tansaeng (SBS / 2014-2015) – Han Tae-Hee
  • Cunning Single Lady | Angkeumhan Dolsingnyeo (MBC / 2014) – Cha Jung-Woo
  • In Need of Romance 3 | Romaenseuga Pilyohae 3 (tvN / 2014) – Joo-Yeon’s ex-boyfriend (cameo)
  • Good Doctor (KBS2 / 2013) – Kim Do-Han
  • TEN 2 | Teugsusageonjeondamban TEN 2 (OCN / 2013) – Yeo Ji-Hoon
  • Feast of the Gods | Sindeului Manchan (MBC / 2012) – Choi Jae-Ha
  • Come, Come, Absolutely Come | Wasseo Wasseo Jedaelo Wasseo (MBN / 2011-2012) – Sang-Hoon (cameo)
  • Special Affairs Team TEN | Teugsusageonjeondamban TEN (OCN / 2011-2012) – Yeo Ji-Hoon
  • The Thorn Birds | Gashinamoo Sae (KBS2 / 2011) – Lee Young-Jo
  • Paradise Ranch | Paradaiseu Mokjang (SBS / 2011) – Seo Yoon-Ho
  • Giant | Jaieonteu (SBS / 2010) – Jo Min-Woo
  • The Great Queen Seondeok | Seondeok Yeowang (MBC / 2009) – Wol-Ya
  • The Accidental Couple | Keujeo Bara Bodaga (KBS2 / 2009) – Kim Kang-Mo
  • Chun Ja’s Happy Events | Chunjane Kyeongsanatnye (MBC / 2008)
  • Three Fathers, One Mother | Abbaje Eommahana (KBS2 / 2008) – Jung Chan-Young
  • Just Love | Kkakdoki (MBC / 2007-2008) – Park Jae-Woo
  • Air City (MBC / 2007) – Ahn Kang-Hyun

TV Movies

  • Waiting for Love | Yeonaereul Kidaehae (KBS2 / 2013) – restaurant manager (cameo)


  • 2014 SBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2014
    • Ten Star Award (Birth of a Beauty)
    • Best Couple Award (Birth of a Beauty)
  • 2013 KBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2013
    • Excellent Actor (medium-length drama) (Good Doctor)

Why Joo Sang-wook Chose Cha Ye-ryun

Joo Sang Wook
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Joo Sang-wook and Cha Ye-ryun held their wedding at the Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul on May 25, 2017! Prior to the wedding ceremony, the celebrity couple stood in front of the press for a conference.

During the interview, Joo Sang Wook talked about the reason he decided to marry Cha Ye Ryun, In other interviews, I said that there wasn’t any special reason why I decided to get married but we have often had dates at our homes during our year and a half together. I came to think that I could be happy with this kind of woman after watching her cooking in the kitchen, eating delicious food, and cleaning up afterwards, so I brought up the topic of marriage first.

He also shared plans for kids, and said, “I want to have at least 2 kids and if possible, I want to work hard and have up to 5.” The two stars had a private wedding following the press conference. Congratulations to the lovely couple!

Lists of Cha Ye-ryun’s Dramas, Movies and TV Shows

Cha Ye-Ryun
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Year Title Role
2005 Voice Cho-ah
2006 A Bloody Aria In-jung
2007 Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait Seo-yeon
2008 Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do Yoon Jung-won
2009 Where Are You Going? Eun-young (cameo)
2011 My Black Mini Dress Choi Soo-jin
Sector 7 Park Hyun-jung
2014 The Plan Man Lee Ji-won
Actress is Too Much Na-bi
The Tenor – Lirico Spinto Lee Yoon-hee
2015 The Chosen: Forbidden Cave Joo Hye-in
Twin Spirit

Television series

Year Title Role Network
2007 Cruel Love Joanne / Park Shin-young KBS2
2008 Working Mom Ko Eun-ji SBS
Star’s Lover Choi Eun-young
2009 Style Herself (cameo)
Invincible Lee Pyung-Kang Kwan Ja-rak KBS2
2010 Dr. Champ Kang Hee-young SBS
2011 Royal Family Jo Hyun-jin MBC
2013 Golden Rainbow Kim Chun-won / Yoon Ha-bin
2014 My Lovely Girl Shin Hae-yoon SBS
2015 Glamorous Temptation Kang Il-joo MBC

Music videos

Year Song title Artist
2003 Yet Love Jo Jang-hyuk
2006 Scent of a Woman SeeYa
Because I Love You
2010 I’m Sorry M To M


Year Song title Notes
2011 My Black Mini Dress Featured with Yoon Eun-hye, Park Han-byul and Yoo In-na on an OST of the film My Black Mini Dress

Cha Ye-ryun’s Awards and Nominations

Cha Ye-Ryun
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Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2008 1st Korea Jewelry Awards Emerald Award N/A Won
2nd Korea Drama Awards Netizen Popularity Award Working Mom Nominated
16th SBS Drama Awards New Star Award Won
2011 6th Asia Model Festival Awards Model Star Award N/A Won
30th MBC Drama Awards Best New Actress in a Miniseries Royal Family Nominated
2012 7th Asia Model Festival Awards BBF Popular Star N/A Won
2014 7th Herald Donga Lifestyle Awards [8] Best Dressed N/A Won
22nd SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries My Lovely Girl Nominated


Cha Ye-ryun’s Love Story, Ex-Boyfriend and Break Up

Back in March 2009, it was revealed that Lee Dong-gun and Cha Ye-ryun were dating but that romance came to an end. An informant said that they decided to end their love relationship and maintain a good senior/junior relationship.

Cha Ye-ryun’s side tried to state that the relationship between the two had faded and that they had never dated in the first place, that they were only close friends. Well, Lee Dong-gun didn’t need to worry too much about a serious relationship considering he would have to go to the army soon after.

He said, “I am sure Cha Ye Ryun will love the comfort and pleasure I can give her all night long. Everyone knows it’s easier to fall asleep after being tired and I know just the activity for the job”. How sad that Cha Ye-ryun is with Joo Sang-wook now and they already have children.