Get To Know Charsmatic Rapper MONSTA X’s Joo-heon: Profile, ‘Produce X 101’, ‘Show Me The Money’, and More


Let’s Get Acquainted With The Most Charismatic and Hilarious Rapper From Monsta X, ‘Jooheon’

Lee Joo-heon was born on October 6, 1994, in Seoul, South Korea. He better known by his stage name, Joohoney. He is a South Korean rapper and songwriter. He is a member of South Korean boy-group Monsta X, which was formed through Mnet’s survival show No.Mercy in 2015. On February 6, 2019, he changed his stage name from Jooheon to Joohoney.

In this article, Channel-Korea Will introduce you to Monsta X’s charismatic and hilarious rapper, Jooheon or Joohoney. Here are his profile, facts, pre-debut days, and much more. So, Keep reading and don’t skip this article, everyone!

Joohoney’s Full Profile and Facts

Korean Area

Joohoney’s Full Profile


Stage Name: Joohoney (his stage name used to be Jooheon (주헌))
Birth Name: Lee Ho-joon (이호준), but he changed his name to Lee Joo-heon (이주헌)
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: October 6, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 177 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Facts About Joohoney

  • He was the 1st trainee to be announced as a member of Monsta X (after survival TV show “No Mercy”).
  • He was born in Seoul but he grew up in Daegu.
  • Joohoney has a younger brother.
  • He admires Michael Jackson a lot.
  • He was the best rapper among the trainees.
  • He released a single with Hyorin & San E.
  • In addition to writing lyrics and song production, he wants to also take part in creating the album jacket and music video.
  • He featured in MadClown’s single, even though he was still a trainee.
  • He used to be a member of the K-Pop boy-group Nuboyz (Starship Entertainment).
  • He speaks Korean and English.
  • He doesn’t wear cologne; instead he wears personally mixed, fragrant baby powder. (There’s a place where you can mix the scent desired with the baby powder and so that’s what he personally wears).
  • He seems kinda innocent when it comes to the dirty humor/jokes. (DinDin mentioned that the people writing comments wanted them to compare hand sizes and DinDin was like “This is kinda dirty” (referring to how a man’s hand size is often associated with the size of his manhood) and Joohoney was like “Why?” )
  • Monsta X won’t receive personal cell phones until they get #1 (on the main music programs), so he communicates with Mad Clown via email.
  • He admitted he has an intense obsession with hats.
  • He said he never thought of doing a double eyelid surgery.
  • Joohoney admitted that he is the type of guy to appear cold in front of a woman, but in reality is really caring on the inside.
  • He has two grey tabby cats named Yoshi and Gucci.
  • He is best friends with Korean rapper GUN.
  • Joohoney is good friends with Jackson from Got7 and Chanyeol of EXO.
  • He’s also close friends with 4TEN‘s ex-member Tem. She said Joohoney is like her younger brother.
  • His animal in “Safari in Monbebe World” is a bee (because he’s called Honey).
  • Hobbies: Playing video games, going out with friends, watching movies.
  • His favorite food: any food that has swag on it, he also likes Tteokbokki.
  • He is also called “Chicken Man” because he gets scared easily. 🙂
  • In the old dorm he shared a room with Minhyuk, Kihyun and I.M.
  • Update: In the new dorm, he shares a room with Shownu and Hyungwon. (vLive)
  • He always carries an external battery with him.
  • He wants to travel with MX.
  • He thinks Shownu is the best at photoshoots.
  • If he was a food, he’d be a dumpling.
  • When he first met Shownu, he thought Shownu was born in Arizona and was studying dance in South Korea.
  • He first drank coffee when he was 21 years old.
  • He likes to watch horror movies with Minhyuk.
  • His favorite form of skinship is kissing (pecking).
  • Joohoney competed in Show Me The Money 4, but got eliminated in the third round.
  • On April 28, 2015, Joohoney released his 1st mixtape ‘JUNG JI‘.
  • On August 31, 2018 Joohoney released the “Red Carpet” music video.
  • Joohoney’s ideal type: “A woman who suits well with jeans. All those people are my ideal type.

Pre-Debut Days


Prior to his debut with Monsta X, Jooheon was part of a project group called Nu Boyz (along with #GUN, Shownu and Wonho), formed under Starship Entertainment in August, 2014. The quartet uploaded multiple mixtapes to their company’s YouTube channel and performed at the opening show of the Starship X concert that December.

In December, 2014, Starship Entertainment and Mnet launched a competition program called No.Mercy, and Jooheon was selected along with six other participants who were chosen as part of Starship Entertainment’s new boy-group, Monsta X, on the last episode of the show.

Fans Noticed MONSTA X’s Jooheon Has Changed Since Debut

Fans have been noticing a drastic change in MONSTA X‘s rapper Jooheon‘s appearance compared with his debut image. In preparation for their latest comeback, it would seem that MONSTA X’s Jooheon has chosen to upgrade his image through weight loss and a change in hairstyle.

Fans noticed in recent photos that Jooheon appeared slimmer than in his debut photos and that his hair was the longest fans had ever seen it. His new look incited mixed reactions as some fans have started to worry about how much weight he may have lost.

His transformation from his originally rough-and-tough image into a softer, more relaxed look is also causing fans excitement as he grows more handsome every day. Check out his before and after pictures below!


Jooheon had a tough bad-boy image at debut.

His red hair was one of the most outstanding looks on him.

Jooheon is known for both his adorable personality and epic swag.

His signature eye smile is one of the reasons his fans adore him.


Jooheon looks sleek and chic in his new style

His hair is long and gives him a much softer appearance!

His new image suits the concept for the new comeback.

He seems to have worked very hard to rock his new image!

Jooheon’s new look complements his fellow highly visual members so well!

From Joo-heon into Joohoney


On Wednesday (6/2), Monsta X released the latest teaser for their comeback on their official Instagram account. In this teaser, Monsta X shared the concept for a new concept photo for their new album, titled “Take.2: We Are Here”.

Shortly after this post was uploaded, Monbebe (MONSTA X’s fandom) quickly noticed Jooheon’s name spelled in English. Because, in the upload, MONSTA X wrote Jooheon’s name to be Joohoney in the part of the photo caption.

Fans then remembered that Joohoney had been discussed before and considered Jooheon as a stage name. Fans think that Jooheon can and will change his stage name soon. Jooheon even reportedly wanted to make Joohoney a stage name for a long time. Fans even show photos signed by Jooheon using the name Joohoney.

As a result, fans and netizens also gave various reactions to this news. Not a few of them say that Joohoney’s name is very cute for Jooheon.

“If Jooheon changes his stage name with Joohoney, his name will be very contrasting with his image. ‘Joohoney’ is very sweet and cute, but rap and stage performances are very burning,” wrote a netter. “If Jooheon changes his stage name with Joohoney, I think it’s a funny and sweet thing,” said another nun. “Now if Jooheon wants to be called Joohoney, let’s call him Joohoney,” concluded the other netters.

MONSTA X’s Jooheon Reveals the Reasons He Changed His Stage Name to ‘Joohoney’


On February 16, Jooheon and I.M were broadcasting live to review the latest MONSTA X album, titled ‘Take. 2 We Are Here’. When they were introducing the physical form of MONSTA X’s latest album, Jooheon also revealed the reason he changed his stage name to ‘Joohoney’.

He said, “I want to explain this because I heard a lot of people who want to know. I changed the name of my nickname to Joohoney. The reason is when I use the name ‘Jooheon’ it should be spelled ‘heon’, but some say it ‘hyun’ (Joohyun) Like when people say ‘Monster X’ instead of ‘MONSTA X’ is rather embarrassing. So I talked to our boss a lot and decided to use the name Joohoney. The pronunciation might also be easier for our foreign fans to say.”

Meanwhile, MONSTA X came back with a new album, titled ‘TAKE. 2: WE ARE HERE’, on the 18th of February.