Member of Sistar19 Profiles and Interesting Facts

About SISTAR Unit Group : SISTAR19

Each K-Pop group usually has a sub-unit group. First, what is sub-unit group? For those who don’t understand, a unit group is a small group inside of a big group and it usually consists of more than one, but not all, of the big group’s members. They also release albums and they do activities just like the main group such as promotions, commercials, variety shows and more. Now, we want to take a look at SISTAR19, the sub unit group from girl group SISTAR.

History of SISTAR19

SISTAR19 was a sub-unit of the girl group from Starship Entertainment SISTAR. The sub-unit group consists of SISTAR’s main vocal Hyorin and main rapper Bora. After SISTAR finished their promotions for their first studio album with the title track “How Dare You”, their company, Starship Entertainment, announced that a sub-unit group of SISTAR would debut. They debuted on May 2nd 2011 by releasing their single and music video. They also performed on M! Countdown for the first time on May 5th 2011 with their single debut song “Ma Boy”. They chose the name SISTAR19 because they wanted to reflect the feelings of 19 years old girls who don’t have any experience with love.

Their second comeback was on January 2013. They started on January 24th by releasing photo teasers about their comeback. They released another teaser of their comeback and on January 31th they officially made their comeback with “Gone Not Around Any Longer”. The song is about when we can’t separate with our lover. They also released their dance practice for the song in February.

The Main Vocal of SISTAR19, Hyorin

Real Name: Kim Hyojung (김효정)

Stage Name: Hyorin (효린)

Birth: Incheon, December 11th 1991

Zodiac : Capricon

Blood Type: B

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper

Instagram :@xhyolynx

Fun Facts :

  • She has the nickname Korea’s Beyonce.
  • She can play the harp
  • She has a younger sister
  • Her fans are named Hyotties
  • She can speak Korean and English
  • She likes to sing and dance
  • She was a former JYP trainee
  • She was a member of the one time sub unit Dazzling RED with Hyuna from 4MINUTE, SECRET’s Hyosung, After School’s Nana, and Nicole from KARA
  • Her favorite color is red
  • She loves cats
  • She made her debut as a solo singer on November 26th 2013 and is now active as a solo singer
  • She played in Dream High 2 in 2012
  • She participated in Unpretty Rapstar 2 in 2015
  • Her ideal type is a responsible man with a strong sense of livelihood and she chose actor Kang Dong Won as her ideal type.
  • She has currently left Staship Entertainment as her group SISTAR was disbanded

Rapper of The Group, Bora

Real Name : Yoon Bo Ra (윤보라)

Stage Name: Bora (보라)

Birthday: Seolla, January 30th 1990

Zodiac : Aquarius

Blood Type: O

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Lead Vocal, Visual

Instagram: @borabora_sugar

Fun Facts :

  • Her nickname is Archery Goddess
  • She has an older brother
  • She likes to exercise and dance
  • Her fans name is the aBORAbles
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Her name means purple in Korean
  • She graduated from Myongji University and majored in Music
  • She was  a member of the one time sub unit Mystic WHITE with Gayoon from 4Minute, SECRET’s Sunhwa, and After School’s Lizzy
  • She was in the TV show called “A Style For You” along with Goo Hara from Kara and Kim Heechul from Super Junior
  • Her ideal type is Song Joong Ki. Since the beginning of her debut, she always liked Song Joong Ki. She has talked on the phone with him on broadcast and she also coincidentally saw him when outside of broadcast but she was simply a fan
  • She is currently leaving Starship Entertainment and joining Hook Entertainment after her group SISTAR was disbanded

SISTAR19 Member Popularity Ranking

Now that we have know about SISTAR19, let’s take a look at their ranking for each of the categories below.

  1. Vocal Ranking : Hyorin > Bora
  2. Rap Ranking   : Bora > Hyorin
  3. Dance Ranking : Bora > Hyorin
  4. Visual Ranking : Bora > Hyorin
  5. Variety Skills Ranking : Bora > Hyorin

So, we can see that because Bora is more competent in different categories, she is more popular than Hyorin.