Get To Know The Leader of Girl Group LABOUM–Yujeong

yujeong laboum profile

Everything You Need To Know About LABOUM’s Yujeong’s Full Profile and More!

LABOUM is a girl group from South Korea that is quite famous in the Hallyu wave and has won several awards on music programs because of their hard work. LABOUM are known as  for some of their songs, such as “What About You”, “Aalow Aalow”, “Shooting Love”, and even their last comeback in 2019 with the single titled “Firework”.

On top of that, LABOUM are also famous for having members with very beautiful visuals.

In this article, we are going to discuss the profile of one of the LABOUM members, Yujeong. She has beautiful visuals and good talent as an idol, she is a leader and lead vocalist of the group. Well, do you guys already know LABOUM’s Yujeong?

If not, let’s check the article below to find out more information about LABOUM’s Yujeong and also the idol’s career from debut until now!

Laboum’s Yujeong’s Full Profile

yujeong laboum profile

Real Name: Kim Yujeong (Hangul: 김유정)

Stage Name: Yujeong (Hangul: 유정)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, February 14th, 1992

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Blood Type: B

Star Sign: Aquarius

Education: Myongji University

Official Sites: Instagram (@yudong_0214)

YouTube Channel (유동Yu Jeong)

Laboum’s Yujeong’s Facts

yujeong laboum profile
  1. LABOUM’s Yujeong has the nickname Yudeong (Hangul: 유덩)
  2. LABOUM’s Yujeong has a younger sister who is of the same age as LABOUM’s Yulhee and Solbin
  3. LABOUM’s Yujeong finds it very difficult to gain weight
  4. LABOUM’s Yujeong appeared in Hidden Singer before her debut with the group
  5. LABOUM’s Yujeong debuted with AB Avenue’s single titled “Only You” (Hangul: 너뿐이야)
  6. LABOUM’s Yujeong and Soyeon sang a soundtrack together for the K-Drama Come and Hug Me (2018), a song titled “Don’t Disappear” (Hangul: 사라지지 마)
  7. LABOUM’s Yujeong appeared as a contestant in the survival show The Unit and ranked 20th

Laboum’s Yujeong’s History with Ab Avenue

yujeong laboum profile

In 2010, Kim Yujeong debuted as a member of the duo Ab Avenue with the single “Only You” (Hangul: 너 뿐이야), with the stage name Leeyo (Hangul: 이요). The female duo Ab Avenue, considered the best rookie, released the song “Only You”. Ab Avenue, which attracted attention at the same time as its debut with “Winter Again”, which was used as the background music for the authentic ballad “Two in Love” and the KBS2 variety show 1 Night 2 Days, presented “Only You” with a medium tempo.

yujeong laboum profile

In particular, from this song, Hanok, who was a former member of the duo, stopped working for a while due to vocal chord deterioration and orthodontics. Lee Yo, the stage name of Kim Yujeong as she became a member of Ab Avenue, was the new member who joined the duo. Even at a young age, 18-year-old Lee Yo was raising expectations with her amazing singing skills and emotional processing.

The song, “Only You”, is the work of composer Kim Do-hoon, who is called the hit song maker, and is a hybrid medium tempo song with an oriental atmosphere in the house rhythm. Especially, it is a song that goes well with the season of summer, and it is light and has the charm of enjoying appreciation. Ab Avenue’s leader, Han Bo-ra, also appeared in the music video, playing the role of a female protagonist who does not forget a man and regrets breaking up.

“Only You” got some explosive reactions such as entering the Top 10 of various online music charts at the same time as the sound source after release. On May 7th, 2020, Ab Avenue also held a stage performance in KBS’s Music Bank making a comeback stage with their song “Only You”.


Yujeong’s Debut with LABOUM

yujeong laboum profile

LABOUM is a girl group that debuted in 2014 under the management of NH Media and Nega Network, which consists of six members who are still young. The six LABOUM members are Yujeong, Soyeon, ZN, Haein, Solbin, and Yulhee.

They are fairly active in making a comeback. So far they have released quite a few singles. Released in August 2014, LABOUM debuted with “Pit-A-Pat”, the music is typical of a girl group’s debut song. In this song, they all wear big red heart rings. The meaning of the name LABOUM itself in French means ‘party’. So don’t be surprised if this group shows a lot of cheerful and entertaining sides in every appearance.

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yujeong laboum profile

LABOUM launched their debut mini-album titled Petit Macaron which consists of 3 songs. The song “Pit-A-Pat” became the first single to debut then there were “La li: Lalala” and “What Are You Gonna Do”. With a very fresh concept, the public judges that LABOUM will be a girl group that has excellent potential to continue their career in the future because with their debut single, “Pit-A-Pat”, LABOUM’s name has become even more famous.