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List of Ji Suk-jin’s Album

Ji Suk-Jin singing

Ji Suk-jin debuted as singer in 1992. He released an album as his first album for his debut. Although he isn’t popular as singer, his songs are easy listening and fun to listen to. Not only does he sing in Korean, but he also sings in Chinese. Here is the list of his albums and songs.


1992 – I Know


2017 – 你最珍贵 (Ni Zui Zhen Gui)



2014 OST My Dear Cat – 사랑한다 말하는건 (Saying I Love You)

2015 OST Romance for 7 Days (Korean Version) – 머리핀 (Hairpin)

2015 OST Romance for 7 Days (Chinese Version) – 发卡 (Hairpin)


List of Ji Suk-jin’s TV Shows

ji suk-jin running man

He debuted as an entertainer in 2004 and become well known as an MC and a comedian. He used to appear alongside Yoo Jae-seok in several program. But he is known as a unique entertainer in Korean industries. He used to appear in a lot of show as an MC in the past, but now he is mostly seen on SBS’s “Running Man” and KBS’s “Happy Together”. Here is a list of his appearance on TV shows from 2004 until now.

Current Programs

List of Ji Suk-jin’s Current Programs
Year Title Network Notes
2010 – present Running Man SBS Episode 1 – present
2017 – present Happy Together KBS2 Episode 500 – present


Former Programs

List of Ji Suk-jin’s Former Programs
Year Title Network Notes
2004 – 2006 Heroine 6 KBS2 Host
2004 – 2010 Star Golden Bell
2007 – 2008 High-Five
2007 Truth Game SBS
2008 Cider KBS2
2011 Death Camp 24 Hours MBC
2012 Survival King
2015 Same Bed, Different Dreams SBS
2016 Talk Hero JTBC
2018 Royal Adventure SBS Mobidic TV/ Clash Royal Member