Full Profile of Heo Jang-kang

Heo Jang-kang

Heo Jang-kang, the Comical Villain of the 1960’s

Heo Jang-kang is a Korean actor born on May 9, 1925. In his lifetime, he starred in a marvelous number of films, making him one of the representative actors of the 1960’s and the 1970’s.

Heo Jang-kang’s Profile

Heo Jang-kang

Name: Heo Jang-kang (허장강)

Birthdate: May 9, 1925

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Death: September 21, 1975

Zodiac: Taurus

Spouse: Kim Ok-shim

Children: Heo Gi-ho and Heo Joon-ho

The Life of Heo Jang-kang

Personal Life

Heo Jang-kang was born on May 9, 1925, in Seoul, South Korea. He married Kim Ok-shim and had two sons with her, Heo Gi-ho and Heo Joon-ho. His two sons followed in his footsteps to become actors. Actor Heo Joon-ho is especially famous and is still active as an actor to this day.

Heo Jang-kang lead a short life, passing away at the age of 50 in 1975. After playing football, he died a sudden death due to a heart attack.

Acting Career

Heo Jang Kang

Heo Jang-kang started his acting career in 1955 with the films Arirang and Piagol and stayed in the industry until his death in 1975. Throughout his acting career, he starred in more than 50 titles. He was most famous for his roles in A Dangerous Youth (1966), A Forlorn Hope (1966), and 3 Black Leopards (1971). As an actor, he mostly took supporting roles playing as a villain or comical characters.

During his stay in the entertainment industry, he was most active during the early 1960’s to the early 1970’s. In 1965, he starred in more than twenty films. In 1968, he started appearing more and more frequently. For each year after that until 1972, he starred in a minimal of 5 films every year.

Heo Jang-kang received lots of appreciation for his hard work in the entertainment industry. In 1966, he received his first award from the 4th Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best Supporting Actor for the movie A Hero Without Serial Number. He received a Baeksang Award for Best Actor, a highly prestigious award for South Korean entertainers, for his role in A Flowery Bier in 1974, and in 1975, he received a Special Achievement Award from the 14th Grand Bell Awards.


On record, Hwang Jang-kang starred in almost 100 films. Some of his filmography includes:

Year English Title Korean Title
1955 Arirang 아리랑
Piagol 피아골
1959 Even the Clouds Are Drifting 그름은 흘러도
A Wife 안애
Before a Love Is Gone 사랑이 가기전에
The Bell Tower 존각
1961 Prince Yeonsan 옌산군
Lim Kkeok-jeong 임가정
Miryang Arirang 미량 아리랑
Freshman at a College Life 인생대학 일연생
1963 Rice 
Queen Dowager Immok 임목 대비
A Woman Who Came at Night  밤에 챠자온 여자
How to Marry a Millionaire 백만장자와 결혼하는길
1965 Lee Seong-gye King Taejo 태조 이성계
Market  시장
Tomorrow, I Will Smile 내일은 웃자
A Hero Without Serial Number 군번없는 영사
River of Farewell 이별의강
1968 Revenge 복수
Femme Fatale, Jang Hee-bin 요화, 장희빈
1969 The Old Jar Craftsman 독진는 늘근이
A Heartless Swordsman 무정한 검객
1970 Wang Geon, The Great 태조 왕건
Heartless on Harbor 한구무정
1971 Bun-rye’s Story 분례기
My Sister’s Regrets 누나의한
1972 Janghwa Hongryeon Jeon 장화헐연전
The Midnight Sun
1974 The Land 토지
A Viper 독사
1975 The Executioner 망나니
College Days 대학시절