Find Out the Full Profile of Brave Girls’ Yuna: Biodata, Instagram, Ideal Type, Pre-Debut, Career, Focus Cam, and More!

yuna brave girl profile

The Driven Girl From the Girl Group Brave Girls You Should Check Out!

Yuna is a member of the rising girl group Brave Girls under Brave Entertainment. The group that has recently gone viral with its old but gold song “Rollin” has also made Yuna enter the spotlight.

She is the youngest member of the group and also has many talents including drawing and being a professional barista. Let’s check out Yuna’s profile more comprehensively in the Channel-Korea article below! Stay tuned!

Brave Girls’ Yuna’s Profile

yuna brave girl profile

Real Name: Lee Yoo Na (Hangul: 이유나)

Stage Name: Yuna (Hangul: 유나)
Birthday: April 6, 1993
Astrological Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Blood Type: A

Personal Instagram: u.nalee
Photography & Art Instagram: u.nafilm
Personal Twitter: _u_na93 (old); u_nalee_ (new)
Personal YouTube: 나는유나다
Personal TikTok: bravegirls_u_na

40 Facts About Brave Girls’ Yuna

yuna brave girl profile

1. Yuna was born in Jeju, South Korea.

2. She is elegant and has an easy-going character.

3. Yuna’s hobbies include drawing, photography, and tidying up.

4. One of her unique habits is spiraling her hair.

5. Yuna joined a rock band in high school.

6. Yuna tried to enter a music college but failed, but she managed to compose her own music.

7. She has perseverance, and she was eager to be Miss Korea, a painter, a singer, and a veterinarian.

8. Yuna’s nicknames are Short Haired Sister, Gun-Interval-Adjustment, and Thor.

9. Yuna considers herself shyer nowadays.

10. She has liked to have bob hairstyles since middle school.

11. Yuna aspires to be a vocal coach.

12. She is a certified coffee barista since December 2020.

13. She likes summer and tropical concepts.

14. When she was a child, she revealed that she was stubborn and narcissistic since she was treated like a princess as the only girl in the family.

15. Yuna applied to an aviation college since her family recommended she be a flight attendant.

16. Yuna took a gap year to go to an audition, and in the last month of her gap year, she was finally accepted in Brave Entertainment.

17. Yuna really respects her mom.

18. She loves reading poetry.

19. She enjoys watching horror and gore movies by herself.

20. She likes to have trees in her art and photography.

21. Yuna likes Korean food and mint chocolate.

22. Yuna doesn’t enjoy squashy food like dried persimmon, sushi, and pudding.

23. Yuna often typos while chatting and feels too lazy to correct them.

24. Yuna memorized many dance choreographies from the 2000s.

25. Her unique talent is looking tough and elegant.

26. Yuna likes to manage things properly in order.

27. She is the cleanest member of Brave Girls.

28. Yuna has a bean-sized mole on her back.

29. Yuna was called the bravest member of the group by Yujeong.

30. Her habit in the morning is to weigh herself.

31. Yuna likes to humble the other members so Minyoung said she deserves to be the group’s leader.

32. Yuna likes to read comments about the group and report them to other members if necessary.

33. Yuna went to KBS’ The Unit audition but she didn’t pass.

34. Yuna can’t drink alcohol.

35. Yuna loves dogs, and she lived with her dog Luna for 12 years.

36. Yuna has a special Instagram account for her dogs.

37. Yuna’s dream is to live happily and heavily with those she loves.

38. She wants to have Yujeong’s big smile if she could borrow an ability from another member.

39. Yuna is the unofficial influence for the stingray dance in “Rollin” because she gave Korean melon and red ginseng to her choreographer, and the choreographer instantly made that signature move after eating the food given by Yuna.

40. Yuna tried a fortuneteller and was told there would be a video making Brave Girls become a hit, which became true.

Brave Girls’ Yuna’s Ideal Type

yuna brave girl profile

Yuna’s ideal type is someone who has a good attitude, is manly, and is humble. She prefers a man who has a tidy appearance and is taller than her.

Brave Girls’ Yuna’s Pre-Debut

yuna brave girl profile

Yuna became a member of Brave Girls on February 16, 2016, with the single “Deepened.” Long before becoming a member of this rising group, she tried many things including entering a music college, but she didn’t pass. Yet, she was composing her own music then.

Aside from that, Yuna was also undergoing a gap year to do auditions for many companies. In her last month, she succeeded in passing Brave Entertainment’s audition. Her work paid off!

Brave Girls’ Yuna’s Career

yuna brave girl profile

Yuna joined Brave Girls after the group was on a two-year hiatus. On February 2, 2016, she was announced as a new member along with Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Hayun. There were seven members who launched the third digital single named Deepened.

Later, in 2017, Yuna tried to join the project show The Unit on KBS, but she didn’t pass. The song “Rollin” entered the spotlight suddenly in 2021, and even Yuna had already moved out from the group’s original dorm. With the resurgence, Brave Girls finally won a music show.

This made Brave Girls do promotional activities again for this song and continue their group that nearly disbanded. Such a miracle yet astonishing achievement!

Now, Yuna with the other members of Brave Girls released Summer Queen, their fifth mini album with the lead single “Chi Mat Ba Ram.”

Brave Girls’ Yuna’s Focus Fancam

This focus fancam of Yuna really shows how she has energetic moves and is a determined girl. Who can deny her beauty?

Brave Girls’ Yuna’s Instagram

yuna brave girl profile

Yuna is active on her Instagram and is often sharing her activity and portrait photos. Check out a few below!

yuna brave girl profile

Here is beautiful Yuna while working!

yuna brave girl profile

After performances, Yuna never betrays her charms!

That is all about Brave Girls’ Yuna and her profile details. So, what do you like the most about Yuna? Put your comment below and share it on Twitter. Don’t forget to always support Yuna in her career!