Profile of a K-pop Singer, BoA: Height, Age, Debut, and Songs


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All About the Amazing Soloist, BoA

BoA is a South Korean soloist under S.M. Entertainment. BoA is one of the soloists from S.M. Entertainment, but she is the most famous compared to other soloists. She is well known as the Queen of Kpop, and is also the youngest soloist to debut in her era. BoA is famous not only in Asia, but also overseas in countries like America. BoA’s songs are always nice to hear, even a decade after their released. Here is a brief history of BoA.


BoA’s Profile and Facts


Real Name : Kwon Bo-Ah

Stage Name : BoA

Nickname : Beat of Angel, Best of All, Kkamshi, Queen of Kpop

Birthday : November 5, 1986

Origin : Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

Religion : Catholic

Nationality : Korea

Height : 160 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Hobby : Listening to music, watch movie and karaoke

Language speciality : Korean, Japanese, English

Favourite Sport : Golf

Favourite Singer : Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Whitney Houston and Ne-Yo

Agency : S.M. Entertainment

Fandom : Jumping BoA

Current Position in Agency : Board of Director and Singer

Social media : @BoAkwon (Twitter) | @boakwon (Instagram)



  1. BoA is the youngest soloist to debut in the K-Pop industry.
  2. BoA’s real name means ‘Kwon’ for power and authority and ‘Bo-Ah’ for precious jewel.
  3. BoA always drinks a glass of water first thing in the morning after she wakes up.
  4. BoA likes to play golf.
  5. BoA is close to Pro Golfer Choi Na-yeon, because they similarly debuted at a young age.
  6. BoA learned the choreography for ‘One Shot Two Shot’ in just 1 day.
  7. BoA’s hips are prone to getting hurt because one time her pants got caught on something backstage during a concert and her hip has hurt since then.
  8. BoA really likes to eat seafood and rice noodle soup.
  9. BoA has her own circle called Natgarim Club where the members of the club are actually shy people. The members of the club are BoA, Son Hyun-Joo, Ko Chang-Seok, Ma Dong-Seok, Kim Ju-Ha and Minho SHINee.
  10. BoA once lived in Japan for 2 years with CJSH’s Sunday and Girls Generation’s Sooyoung.
  11. BoA’s closest friend is Crystal Jay, a J-Pop idol.
  12. BoA doesn’t go very far when she is travelling alone.
  13. Among S.M artists, BoA is really close to Key and Minho from SHINee also Yunho from TVXQ.
  14. BoA’s songs since she debuted didn’t really have a catchphrase before until ‘One Shot Two Shot’ released.
  15. BoA became a host for Mnet “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017.
  16. BoA got closer to Key from SHINee after both of them hosted “Keyword BoA” together.
  17. BoA loves Winnie The Pooh.
  18. BoA has 2 pets, a dog named Pama and a cat named Sara.
  19. BoA like to drink alcohol very much.
  20. BoA was a judge for SBS’s “Kpop Star” as a representative from S.M Entertainment.
  21. BoA likes to eat In-n-Out burgers and McDonald’s Hazelnut Iced Coffee, because she likes coffee so much.
  22. BoA has collaborated with American record producer, rapper, singer and songwriter, Sean Garret, for a song in English, ‘I Did It for Love’ in 2009.
  23. BoA likes to carry a mirror around with her so she can check her teeth. She does that because she is always smiling with her teeth showing.
  24. BoA danced to her own version of Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor’ during the S.M. Town Halloween party while dressed as one of the Mario Bros in 2016.
  25. During her appearance on MBC’s “Weekly Idol”, she amazed the MC’s during her dancing section because she still remembered the moves from her debut era.
  26. During her appearance on JTBC’s “Knowing Brother” and MBC’s “Weekly Idol”, she amazed the MC’s with her ability to remember other group’s dance moves after just watching the dance video one time.
  27. BoA is really honoured to sing Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ as a part of SM Station 2 with Siedah Garret as a Tribute to Michael Jackson.
  28. BoA sang on several anime soundtracks: ‘Every Heart’ for Inuyasha and ‘Masayume Chasing’ for Fairy Tail.
  29. BoA spoke about her loneliness whenever there are events in S.M.Town, because the other groups are chatting with each other while she is sitting alone.
  30. BoA doesn’t like it when people tell her, “You Are BoA” when she feels down.
  31. BoA compared her Japan debut era to other S.M. Artist, saying that she and TVXQ needed to learn Japanese and had to do interviews without a translator, while the other artists were accompanied by at least one translator.
  32. BoA used to be closed to TVXQ’s Jaejoong.
  33. BoA isn’t good at taking selfies. On an episode of “Keyword BoA”, Key teaches BoA how to take a good selfie.
  34. When BoA smiles, her upper lip curls back and showing her teeth.
  35. BoA doesn’t like to be called a ‘Pioneer’ in K-Pop industry to breakthrough to the Japanese market because of her difficulties during that time.
  36. BoA has 2 managers, one in Korea and one in Japan.
  37. When choreographing the dance for ‘One Shot Two Shot’, her choreographer, Rikimaru, mistook her song as being about drinking alcohol, while BoA says that it is about fireworks. Luckily, Key brought this up during dance practice.
  38. BoA’s real personalities actually shy and she seems like a normal girl, which is different from her stage personality that always seems strong and bold in every performance.
  39. BoA has her own show with Key for her comeback in 2018 entitled “Keyword BoA” which can be stream through V Channel.
  40. While she was dating actor Joo-Won, she misheard Joo-Hoonie instead of Joo-Wonie during Mnet “Produce 101 Season 2” filming.
  41. For the ‘Only One’ partner dance, she was partnered with Yunho from TVXQ, Eunhyuk from Super Junior, Taemin from SHINee, Sehun from EXO, Luhan (when he still in EXO), and Minhyun Wanna One / Nu’est.


The Youngest Soloist to Debut, BoA

BoA debuted on August 25, 2000. She joined SM Entertainment 2 years before that, after her brother persuaded their parents to let BoA focus on music. At first, her brother entered a dance competition to show off his break-dancing while BoA performed for a sponsorship opening event on the same day. BoA was scouted that day, and was getting contracted by 15 agencies at the same time. BoA set a record when she debuted as the youngest soloist in K-Pop at the age of 13 with her current agency, S.M Entertainment.


BoA’s Debut Era

After one year as a trainee, BoA first appeared on the music show was on September 3, 2000 at SBS’s “Inkigayo”. Her debut song ‘ID: Peace B’ was released on August 25, 2000 along with the music video.

For her stage debut, her dancing and vocals were stable although she had only trained for one year. Here is her stage debut on SBS’s “Inkigayo”.


BoA = Best of Asia

BoA who has been successful since her debut, has a career as bright as the stars. One year after her debut in South Korea, she began to prepare her debut in Japan and her first Japanese mini-album ‘Don’t Start Now’ sold around 90.000 units at the time. That same year, she debuted in Japan and received an award from MTV Taiwan Music Award as New Sound Prize. In 2004, BoA received 2 awards at  the MTV Asia Awards: Favourite Korean Artist and Most Influential Asian Artist even with her young age compared to the other nominees which shows her strong image and foundation in the music industry.

Up until now, she has already been nominated for 47 awards in ceremonies in both Korea and Japan, and won 36 awards including the awards she won for her music and acting. Also, she has already won 23 trophies on South Korean music shows since her debut until now.


BoA is a Multitalented Singer and Actress

Having debuted as a soloist at a really young age didn’t stop BoA from spreading her wings. Having earned success as a singer in Korea, Japan, and America, she was also involved in several dramas and movies in Korea and America. Her first appearance as an actress was in the movie ‘Make Your Move’ which was released overseas. Here is the list of her appearance as an actress in dramas and movies.

BoA Drama List
Year Title Role
2000 Golbangi [Guest Role]
2010 Athena: Goddess of War [Guest Role] BoA
2013 Looking Forward to Romance [Main Role] Joo Yeon Ae
2016 My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week [Main Role]

Scriptwriter Kim Bo-Yeong
BoA Movie List
Year Title Role
2012 I Am [Main Role] BoA
2014 Make Your Move [Main Role] Aya
2014 Big Match [Support Role]

Soo Kyung – Woman in Mystery

2017 Autumn Sonata [Main Role] Soo-Ryun


BoA, Queen of Kpop

One year after she debuted in South Korea, she began to prepare her debut in Japan and her first Japanese mini-album ‘Don’t Start Now’ sold around 90.000 units. Although BoA was busy with her schedule in Japan, her existence in the K-Pop industry as a soloist didn’t fade right away. She released several albums in both South Korea and Japan at the same time, and became a hit right away.

Not only popular in Asia, she also spread her wings to the US in 2008 and gained worldwide attention as a K-Pop singer who was able to breakthrough to the America Entertainment Industry along with Wonder Girls from JYP entertainment.


BoA’s Height Because of SM?


In an episode of KBS “Win Win” in 2012, BoA revealed her hardship as a ‘pioneer’ in spreading the hallyu wave in Japan during her era. While she talking about the hardship, she also complained about dieting when she was 14, which could have meant she lacked the nutrition that she need to grow. BoA said that she hold a grudge against S.M Entertainment for making her short.


BoA x Joo Won = ?

BoA and Joo Won’s relationship was first published in January of 2017 and was confirmed by both of their agencies. There is a rumor that BoA and Joo Won became a couple through Yunho from TVXQ. But unfortunately, after 1 year together, they decided to break up when Joo Won entered into his military service for 2 years starting in May 2017.


Best BoA Songs of All Time

18 years in K-Pop means the world is full of BoA masterpieces in Korea, Japan, and America. BoA released 29 albums in total, and 76 singles. 29 albums including 18 studio albums, 2 live albums, 6 compilation albums, 1 EP, and 2 remix albums. Among the 76 singles, here are some the best of BoA songs of all time.


ID: Peace B


Amazing Kiss


Shine We Are


My Name


Key of Heart


Atlantis Princess


No. 1


Hurricane Venus


The Shadow


Copy & Paste




Only One


Spring Rain




Nega Dola


One Shot Two Shot



Amazing Kiss




Every Heart


Shout It Out


Masayume Chasing





Eat You Up







The Meaning of Peace feat Kumi Koda


Tri-Angle feat TVXQ and Trax


I Did It For Love feat Sean Garret


One Dream feat Henry Super Junior and Key SHINee

One Dream feat Top 10 SBS Kpop Star 3 


Who Are You feat Gaeko


[SM Station 1] No Matter What feat Beenzino


[SM Station] Music is Wonderful feat Beat Burger


[SM Station 2] Man in the Mirror feat Siedah Garret


Dear My Family feat All S.M.Town Artist