Full Profile of Bang Eun-jin


Who Is Bang Eun-jin?

Bang Eun-jin is one of the top South Korean senior actresses. She debuted in 1993 as an actress and is still active. Not only an actress, she also made her director and screenwriter debut in 2005. Let’s know more about Bang Eun-jin here!

Bang Eun-jin’s Profile

  • Name: Bang Eun-jin
  • Place, date of birth: Seoul, August 5, 1965
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Blood Type: N/A
  • Education: Kookmin University (Clothing Design), Chung-Ang University (Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia, and Film).

Bang Eun-jin’s Movie and TV Series List

Year Title Type Role
1993 To the Lovely Others TV Series Jin Ja
 1994  The Taebaek Mountains  Movie  Partisan
 1994 Mom, the Star and the Sea Anemone  Movie Aunt
 1995 301/302  Movie  Song-hee
 1996  Seven Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than a Lover  Movie N/A
 1997 Farewell My Darling  Movie N/A
 1997  Do You Believe in Jazz?  Movie Wife
 1997  Push! Push! Movie Min Hae-suk
 1998  Reclaiming Our Names  Movie N/A
 1998 Birdcage Inn Movie Leaving prostitute
1998 Rub Love Movie N/A
1998 The Wooden Closet Movie N/A
1999 The Uprising Movie N/A
2000 Black Hole Movie Beauty parlor woman
2000 Subrosa Movie Adoption agency director
2000 Gui: A Space Between Two Deaths Movie N/A
2000 Doomealee, The Very First Step Movie N/A
2000 Wang Rung’s Land TV Series N/A
2000 Mokmadeuleui Eondeok TV Series N/A
2000 Foolish Love TV Series Yeong-sook
2001 Address Unknown Movie Chang-guk’s Mom
2001 Scent of Love Movie N/A
2002 No Comment Movie N/A
2002 My Beautiful Days Movie Mi-young
2002 Road Movie Movie Jung-in
2002 Rewind Movie Park Hye-jeong
2003 Salt: Korean Railway Women Workers Story Movie N/A
2004 Ain’t No Maid Short Film N/A
2005 Princess Aurora Movie Director, Screenwriter
2006 Tool Movie N/A
2007 Puff the Rice Short Film N/A
2008 Nowhere to Turn Movie Airport announcer
2008 Bleach Movie N/A
2008 Crush and Blush Movie Seong Eun-kyo
2008 Blue Birds on the Desk Short Film Director
2009 A Light Sleep Movie Joo-go’s Mom
2009 The Naked Kitchen Movie Cooking Judge
2009 My Too Perfect Sons TV Series Jeong-ok
2009 If You Were Me 4 Movie Director
2012 Perfect Number Movie Director
2013 Way Back Home Movie Director, Screenwriter
2017 Method Movie Director, Screenwriter


So, what do you think about her? Have you watched any of her movies or dramas? Since she has been active in the movie industry for more than 20 years, it won’t be disappointing to watch her act. Let’s anticipate her movies or dramas this year, too!