Full Profile of Bang Eun-hee


Get to Know Bang Eun-hee

Bang Eun-hee is a South Korean actress who made her acting debut in 1988. She got famous after being the lead actress in a movie entitled General’s Son in 1990. She has since appeared in many films and dramas. Let’s learn more about Bang Eun-hee!

Bang Eun-hee’s Profile

  • Name: Bang Eun-Hee
  • Birth name: Bang Min-seo
  • Place, date of birth: South Korea, December 1, 1967
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Blood Type: N/A
  • Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts (Theater Studies)

Bang Eun-hee’s Filmography

Year Title Type Role
1988 Love’s Scribble Movie Female student
1988 Wasteland Movie Soo-jin
1989 Mouse Landing Operation Movie Professor Hwang
1990 A Sketch of a Rainy Day Movie  Kyung-ae
1990 General’s Son Movie Hwa-ja
1991 Passion Portrait Movie  Cameo
1991 Silver Stallion Movie Soon-deok
1991 1991 Human Market 3 Movie Female secretary
 1992 Moon is the Sun’s Dream Movie Soo-mi
 1992 Marriage Story Movie Mi-young
1994 The Fox with Nine Tails Movie Min-yi
1994 The Pirates Movie Do-hee
1994  A Little Lover Movie Female teacher 1
1995 Rehearsal Movie Shin-woo
1996 The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well Movie In-chang’s wife
1997 Heartache of Poisoned Sex Movie “Leather Pants” girl
1997 No. 3 Movie Jina
1997 3pm Paradise Movie Hwang Jung-mi
2001 Love Her Movie Mrs. Sang
2003 While You Were Dreaming Drama  Cha Mi-kyung
2004 Precious Family Drama Myung-sook
2004 Her Beautiful Story Drama Su-young
2005 Don’t Worry Drama  Han Yoo-jung
2005 Golden Apple Drama Keum Shil’s Mother
2006 Before the Summer Passes Away Movie Sangjung
2006 Can We Love Again Drama  Oh Hee-ah
2006 The Man of the Vineyard Drama Seo Young-ran
2007 Moon Hee Drama Kim Mu-seol
2007 Hyangdan Drama Wol-mae
2007 Lonely Bird Drama Woman from Incheon
2007 Cruel Love Drama Park Chan-sook
2008 Life is Beautiful Movie  Woman in restaurant
2008 Viva Love! Movie Hairdresser
2008 Cooking up Romance Drama  Go Seon-hee
2009 The Slingshot Drama Myung-sun
2009 Korean Ghost Stories Drama N/A
2009 Tamra, the Island Drama Go Ba-soon
2009 Loving You a Thousand Times Drama Yoon So-wol
2010 Master of Study Drama  Han Ae-shim
2010 All My Love For You Drama Bang Eun-hee
2011 High Kick! 3 Drama  Seung-yoon’s mother
2011 Bride of the Sun Drama Im Mi-sun
2011 Crossing Yeongdo Bridge Drama Special Oh Kyung-ok
2012 Childless Comfort Drama Divorce suit client
2013 Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek Drama Won Mi-ok
2013 Can’t Take It Anymore Drama Yoo Jung-sook
2013 The Suspicious Housekeeper Drama Oh Eo-jin’s mother
2013 My Dad is a Nude Model Drama Special Mi-ra
2014 A Witch’s Love Drama Oh Mi-yeon
2014 Naeil’s Cantabile Drama Seol Nae-il’s mother
2015 Untouchable Lawmen Movie N/A
2015 The Girl Who Sees Smells Drama  Yang Mi-yeon
2015 High Society Drama Kim Seo-ra
2015 House of Bluebird Drama Park Haeng-sook
2016 With or Without You Movie  Woo Yeon-i’s stylist
2016 Beautiful Gong Shim Drama Cheon Ji-yeon
2016 You Are a Gift Drama Yoo Mi-ran
2016 Second To Last Love Drama Guest role
2017 Missing Nine Drama Bong-hee’s mother
2017 Unknown Woman Drama Jang Ae-nok
2017 Reunited Worlds Drama Yoon Mi-na

Who is Bang Eun-hee’s Husband?


Bang Eun-hee married fellow actor Sung Wan-kyung in 2000. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last long. It lasted only for about three years. They divorced in 2003.

On September 9, 2010, she married Kim Nam-hee. They now have one child together named Kim Doo-min. Kim Nam-hee is the CEO of NH Media, a South Korean entertainment agency. It was founded by Kim Nam-hee in 1998. The artists under this agency are U-KISS, Im Chang-jung, The Ray, Kim Jong-seo, Oh Youme and LABOUM.


Not only showing attention to her current husband, Bang Eun-hee has been showing much love and care to the artists too. Once, during the recording of “Strong Heart,” Bang Eun Hee shared her affection for U-KISS. While tearing up, she said, “The U-KISS [members] are shedding blood and tears while not eating and sleeping, and keep giving their all. However, even until now, they have never achieved first place [on a music show] and that breaks my heart.”

This photo below shows the closeness of Bang Eun-hee and U-KISS.


Starting in 2016, Bang Eun-hee is represented by the agency.

So, what do you think about Bang Eun-hee? Let’s watch out for her appearance in movies and dramas this year!