Full Profile of Former BADKIZ Member K.Me: Fun Facts, Personality, Latest News

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Find Out More About the Main Rapper of BADKIZ—Na Mi-ri

The girl group under ZOO Entertainment that debuted on March 24th, 2014, is Badkiz (Hangul: 배드키즈). They have had many line-up changes with members who debuted and also left during their comebacks in the entertainment industry. Badkiz are well known for their debut song titled “Ear Attack.” With the concept of Badkiz, who have a cute and sexy image, which is certainly unique and different from the other girl groups, Badkiz have managed to get appreciation and attention from their fans in South Korea.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail one of the former members of Badkiz, K.Me. One of the members, whose real name is Na Mi-ri (Hangul: 나미리), has a cute image but she can also pull out her sexy personality as well when performing on the stage with the group. Well, without waiting any longer, let’s take a deeper look at Badkiz’s K.Me’s full profile, activities and promotions, as well as the latest news at the moment.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down directly and check out the detailed information about Badkiz’s K.Me!

Badkiz’s K.Me’s Full Profile

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Real Name: Na Mi-ri (Hangul: 나미리)

Stage Name: K.Me (Hangul: 케이미)

Place and Date of Birth: South Korea, November 10th, 1993

Star Sign:  Scorpio

Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)

Height: 165 cm (5’5″)

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Active Period: 2015–2018

Education: Dong-A University of Broadcasting Arts Department of Broadcasting Entertainment

Official Site: Instagram (@namiri__)

YouTube Channel (나미리 NAMIRI)

Badkiz’s K.Me’s Fun Facts

badkiz's kme
  1. Badkiz’s K.Me debuted as a member of ZZBest before becoming a member of Badkiz
  2. Badkiz’s K.Me’s active period is from 2015 to 2018.
  3. In the middle of 2015, ZOO Entertainment announced Badkiz’s new line-up with LuA, Haneul, and K.Me.
  4. In August 2015, Badkiz released their 4th digital single, “Hothae,” with new members formation, such as Monica, K.Me, and Lua, Somin, and U-Si.
  5. Badkiz’s K.Me promoted several songs with the group and held a comeback during “Come Closer,” “Hothae,” “Ear Attack 2,” “Give It To Me,” and “Just One Day”.
  6. Badkiz’s K.Me is one of the longest members with an active period in the group after Monica.
  7. In April 2017, Badkiz released their new single, “Just One Day,” and took part by composing the lyrics in rapping.
  8. “It’s a word I want to say to a couple who left, and I can forget it after just one more day, but I plan to empathize with those who broke up by putting the conflict between the ideal and reality that I want to meet only once more,” Badkiz’s K.Me’s said about the meaning of “Just One Day”.
  9. After promoting with “Just One Day,” a few months later, K.Me also announced that she would soon be leaving the group because her contract with ZOO Entertainment had expired.
  10. Badkiz’s K.Me joined The Unit Idol Rebooting Project as a contestant but she was eliminated.
  11. After leaving the group, Badkiz’s K.Me started over her career journey and debuted as an actress under her real name, Na Mi-ri.

About BADKIZ’s K.Me’s Personality

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As girl group members, there must be many different personalities even though they are related to the same job as idols. In this section, we invite you to take a closer look at the personality of one of Badkiz’s members we have been discussing thus far. As many fans know, every idol also has her own charm behind her talent in singing or dancing. So, usually as individual fans, there are certain personalities that characterize an idol that attracts the attention of their fans.

Let’s discuss in more detail Badkiz’s K.Me’s personality, below!

Focus Fan-cam


On September 21st, 2015, Badkiz’s K.Me was seen performing on one of her schedules with the girl group she co-debuted with. Badkiz could be seen performing at an outdoor baseball field, as they were invited to perform as guest stars in a match. Badkiz’s K.Me features reddish-orange hair that is cut short with natural make-up. The outfit is also adapted to a baseball match with, striped trousers while the members wear a navy blue crop top and matching high heels.

On May 17th, 2017, K.Me could be seen in one of her performances with Badkiz performing their song “Hothae.” One of the singles which are the top hits of several of their songs is also loved by fans. It can be seen from the focus of the threat, K.Me, who has a position as a rapper in the group, also looks charismatic when performing. K.Me has short, shoulder-length blonde hair and wears a red and black bomber jacket and hot pants which are complemented by a belt accessory on her thighs.

On August 26th, 2018, Badkiz’s K.Me was seen performing on stage with the other members. At the event, Badkiz performed their single, “Ear Attack 2,” which was a remixed debut song. With an energetic choreography, Badkiz and also K.Me who are seen in the focus of the threat above are seen in harmony when performing on stage. The outfit also looks gorgeous with a dark blue blazer and shorts and a black crop top. In addition, white high heels look very on point there. K.Me is also seen with her new look where her hair has been dyed black.

BADKIZ’s K.Me’s Visual

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Badkiz’s K.Me looks synonymous with her petite posture and short hair which makes her appearance stand out from the rest of the members. During her promotions with Badkiz, K.Me was always seen with her short hair. On the comeback stage, K.Me was also seen getting different concepts and outfits that always caught the attention of fans. Like the photo above, K.Me looks cute with her short haircut that is dyed dark and pink highlights on the strands.

badkiz's kme

Badkiz’s K.Me has always been a concern of many people because of her beautiful visual which is not inferior to the other members. K.Me also managed to get a simple hairstyle and add a little volume to her short hair. The outfit worn on the stage also looks beautiful with a yellow crop top and a jeans jumpsuit with short pants. Not only the main outfit, but the stylists also didn’t forget to add some additional accessories such as necklaces and bracelets for K.Me.

badkiz's kme

Badkiz’s K.Me is also an idol who has a positive and beautiful aura when she smiles. Including photos taken when Badkiz members were on one of their schedules on a music show broadcast on TV. K.Me looks beautiful with her daily outfit, which is a red dress that shows her tiny body. Her hair, which had just been dyed blonde for a comeback at that time, also seemed to support the natural beauty of the member of Badkiz who was born in 1993. Badkiz’s K.Me also looks cute carrying a clipped board with her name on it.

Badkiz’s K.Me’s Latest News

namiri badkiz's kme profile

Badkiz’s K.Me started her career again and debuted as an actress under her real name, Na Mi-ri. She appeared as a cameo in some webtoon series, one of which was What’s Wrong In Joseon which was broadcast in 2018. As well as a career as an actress, Na Mi-ri also works as a photoshoot model and is also quite active in uploading some of her daily activities or while working on the social media she has, such as YouTube and Instagram.

In this session, we will look in more detail at what activities Na Mi-ri does on a daily basis that she does and shares on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Let’s scroll down below, readers!

On November 9th, 2020, Na Mi-ri uploaded the latest video to her YouTube channel with the title “Dark Adaptation” sung by Jo Gwang-il. Na Mi-ri did a cover rap of the song considering that she has a rapping skill that has been honed since she was an idol. Behind her feminine and beautiful appearance, Na Mi-ri shows her fierce side by showing a very fast rap on the rap cover that has been uploaded to her YouTube channel.

On October 19th, 2020, Na Mi-ri uploaded a rap cover back to her YouTube channel. The title of the video is “How Do You Feel” feat. Woo Won-jae sung by a rapper named VINXEN. The rap sounds slower than the rap previously done by Na Mi-ri. With her deep voice, Na Mi-ri is back showing her rapping skills which are done on a rooftop and against a background of clear skies and several tall buildings there.

On October 9th, 2020, Na Mi-ri uploaded the latest video on her YouTube singing a song from BLACKPINK titled “Lovesick Girl.” Even though Na Mi-ri was an idol with a position as a rapper, she was able to show other skills as a singer with her beautiful voice. In fact, she is also able to rap the song in good English too. Na Mi-ri has shown her activeness as an idol in the past by uploading videos on her YouTube channel, mostly rapping or singing covers.

Beside that, Na Mi-ri is also actively uploading several photos to her Instagram account. With this, she makes it easier for fans to interact with her through comments or just seeing her daily activities.

badkiz's kme

On November 9th, 2020, Na Mi-ri uploaded several photos showing a campsite and a view of a mountain. Some of the photos also show the camp and the sun setting and rising. There is no caption on the photo, but it can be assumed that Na Mi-ri has just held an outdoor event and went camping to just release fatigue from her daily activities or work.

badkiz's kme

On November 6th, 2020, Na Mi-ri uploaded several photos to her Instagram showing her journey of climbing a mountain with the caption, “1ton backpacking.” In the photo, we can also see Na Mi-ri carrying her own very large backpack to get to the top of the mountain. With a beautiful view, Na Mi-ri also captured every moment of her journey. Starting from the rows of tall trees in the vast fields to the view of the sky at night.

badkiz's kme

On November 2nd, 2020, Na Mi-ri uploaded a selca showing herself wearing a hat and sweater. It can be seen from the photo, Na Mi-ri is on a ship and with a caption that reads, “Fishing In Wonsan Island,” it further strengthens the statement that she is on an island just to fish on the sidelines of her empty schedule.

Well, that was all for the information of Badkiz’s K.Me. One of the members who have the longest active period at Badkiz does have a pretty good experience throughout her career to date. After leaving the group, K.Me also has the passion to continue her career and try another luck in the entertainment industry by becoming an actress and beginning her journey again under the name of Na Mi-ri.

Let’s continue to give a lot of support and prayers to Na Mi-ri, or previously known as Badkiz’s K. Me, so that she can remain a happy person and have a shining career!