Profile and Facts of SF9’s Dawon

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Get to Know SF9’s Dawon

Dawon sang Big Bang Taeyang’s song “I Need A Girl” at his audition for FNC Entertainment. Before debuting, Dawon appeared on AOA Cream’s “I’m Jelly Baby” MV; he also starred in a web drama titled Click your heart, with fellow SF9 members, and FNS’ debut survival program Dance or Band (D.O.B), where he and his teammate competed with FNC’s band team (later known as Honeyst). He finally made his debut with SF9 on October 5th, 2016, with their first single album, Feeling Sensation and lead single “Fanfare”. 

Profile of SF9’s Dawon

Stage Name: Lee Dawon

Birth Name: Lee Sanghyuk (이상혁)

Birthplace: South Korea

Date of Birth: July 24th, 1995

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 179 cm (5’10.5″)

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Siblings: he is an only child

Group: SF9

Position: Lead Vocalist, Dancer

Agency: FNC Entertainment

SNS: SF9’s Instagram, SF9’s VLIVE

Dawon is a Multi-talented Idol

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Dawon has a bright personality. Among the members of SF9, he is known as the mood maker. When he speaks, he always livens up the mood. Fellow member, Hwiyoung said, “When the atmosphere feels bad, if Dawon says just a few words, it will get better in three seconds.” Take a look at how funny Dawon is!

Because of his cheerful character, all of the band members agree that Dawon is suitable for variety shows. At the Burning Sensation mini-album showcase, Dawon said, “I’ve dreamed of joining variety programs and tried hard to do well. After developing and monitoring my personal skills, it wasn’t easy and it was difficult, but it was fun.” His best impersonations include Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon, iKON’s BI, actor Jo In-sung, and Bruce Lee.

It is unique since there are not many lead vocalists in Korean groups who are also fun and playful. On the other hand, when it comes to singing, as expected from a lead vocalist, Dawon has a very clear and beautiful voice. Even though he is known to be playful, on the contrary, he looks charismatic when he sings and is able to deliver the message and mood of the songs with his expressions.

He also has a hard worker mindset and always tries to improve himself. In an interview with Korepo, he was asked how he wants to grow as a vocalist, to which he answered: “It feels like I haven’t shown you enough of my dancing and singing skills. So I want to practice harder and show you more of my charm.” Such a multi-talented and hardworking idol!

Dawon is also a very good dancer. Even though he is slow at memorizing choreography, but when he finally memorizes the move, he dances gracefully. Look at this focused cam of Dawon dancing!


Facts about Dawon


– Dawon is very close to Ayno (Yoonho), member of the boy group VAV and Kim Hwan, member of Honeyst.

– He is a fan of Big Bang.

– In Weekly Idol, he stated that he wants to appear in Soju CF, especially for Jeju Soju since he is not confident yet if he has to compete with stars like Suzy that have already shot for a popular soju brand. 

– He has visited and studied in Spain for 4 months.

– He was a regular member of the SBS variety program Game Show.

– He has a cute habit of pursing his lips and open his mouth slightly when he is in focus mode.

– He has 2-dan in kendo.

– He goes to the gym regularly with Rowon and Inseong.

– His body has good flexibility.

– Dawon is slow at memorizing choreography.

– His ideal type of girl is someone who is cute and sexy at the same time, with long hair, big eyes, and kind personality.

– The city that he wants to visit the most is Prague.

– He has an allergy to raw food.

– If he had not become an Idol, he would have liked to be an MC and have his own show.

With all of those charms, it is not your fault if you fall in love instantly with this boy. Let’s cheer on his growth as an SF member and also as an artist!