Profile and Facts of Han Ji-an: Appearance in ‘The Vanished’ and ‘So I Married an Anti-Fan’

Get To Know More About Rising Star Actress, Han Ji-an

Han Ji-an is a Korean actress that recently gained popularity as the main actress in the adaptation drama, So I Married An Anti-Fan. She started as a child actress but received little popularity. Her roles were mainly small and minor. She got a breakthrough role when performing alongside veteran actors in the suspense movie, The Vanished. Her popularity increased even more after another performance in the romantic drama, So I Married An Anti-Fan.

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Han Ji-an’s Full Profile

Real name            : Kim Hee-jin

Stage Name          : Han Ji-an

Birthday                 : March 17th, 1991

Height                    : 168 cm

Education              : Dongguk University, Majoring Theatre

Instagram                 : j__a_a

Agency                  : Kook Entertainment

Han Ji-an’s Facts
  • She resembles actress Yoon Seung-ah, former S.E.S member Eugene, and actress Yoon So-hee.
  • Han Ji-an debuted in the 2014 movie, The Plan.
  • She had a kissing scene with Kim Kang-woo in The Vanished.
  • Han Ji-an was contracted to be a model for golf fashion wear.
  • She loves exercising, and her favorite sport is yoga.
  • Her first supporting role was as antagonist detective in the 2014 drama, jTBC’s Schoolgirl Detectives.
  • She used to work part-time in restaurants and offices.

Han Ji-an’s Dramas And Movies

Han Ji-an started her career in 2014. She debuted in the thriller movie The Plan as the young version of the lead actress, Sae-hee. Aside from performing in movies and dramas, she also participated in several musical plays.

Han Ji-an In The Vanished

The Vanished is a 2018 thriller and suspense movie and a remake of the Spanish movie, The Body. The movie tells the story of betrayal and a love affair. One day, a famous heir and a married woman were found dead. However, her body was mysteriously disappeared before her funeral. His husband, who planned her murder, was left confused and tried to find her body. He must get rid of his wife to start a new life with his mistress.

Han Ji-an was very lucky to be able to join the popular thriller movie. Even though she was not a new actress, she usually gets minor roles and has difficulties showing her true talent. In this movie, she performed alongside veteran actress Kim Hee-ae and handsome actor Kim Kang-woo. Han Ji-an performed as Hye-jin, Kim Kang-woo’s girlfriend’s sister. As a police officer, Kim Kang-woo was assigned to investigate the murder. During the investigation, he got help from Han Ji-an. In the process, they developed chemistry and fell in love with each other.

Han Ji-an In So I Married An Anti-Fan

Han Ji-an’s acted alongside actor Choi Tae-joon, SNSD’s Choi Soo-young, and 2PM’s Hwang Chan-sung in a romantic drama, So I Married An Anti-Fan. The drama is an adaptation of a popular novel of the same name. Choi Tae-joon performed as top star Hoo-joon while Soo-young performed as entertainment news reporter ad Hoo-joon’s No 1 anti-fan.

Chan-sung performed as Hoo-joon’s rival actor, JJ. He is the son of a rich family and head of an entertainment agency. Han Ji-an played Oh In-hyung, a B-list actress under JJ’s company. In the drama, she is set to make a comeback in entertainment, but she got entangled in Hoo-joon and JJ’s competition in love and business. In the end, she falls in love with JJ, and they become a couple. Han Ji-an’s role in So I Married An Anti-Fan earned her a new reputation as a promising young actress.

 Han Ji-an’s Commercial

Han Ji-an transformed from a cute and fresh actress into a sophisticated and elegant model in the pictorial collages for her new commercial. According to the brand that she represented, Han Ji-an exudes elegance and a feminine image. Therefore, she is the perfect model to promote a new line of fashionable golf wear. Lately, Han Ji-an’s popularity increases due to her role in So I Married An Anti-Fan.

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