Profile and Facts About Korean Actor Kim Byung-se


The Veteran Actor of Morning Dramas, Kim Byung-se!

Born with a very distinct look and a warm atmosphere, he is an actor who seems to be popular among middle aged women. After he starred in a supporting role in his debut movie Western Avenue in 1993, he then got cast in many dramas, and successfully built his career as on-screen actor until now. When he started his acting career, there seemed to be a lot of people who mistook him as actor Kim Seung-woo, but it has died down as he also frequently appears on many South Korean morning dramas (they are usually called soap operas, as the characters always seem to be over-dramatic). But did you know that despite his popularity, he’s still single even though he’s already in his 50s? Check out the other facts about Kim Byung-se below!

Full Profile of Kim Byung-se


Korean Name : Kim Byeong Se / Kim Byung-se (김병세)
Chinese Name : Kim Pyŏng Se (金秉世)
Occupation : Actor
Years Active : 1986 – present
Nationality : South Korean
Birth Date : September 26, 1962
Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea
Western Zodiac Sign : Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Tiger
Height : 178cm
Weight : 70kg
Blood Type : A
Religion : Catholic (Baptism Name : Daegun Andrea)
Education : Private Osan High School, Industrial Engineering – California State University, Long Beach (Bachelor’s Degree)
Family : Parents, 1 Sister & 1 Brother

Trivia and Facts About Kim Byung-se

  • Some of his hobbies are playing tennis, swimming, and skiing.
  • His speciality is football.
  • He was a fixed panelist on SBS’s “Star King”.
  • He declared himself a true Fanboy of the singer IU, and even sang the 3 high notes of her song “Good Day”.
  • He is known as the Jang Dong Gun of morning dramas.

Kim Byung-se on King of Mask Singer


Back in late December of 2017, Kim Byung-se participated in the 67th generation of MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” along with other masked-singers: Han Bo-reum, Kwak Dong-hyun, Kwon Hyuk Soo, LE (EXID), Son Seung-won, Shin Yeon-ah (Big Mama), and Park Jung-min (SS501). Apparently, he named himself “Alone at Home” as his stage name.

On the 133th episode, the first song he sang was Night After Night (밤이면 밤마다)” by Insooni, but unfortunately he was eliminated instantly by the live audience and judge panel. And on the next round (while taking off his mask), he sang My Love in Distant Memory (멀어져 간 사람아) by Park Sang-min, and he surprised many viewers with his unexpected presence as a singer. And even though he wasn’t the winner of the show, he seemed to be sincere when delivered the songs, and sang pretty well as a former musical actor. “I wanted to break the prejudice against the hard and difficult images I had seen mostly,” he said on the show. Check out his performance in the video clip below!

Does Kim Byung-se Already Have A Wife?

Unfortunately, there is no news available about his past lovers or his thoughts on marriage. The actor is currently still single, and living alone in his house. It was revealed on MBC’s “Radio Star” that he has been living the solo life for over 20 years, and the last time he was in a relationship was when he bought a piano.