Profile and Facts About Korean Actor Kim Byung-ki


Legendary Actor, Kim Byung-ki

K-pop started to take over Asia and even go worldwide in 2009, but Korean dramas existed even before that. Now, we might know mostly young talented actors and actresses, but there are some actors that have been in the South Korea acting industry since the 1980s. One of them is the legendary actor, Kim Byung-ki. Let’s learn more about him!

Actor Kim Byung-ki: Full Profile 2018

Full Name : Kim Byung-ki

Birth Date : November 2, 1948

Age : 69 years old

Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

Birth Place ; South Korea

Blood Type : AB type

Height : 174 cm

Weight  : 74 kg

Occupation : Actor

Year Active : 1969 – now

Latest Education : Chung Ang University

Spouse : Jang Gyeong Hwa

Complete List of Actor Kim Byung-ki’s TV Shows

Having been in the acting industry since the 1970s, actor Kim Byung-ki has acted on many TV shows. Here is the complete list!

No. TV Show Title Role Year Network
1. “People of Bawigol” 1981 KBS1
2. “Now in Pyongyang” Kim Jung Il 1982 KBS1
3. “Taepyeongmu (Great Peace Dance)” 1985 KBS2
4. “The End of Love” Prosecutor Park Sang Do 1990 MBC
5. “Humble Men” Deok Geun 1991 MBC
6. “Man in Crisis” 1992 KBS2
7. “Time and Tears” 1992 KBS2
8. “When I Miss You” 1993 KBS1
9. “Sandglass” Kang Dong Hwan 1995 SBS
10. “Blowing of the Wind” 1995 KBS1
11. “Jo Gwang Jo” Park Won Jong 1996 KBS2
12. “Brothers’ River” 1996 SBS
13. “Splendid Holiday” 1996 MBC
14. “Sea of Ambiiton” Deputy Manager Park 2997 KBS2
15. “Revenge and Passion” Lee Choon Sam 1997 MBC
16. “The Kind and the Queen” Eom Ja Chi 1998 KBS1
17. “White Nights 3.98” Oh Geuk Chul 1998 SBS
18. “Virtue” Innkeeper an inlet 2000 SBS
19. “Soon Ja” Pi El Jang 2001 SBS
20. “Empress Myeongseong” Ryuosuke Okamoto 2001 KBS2
21. “Miss Mermaid” Lee Sun Soo 2002 MBC
22. “The Great Ambition” His Excellency Yun 2002 SBS
23. “Age of Warriors” Noh In Woo 2003 KBS1
24. “Scent of a Man” Jung Tae Hwan 2003 MBC
25. “First Love” Yoon Seo Kyung’s father 2003 SBS
26. “The King’s Woman” Maeng Ji Cheon 2003 SBS
27. “Jang Gil San” Kim Ki 2004 SBS
28. “Lotus Flower Fairy” Kim Moo Bin’s father 2004 SBS
29. “Save the Last Dance for Me” Boss Joo 2004 SBS
30. “5th Republic” No Sin Yeong 2005 MBC
31. “Lawyers” Go Young Joong 2005 MBC
32. “Golden Apple” CEO Han 2005 KBS2
33. “The Conker Tree” Kim Maeng Oh 2005 EBS
34. “Jumong” Yuntabal 2006 MBC
35. HDTV Literature “Deungsinbul” Steward 2006 KBS1
36. “Salt Doll” CEO Kang 2007 SBS
37. “Ahyeon Dong Madam” Baek Je Ra 2007 MBC
38. “Hometown over the Hill” Entrepreneur (cameo) 2008 KBS1
39. “Shanghai Brothers” Kim Joong Man 2008 DramaX
40. “The Kingdom of the Winds” Sang Ga 2008 KBS2
41. “Empress Cheonchu” Kim Wong Seung 2009 KBS2
42. “He Who Can’t Marry” Jang Bong Soo 2009 KBS2
43. “Wife Returns” Min Sung Tae 2009 SBS
44. “The Great Merchant” Jung Do Woong 2010 KBS1
45. “Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe Young” Okuma 2010 KBS1
46. “Flames of Desire” Ki Young Dae 2010 MBC
47. “Midas” Goo Sung Chul 2011 SBS
48. “Gyebaek” Sa Taek Jeok Deok 2011 MBC
49. “Lights and Shadows” Kim Jae Wook 2011 MBC
50. “Immortal Classic” Seo Don Man 2012 Channel A
51. “Hur Jun, the Original Story” Sung In Chul 2013 MBC
52. “Inspiring Generation” Fortune teller 2014 KBS2
53. “Triangle” Yoon Tae Joon 2014 MBC
54. “Jang Yeong Sil” Maeng Sa Seong 2016 KBS1


Complete List of Actor Kim Byung-ki’s Awards

Not only having starred in many dramas, actor Kim Byung-ki has also won awards for his hard work and persistence in the acting industry. Here is a list of Kim Byung-ki’s awards.

Award Category Nominated Work Year
KBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor 1977
MBC Drama Awards Golden Acting Award, Veteran Actor “Ahyeon-dong Madam” 2007