Get to Know ‘Produce X 101’ Contestant and X1 Member – Cha Jun-ho

Latest Updates About Cha Jun Ho

cha junho x1 produce x 101

On September 19, X1 was on a radio show called ‘Midnight Idol’, that was hosted by Ha Seung Woon. They all had a chance to talk about a lot of things, including their favorite things about each other.

During the show, a fan sent a question to ask which member they’d be fan of, if they were ‘One It’ themselves. As for Cha Jun Ho, he said that his choice changed every day, but during that day on the radio show he chooses Cho Seung Yoon. Jun Ho described how Seung Yoon has a certain energy about him, which makes it as his natural part.

cha junho x1 produce x 101

He also knew and admitted that Cho Seung Yoon worked really hard to make the atmosphere become much better than before. Hearing that, Seung Yoon laughed, and then joked, “Ah, you finally recognizing how I’m trying hard for that,” before thanking Jun Ho.

And that’s all for today’s topic about Cha Jun Ho from his Produce X 101 era until now. We hope this information can help you to know about him more, especially for the new ‘One It’.

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