Get to Know ‘Produce X 101’ Contestant and X1 Member – Cha Jun-ho

cha junho x1 produce x 101

Meet the Long Lost Twin Brother of Infinite’s L, from the Rookie Group ‘X1’, Cha Jun Ho!

The last season of Mnet’s idol survival show program Produce X 101, has caught a lot of attention from the public. Started by the big 3 company that joined the show, participants come from various underrated boy-groups and some trainees with their outstanding visual and talent.

One of the trainees who got attention for his amazing visual and body figure is Cha Jun Ho, one of the trainees from Woolim Entertainment. He also entered the final line up and became a member of X1.

So, are you curious to know more about Cha Jun Ho?  Without any further ado, let’s get into the topic, below!

Cha Jun-ho’s Profile

cha junho x1 produce x 101

Birth Name: Cha Jun Ho (차준호)
Stage Name: Jun Ho (준호)
Birthday: July 9, 2002
Nationality: Korean
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Sign: Horse
Company: Woolim Entertainment
PDX101 Class: C-C
Position: Vocalist, and Visual

Fun Facts About Cha Jun Ho

Early life and Family

  • He is from Hongseong Gun, South Chung Cheon.
  • A student of Hanlim Multi Art High School.
  • Has 1 older brother and 1 older sister.

Personal Traits and Facts

  • Junho’s nickname is ChaCha.
  • His hobbies are watching movies and goblin language.
  • Junho’s skill is singing.
  • Hes a vocal major, also a classmate with Han Cho Won (Produce 48 contestant), TXT’s Taehyun, and Heuning Kai.
  • Junho has been a trainee for a year and 3 months, since the show started.

Produce X 101 Days

  • He sang ‘Me After You’ during his first meeting with the producer and staff of the show.
  • Some trainees and fans stated that Jun Ho resembles his senior, L from Infinite.
  • Jun Ho is a very quiet and reserved person when first meeting with new people, so he tends to keep a lot to himself, which makes him come off as robotic.
  • Jun Ho was really close with Yohan. They have been together since the blue carpet.
  • When Jun Ho received a remark about him being a robot, Yohan was there to help him practice, especially in dancing.
  • Jun Ho ranked at the 9th position, with total 756.939 votes.
  • His overall, total votes are around 2.449.939 votes.

During X1 Days

  • Junho shares a room with Minhee and Hyeong Jun (from Idol Radio 9/5/19).
  • He is in the ‘Lucky Guy’ team. (WeKpop).
  • Jun Ho, Yohan, and Seung Woo were known as the ‘We Bear Bears’ trio, because they’ve performed every song together in Produce X 101.

Joined Produce X 101 as Woolim Trainee

cha junho x1 produce x 101

Cha Jun Ho and the other Woolim Entertainment trainees joined the last season of the Produce series. In the group audition, they performed Infinite’s song. Here is their first entrance and performance in the show:

Here are the compilation videos of Cha Jun Ho’s solo and duo audition screen time in Produce X 101:

During the trainee introductions, Jun Ho showed off his ‘Goblin Language’ skills. IZ*ONE also watched the video, as well. Let’s check it out:

For the theme song ‘X1-MA’, Jun Ho was at the C rank class, which means that he and the other C class students were at the side row (either left or right) position.

Here is Jun Ho’s focus cam performance of X1-MA bellow:

In group battle, Jun Ho choose NCT U’s hit song, ‘BOSS’. Here is the focus cam performances:

During position evaluation, Jun Ho choose to be on the vocal team along with Yohan, Seung Woo, and the other 2 contestants. They performed ‘Me After You’; here is the cut of the team moments and Jun Ho’s focus camera performance:

Cha Jun Ho’s behind the scenes for his performance with the vocal team:

And here is the performance of Jun Ho, showing off his wonderful singing ability:

Produce X 101 also did several daily vlogs with the contestants. For Jun Ho himself, he appeared on the 7th episode vlog, along with Hyunbin and Wooseok. Here is the vlog video of him for you guys:

On the concept evaluation, Cha Jun Ho and his team mates performed ‘U Got It’. Here is the clip from during a rehersal session, below:

And here is the focus camera performance of Cha Jun Ho:

On the final episode, Jun Ho was able to enter the final line-up. He was at the 9th ranking with total 756.030 votes. Jun Ho was able to debut and became an official member of X1. Here is the emotional clip of him:

Here is Cha Jun Ho’s ranking history from the first to the last episode:

cha junho x1 produce x 101

Here is the final performance of Jun Ho in episode 12. He and the other contestants performed ‘Dream For You’.

A brief compilation of Cha Jun Ho’s cute and funny moments in Produce X 101, let’s check the out, below!