Up-Close with Korean Fashion Model and ‘Produce X 101’ Contestant Park Yu-ri

Park Yu-ri model and trainee

‘Produce X 101’ Esteem Entertainment Trainee, Park Yu-ri

Park Yu-ri is a South Korean model who grew up overseas. He is a model under Esteem Entertainment with a lot of hidden talent under his sleeves. To show off his talent, Park Yu-ri surprised everyone with several other models under the same agency by joining the Mnet survival show Produce X 101. Let’s get to know Park Yu-ri better.


Park Yu-ri’s Full Profile

Park Yu-ri Profile and Facts

Real Name: Park Yu-ri

Date of Birth: December 28th, 1994

Birthplace: Uzbekistan

Zodiac: Capricorn

Origin: South Korea

Nationality: Korean-Russian

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Blood Type: B

Education: International Studies, Korea University

Occupation: Model

Agency: ESTeem Entertainment

Year Active: 2015 – 2019


Interesting Facts

  1. His hobbies include playing guitar, drawing, swimming, making rap, dancing, hockey, taking pictures, playing saxophone, and producing funny helium voice.
  2. He can speak Russian and English.
  3. He is a grade F trainee on Mnet’s Produce X 101.
  4. He has been training under ESTeem Entertainment for almost 3 years starting from August 2016.
  5. When he was little, he traveled a lot to Germany, Austria, China, Japan, and the United Emirates for swimming competitions.
  6. He went through a lot of fights due to being an Asian kid in Rusia.
  7. He went back to Korea after finishing high school in Russia and went into the army before continuing his studies.
  8. He wanted to pursue a modeling career since he was 12 years old since he started taking a lot of photos as a hobby.
  9. He personally sent his own photo to ESTeem Entertainment and got cast right away.
  10. He chose to enroll in International studies because he was able to learn many languages.
  11. He started learning English and Korean after enrolling in school and signing with his agency.
  12. The language he is most comfortable talking in is Russian.
  13. He gives fashion tips on the ESteem TV Youtube channel.
  14. He has a cat as a pet.


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  15. He was the model in F(X)’s Luna’s music video “Free Somebody.”

  16. He released a mixtape on his personal SoundCloud account.


Park Yu-ri in Luna’s “Free Somebody” MV

Park Yuri x F(X) Luna

Park Yu-ri drew a lot of attention with his appearance in Luna’s music video for “Free Somebody.” Although the music video was released on May 30th, 2016, it became popular again due to fans’ curiosity after Park Yu-ri’s appearance in Mnet’s Produce X 101.

While filming the date scene for the music video, Park Yu-ri admitted he and Luna were awkward since they did not talk to each other about anything since he asked if Luna could speak English on their first meeting. A funny moment occurs when Luna tries to speak in English to Park Yu-ri but he speaks to her in Korean instead.


Park Yu-ri’s Photoshoot

Park Yu-ri Photoshoot 1

Park Yu-ri is already popular as a model featured in a lot of magazines, fashion shows, and several photoshoots on the internet. Park Yu-ri is capable of showcasing a wide variety of expressions in the photoshoots he has done. He can be cool, cute, sexy, innocent, serious, playful, etc. His amazing facial expressions are increasingly gaining love from the public and fans. Let’s take a look at Park Yu-ri’s several photoshoots.

PArk Yu-ri Photoshoot 2
Park Yu-ri photoshoot 3


Park Yu-ri’s Instagram Feed

Park Yu-ri Instagram

Park Yu-ri’s Instagram feed is full of his personal activity. He sometimes posts promotional photos or videos. Also, he sometimes posts about his latest project and the activity he attends or is going through. His first Instagram post was on February 5th, 2015. 

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#Homeselfie #ThatCalendar…

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On various occasions, Park Yu-ri has shown off his perfect abs, his hat collection with several photos, his cute interactions with his cat, and a lot more. Let’s find out more by checking his several Instagram posts.



Park Yu-ri is also interested in music and rapping. We can see his passion from the posts he has made of his equipment on Instagram. He has expressed his love for music by releasing a mixtape on SoundCloud titled Insomnia.




Park Yu-ri is not only active as a model, but also as an entertainer. Since Esteem Entertainment and S.M. Entertainment have formed a strategic partnership and alliance in 2015, Park Yu-ri is active appearing on tv shows, and has also shared several photos with other S.M. Entertainment artists.


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Park Yu-ri in Produce X 101

Park Yu-ri on Produce X 101

Park Yu-ri’s participation in Mnet’s Produce X 101 really shocked the public. Park Yu-ri was originally a model under ESTeem Entertainment and was already popular for his charming appearance in several fashion shows, his music video appearance, and his photoshoots. His decision to join Produce X 101 as a member of an idol group was pretty shocking.

Although he is a model, his dancing and rapping skills are no joke. His cute and sexy appearance during the trainee PR introduction received a lot of love from the public, especially his fans.

Park Yu-ri’s innocent and funny character is also attractive. Since he is comfortable speaking in English, it has become one of his strengths during his personal introduction to international fans.

Joining a survival show from a modeling agency is not easy. Park Yu-ri joined the show with several other male models, such as Kim Jin-gon, Anzardi Timothee, and Kim Seung-hwan. Even though he is currently a grade F, he is on the 29th position in the first overall ranking.


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