Find Out More About Former ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 Trainee Yoon Yong-bin

yoon yong bin

Get To Know Yoon Yong Bin

Are you loyal viewers of the singing program I Can See Your Voice? If your answer is yes, then you must have heard about the contestant, the one came with the tagline: “The Oppa who refused EXO.” The contestant named Yoon Yong Bin, a singer who became famous as a contestant in season two of the pop group survival show Produce 101. He also appeared in the third season of I Can Hear Your Voice. When he was first introduced on the Mnet show, he attracted the attention of a lot of people with his extraordinary visual appearance. The judges were also very impressed with his handsome face and his character and also his talent.

Well, want to know more and get better acquainted with him? Lucky for you, today Channel-Korea will provide you with all the information about him, just keep scrolling down.

Full Profile Of Yoon Yong Bin

yoon yong bin

Yoon Yong Bin is a very talented young K-Pop star and here is his full profile.

Full Name
Yoon Yong-bin
23 years old
Date of Birth
November 27th, 1995
South Korea
Pop Singer
Net Worth
$100,000 – $1 M
Martial Status
178 cm
South Korea
65 kg
Hair Color
Eye Color


He was born in South Korea. He has not shared his parents’ names and he has not opened about his family, siblings, spouse, and children so there is no conclusive information. Right now, even his education is still kept a secret by him. But he said that he is ready to build his career as a K-Pop star and an idol.

Yoon Yong Bin on Can I See Your Voice 2016

He appeared on I Can Hear Your Voice 3 with the nickname Oppa who rejected EXO. And he became instantly famous for being really talented and having a handsome face.

If you want to see his performance, click play on the video below.

However, Yoon Yong Bin revealed a fact about him when he appeared on I Can See Your Voice. He used to be a trainee and could be a member of EXO, but unfortunately, he chose to quit and focus on education. The 21-year-old guy is now in Banana Entertainment.

Yoon Yong Bin On Mix Nine

Mix Nine is a South Korean survival reality show on JTBC. In the show, Yoon Yong Bin showed up as a trainee and a contestant. But he didn’t win in the reality show.

Yoon Yong Bin’s Appearance on Produce X 101

yoon yong bin

Before and after Produce 101, Yong-bin had already appeared on a few shows, like I Can See Your Voice in 2016 and YG’s survival debut show Mix Nine in 2017. However, on Mix Nine, he was eliminated in the second round of eliminations. Yoon Yong Bin is currently a trainee under Banana Entertainment. He was a competitor on Produce X 101 Season 2. However, he ranked #73 on episode 5 and was eliminated.


His Bullying Scandal

yoon yong bin

One of the contestants of Produce 101 Season 2, Yoon Yong Bin, was involved in a bullying scandal. A person that knows him since childhood revealed that Yoon Yong Bin used to bully her and her disabled elder brother. Some people also claimed that she’s traumatized by what Yoon Yong Bin did to her in the past that she’s not able to function socially. Meanwhile, Yoon Yong Bin’s agency denied all the allegations and accused the person of intentionally creating false rumors to destroy his reputation.

Yoon Yong Bin’s Latest News

yoon yong bin

There is a piece of news revealing that Yoon Yong Bin will be on one stage with EXO, Red Velvet, and Romeo at Bangkok Super Live Concert. Former Produce 101 Season 2 trainee Yoon Yong-bin will serve as the opening acts of the Bangkok Super Live Concert. Yoon Yong Bin, who will be a guest at the event, will meet with Bangkok fans together with EXO-CBX, Red Velvet, and Romeo. He will open the show by performing on stage the song “Nayana” (It’s Me, Me) released by Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2. Bangkok Super Live Concert will be held at IMPACT CHALLENGER HALL 2 on June 10th at 6 p.m. But this piece of news has not been confirmed by his agency, so if it is true he will give a confirmation soon. Don’t be sad, he is very active on his social media, and he always shares his activities during his day.

So for now, we still can enjoy his beautiful face on his official Instagram.

and enjoy his beautiful face…

Yoon Yong Bin still enjoys his beautiful life and does some traveling.

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He is such a lovely guy, he loves his dog and loves to share photos of it with his fans.

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… and spending time with his family…

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