Everything You Need to Know About Produce 101 Season 2!


The Survival Show Presented by Mnet

Who doesn’t know Produce 101? This Mnet survival show is already on its fourth season in 2019 and has always been a hit in South Korea. One of the most popular installations is the second season where it was the first time the boy series started. Participated by a ton of trainees from different agencies across the country, Produce 101 Season 2 gains the successful state, as well as revealing the drama, improvement, life stories, and friendship of the trainees. In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you with all the information about Produce 101 Season 2, starting from the review of all episodes, bromances between the trainees, controversies, and the line-up for its final group. So, keep reading!

Choose Your Favorite Boy Idol!


In the first episode of Produce 101 Season2, we got to see not only the inexperienced trainees but also unknown idols who try their luck by being trainees once again. Pledis Entertainment’s first boy group NU’EST was one of those idols who joined the show after debuting some years before.

NU’EST’s segment received a lot of attention from the trainees, mentors, and viewers. Kahi, who is one of the mentors and was a member of Pledis’ girl group After School teared up when she saw them. One of the members of NU’EST, Baekho, who goes with his real name Kang Dongho, said that the group saw the program as their last chance before disbandment, “We wanted to be like the successful company juniors, like Seventeen and Nayoung and Kyulkyung, who joined I.O.I and later debuted as members of Pristin.” Later on, the members were grouped in different classes as Hwang Minhyun was placed in C class, while Kang Dongho, Choi Minki, and Kim Jonghyun were placed in Class D.

The second trainee who got the spotlight is Kim Samuel from Brave Entertainment. He claimed to be a trainee together with members of Seventeen, even got the chance to almost debut with the group. Before the show started, he chose seat #59 because it was the number that Jeon Somi, the winner of Produce 101 Season 1, picked. He performed a rendition of Chris Brown’s “With You” with stable vocals, mesmerizing choreography, and flirty acts here and there, giving smiles, winks, and quick abs lift. As expected, Samuel was placed in Class A and was the first trainee to do so.

The third trainee who caught the attention of the mentors is the only Fantagio trainee, Ong Seongwoo. He already stood out with his attractive face, aided by his brave acts by choosing the #2 seat and raising his hand when the host of the show, BoA, asked about the trainee who thought they would get an A ranking. Despite having it all, Seongwoo is still down-to-earth, which made him likable. His skill was also proven when he performed Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like,” as well as the freestyle dance which got him an A.

The top 11 from the first round of voting in the first episode concluded Park Jihoon as the victor as he was really popular in internet forums for winking cutely in a one-shot during the performance of “It’s Me,” followed by the long-haired guy Jang Moonbok, Lee Daehwi, Joo Haknyeon, and Bae Jinyoung as the top 5.

We move to the second episode where the remaining evaluations were shown. Similar to NU’EST, HOTSHOT members Noh Taehyun and Ha Sungwoon took another chance by becoming trainees again. The duo performed Block B’s “Very Good” with such entertaining nature. It must be noted that Taehyun and Sungwoon are not afraid of being expressive as they introduced themselves with funny looks and gestures. After the performance, Taehyun was asked by the mentors to demonstrate his krumping skills once more, which guaranteed him and Sungwoon to get into Class A.

The four trainees from Brand New Music, namely Im Youngmin, Kim Donghyun, Park Woojin, and Lee Daehwi also stole the attention as they performed the self-composed song “Hollywood,” which is the masterpiece of Daehwi, while the choreography was made by Woojin. After listening to Youngmin and Donghyun’s singing one more time, the mentors decided to send Daehwi and Woojin to Class A, while Youngmin and Donghyun had to be satisfied with Class B.

After finishing the evaluations, the contestants of the show had to practice for “It’s Me.” They were already separated into groups by rank, namely 7 contestants in A, 17 contestants in B, 21 contestants in C, 25 contestants in D, and 31 contestants in F. The boys have three days to learn about the song and they will perform it as the re-evaluation. Their final rankings will be decided by the mentors.

As for the stage performance of “It’s Me,” BoA informed that not everyone will be on stage the same amount of time. Members of class A will be present the whole time, while B, C, and D will be added in at different parts on their moving triangles. Unfortunately, F members will be backup dancers on the ground and will not get any close-ups or one-shots. In addition, Daehwi, who was chosen as the center of the stage will have a solo line and that the A-ranked trainees will have a performance on M! Countdown. The top 11 from the online voting rankings in the second episode concluded Park Jihoon as the winner once again, followed by Kim Samuel, Lee Daehwi, Ong Seongwoo, and Jang Moonbok as the top 5.

In the third episode, the viewers got to witness several changes in the final rankings of the trainees. Class A now contains 16 boys, while Class B has 17 boys, Class C has 22 boys, Class D, and F both contain 23 boys. Some trainees got their class upgraded while others have been stuck in the same class or even downgraded to a lower class. Even so, the show must go on, right?

The center selection of “It’s Me” was revealed as all the 16 members of Class A prepared their one-minute performance to the instrumental version of the song. Everyone then voted on who suits the center position the most. It turned out that Daehwi won because of his singing and dancing to the previous season’s song “Pick Me” while doing some cute acts. Well, that’s a center for you!

The viewers also got to see the A trainees performance on M!Countdown. They were seen delighted as they got the center stage, which is understandable since it must be their very first experience as trainees. Some behind the scenes footage of the rehearsal and recording were also shown.

The first group performance was 2PM’s “10 Out of 10.” The element of drama set up by Mnet was seen as in team 2 of “10 out of 10,” Woojin and Taehyun, were collided on the role of leader despite Woojin already being elected as one. On the other hand, team 1 also had the center drama because Jaechan got switched by Jisung. Even so, they still won over team 2.

The second group performance was EXO’s “Call Me Baby.” Similar to the previous groups, the debate of being the center was very palpable. Team 1 changed their center from Hyunwoo to Donghan after Kahi said that the center of the team has no impact. On the other hand, Team 2 struggled with the decision for a center. Dongbin insisted on being one despite the fact that the rest of the group were inclined on Minho. Later on, he was substituted by Minho as he did not live up to the expectations. Sadly, they still lost from team 1 with 353 to 380.

In the fourth episode, the group battle between the boys continued. BoA announced that the trainees who got the most votes within their group will get 3,000 bonus votes. Team 1 of SHINee’s “Replay” successfully won over Team 2 with 467 to 391 as they had popular members, such as YueHua’s Justin and Pledis’ Choi Minki.

Even so, Team 2 also did great by doing reversal charm. Instead of acting cute and innocent like the first team, they showcased their cool charisma. Hunus’ Kim Sanggyun showing off his abs definitely made the fangirls who attended the show scream. It was a clever way to attract attention, though the team still lost from the first team.

The battle between the teams who performed Seventeen’s “Mansae” was not so competitive. Seeing from the line-up, it was kind of expected that Team 1 would win over Team 2. Happy Face‘s Park Woodam was chosen as Team 1’s ace as he is one of the trainees who has been acknowledged for his singing. However, one of the trainees quit the show due to health-related reasons which made Woodam pick up all of his lines. He felt burdened yet the team was able to execute the performance with an exciting vibe. They also got the highest votes which made them able to do an encore performance on Mnet’s M! Countdown.

On the other hand, Team 2 consisted of trainees whom nobody picked as they were mostly placed on lower rankings. One of the trainees, The Jackie Chan Group Korea‘s Choi Hadon was angry about the situation and started to not participate in the practices. During the evaluation with the mentors, Hadon finally realized his mistakes and became the group’s biggest supporter. Unfortunately, Team 2 had to admit that they are behind Team 1 in terms of performance shown clearly by the difference in votes of 151 over 624.

Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” is inarguably one of the most popular K-Pop songs and became people’s first-heard Korean song. Therefore, when Produce 101 Season 2 included the song as part of the group battle, many people were looking forward to the performances. Both teams did great performing “Sorry Sorry,” but Team 2 was supported by many fans as they had equally popular members within the group.

In addition, Team 1 made the viewers disappointed as The Vibe Label’s Ha Minho randomly asked whether he and S.How‘s Kim Namhyung can put a rap in the song, which Pledis’ Kim Jonghyun refused. He also put a jab on MMO’s Kang Daniel during the preparation, saying that he should get his way to be rewarded because he is working hard, unlike Daniel who is supposedly slacking off. As a result, Team 1 only got 208 votes.

Worrying about Team 1 was definitely the least of the worries that Team 2, who was otherwise known as Justice League, had since their own teammates, YG K Plus’ Kwon Hyunbin kept missing out the practices hiding in the practice room to sleep. The leader of the team, Jonghyun accepted the blame of not taking care of his members. At first, he treated Hyunbin patiently, but seeing how the kid did not change as he kept prioritizing napping, Jonghyun finally chastened him gently, which eventually made him earn his nickname as the nation’s leader. His hard work paid off as Hyunbin finally joined the group’s practice which brought them a win with 522 votes.

The performances of BEAST’s “Shock” and INFINITE’s “Be “Mine were similarly excellent. Team 2 won both of the performances over Team 1 with a vote of 380 to 284 and 438 to 330, respectively.

In Team 1, the vocal got noticed more as RBW‘s Son Dongmyung put on impressive harmonization, whereas, in Team 2, the rappers got noticed more as Blessing‘s Im Woohyuk has a comparable aura to Junhyung.

On the other hand, “Be Mine” teams were technically similar but had different styles. Team 1, which had FNC’s Yoo Hoe-sung as the main vocalist was a more manly group, whereas Team 2, which had popular members, such as Media Line’s Lee Woojin and Star Road’s Takada Kenta, was on the sweeter side and got loud cheering from the fans. Though both teams experienced difficulties as RBW‘s Kim Yehyun got injured and HIM‘s Park Sung-woo did lots of mistakes during the practices, their performances were really enjoyable.

Lastly, the performances of BTS’ “Boy in Luv” were poignant as both teams had a different aura. Team 1 contained pretty boys, such as Maroo’s Park Jihoon, Brand New Music’s Lee Daehwi, Cre.ker’s Joo Haknyeon, C9’s Bae Jinyoung, and Brave’s Kim Samuel. They named themselves the Avengers because of their popularity and visuals. Though having unstable vocals, Team 1 still won with 494 votes.

In contrast, Team 2 had more manly members, like Pledis’ Kang Dongho and Cube’s Lai Kuanlin. Many viewers think that they had a closer vibe to BTS because of their fierce and forceful vibe. Nevertheless, Team 2 lost as they only got 243 votes.

In the fifth episode, the first elimination was held. Only the top 60 trainees would continue their journey on the show. I.O.I members Choi Yoojung and Kim Sohye and their fellow Produce 101 trainee who had debuted as a solo singer, Kim Sohee, also made an appearance in this episode.

Before revealing the rankings of the 60 trainees, the viewers got to see how the trainees have fun. During the Dancing King session, which was hosted by I.O.I (later Weki Meki)’s Yoojung and Doyeon, some trainees showcased their ability in dancing, such as ONO’s Jang Moonbok’s wriggle to “What Does the Fox Say,” MMO’s Kang Daniel’s B-boy dance, and GON’s Hong Eunki and YueHua’s Jung Jung’s unexpected modern dance collaboration. In the end, Eunki won the battle. He mentioned his father, who is ashamed of his love for dancing. Later on, his father became his biggest supporter when he debuted with RAINZ after Produce 101 Season 2. So touching!

The second session was the Fitness Test. The boys were woken up by “It’s Me” and they were told that they only have ten minutes to run to the steps. After arriving at the place, they met the fitness trainer Kim Seunghyun. Apparently, they had to do some practices, such as hard planks, plank wrestling matches, and many more. Lots of flexing happened and abs were revealed, as well as cringeworthy moments of the trainees. Even so, the Fitness Test was a fun session as well.

The third session was Hidden Camera Prank. The trainees thought they were having an interview where they have to talk about their journey on the show. It turned out that the mirror that they were facing is two-way, so in the middle of their heart-to-heart chit chat, they faced a bloodied ghost grabbing at their ankles. Some trainees got scared to the death, while Moonbok took the exercise so seriously that he actually started to cry when the ghost appears.

Finally, the top 11 in the first elimination round were revealed, namely Park Jihoon, Kim Samuel, Yoon Jisung, Ong Seongwoo, Kang Daniel, Ahn Hyungseob, Lee Daehwi, Kim Jonghyun, Lai Kuanlin, Joo Haknyeon, and Hwang Minhyun. As you can see, Jihoon was able to maintain his rank, while the center of the show, Daehwi, dropped drastically to the seventh rank.

In the sixth and seventh episode, the trainees were challenged to do either vocal, rap, or dance for their second evaluation. They had to perform in front of 1,000 people. While the challenge may seem pretty ordinary, it actually tested their creativity as the vocalists had to compose their own arrangement, the rappers had to write their own lyrics, and the dancers had to come up with their own choreography.

During the selection, the trainees will choose their song by rank so the higher ranked trainees will be able to pick earlier than the lower ranked ones. The trainees who gained the most votes for each song would receive the 10,000 vote benefit, while the top-ranked trainee in each category would get additional 100,000 votes. On the other hand, the audience could vote for all of the trainees instead of only picking one whom they prefer from each group.

For the vocal category, five songs were ready to be picked, namely Jung Seung-hwan’s “If It Was You,” BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire,” BTS’ “Spring Day,” BoA’s “Amazing Kiss,” and I.O.I’s “Downpour.” Among these five performances, perhaps “Downpour” received the most buzz from the netizens as the vibe was really sorrowful, followed by “If It Was You” with Choon’s Kim Yongguk’s iconic lines, and “Playing With Fire” with powerful rock instruments. The top 3 trainees in this category were Gunhee, Dongsu, and Seonho.

For the rap category, four songs were able to be chosen by the trainees, namely Zico’s “Boys and Girls,” Mino’s “Fear,” Simon D’s “I’m Not the One You Used to Know,” and iKon’s “Rhythm Ta.” Among these four performances, “Fear” attracted a lot of attention as its members Kuanlin, Jonghyun, Taemin, and Moonbok wrote their own lyrics which depicted their struggles while being part of the show. On the other hand, “I’m Not the One You Used to Know” also got popularly known by Sanggyun’s Japanese rap and Jinyoung’s impressive rap. The top 3 trainees in this category were Jonghyun, Youngmin, and Kuanlin.

Similar to the previous category, four dance songs could be picked by the contestants, namely Flo Rida’s “Right Round,” Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” NSYNC’s “Pop,” Jason Derulo’s “Get Ugly.” Among these four performances, “Shape of You” was the scene-stealer as it even got the first encore-cheer from the audiences who attended the show, followed by “Get Ugly,” which included popular trainees, such as Jihoon, Seongwoo, and Samuel. The top 3 trainees in this category were Taehyun, Haknyeon, and Eunki.

In the eighth episode, the trainees faced their second elimination round, However, five original songs with different concepts were already revealed, so the teams had overloaded members as the number limit for each group was seven. This time, the audience could vote twice: once for their favorite team and once for their favorite trainee in that team. The winning group would receive 220,000 benefit votes which would be divided into 100,000 votes for the most popular trainee and 20,000 for each of the rest.

Before getting to the second elimination round, the trainees were getting ready to determine the strongest one in the show through the classic punching machine. Several trainees from Dongbin, Seonghyuk, Donghyun, and Seongwoo were challenging the machine. However, the final victor was Dongho who managed to get 950, getting the highest score.

Back to the elimination, only 35 trainees were able to stay in the show. Donghan became the final contender for the rank of 35, while Jonghyun finally took over Jihoon’s place at the top, followed by Kuanlin, Jihoon, Daehwi, and Youngmin.

As has been explained, in the ninth episode, the trainees had to make a team re-distribution as some groups had too many members while others had too little. Each rank assigned a different amount of points and the seven members with the highest total scores would stay. Team “Never” and “Open Up” had the most significant changes as the former needed to get rid of four members, while the latter had to add three.

“Show Time” team included Yoon Jisung, Kim Samuel, Noh Taehyun, Ha Sungwoon, Lee Woojin, Kim Sanggyun, and Park Woodam. The drama of being a center started when Sungwoon wanted to be one but immediately backed off when the rest picked Samuel. The song totally suited him as he attracts the most attention within the group.

“I Know You Know” team included Kim Taedong, Seo Seonghyuk, Kim Donghyun, Jang Moonbok, Kim Yehyun, Kim Yehyun, Kwon Hyunbin, and Kim Donghan, making it the group with the lowest-ranked trainees. While they already felt let down because of their rank, the composer of the song also put his critiques on almost everyone which made the boys burdened. Even so, the team put on their best performance thinking that it will be their last stage on the show.

“Open Up” team included Im Youngmin, Kang Daniel, Joo Haknyeon, Kang Dongho, Yoo Seonho, Kim Yongguk, and Takada Kenta. Once again, the center drama surrounding this team was Haknyeon insisting on being a center but failing to pick up the choreography and singing the notes in a non-cheesy way. Though he had been helped by Dongho, Haknyeon messed up during the performance check and caused an embarrassment as the choreographer also attended the event. At last, Daniel as the leader of the team shifted the center to Yongguk, although the viewers may argue that it was him and Dongho who hard-carried the whole performance.

“Oh Little Girl” team included pretty trainees, such as Park Jihoon, Bae Jinyoung, Jung Sewoon, Ahn Hyeongseob, Choi Minki, Lee Euiwoong, and Lee Gunhee. Unlike the previous teams, the element of drama appeared due to the birthday pranks for Jihoon and Sewoon as Minki and Gunhee had a ‘conflict’ which made Jihoon really upset. On the other hand, the performance of “Oh Little Girl” was very smooth and on the cute side which was definitely enjoyable.

Finally, “Never” team included famous contestants, namely Kim Jonghyun, Lai Kuanlin, Lee Daehwi, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Kim Jaehwan, and Park Woojin. The team welcomed a surprise visit by Triple H who composed the song. As for the performance, the boys totally blew the audiences’ minds as all of them seemed ready to debut as a group. However, they were placed at the second rank with 443 votes behind “Open Up” with 552 votes and followed by the rest of the teams.

In the tenth episode, the trainees did some fun activities before facing the third elimination round that only included the top 20 trainees. The first game they played was Charades: they had to imitate someone or something according to the cue cards shown up on the other side. Some funny moments were spotted on, such as Samuel who was lying on the ground to describe samgyetang and Kuanlin’s lack of Korean vocabulary which ruined his team.

The second game was Elephant Lipstick. The trainees had to spin around ten times and put lipstick on their partner as neatly as possible. As expected, this session was filled with a lot of laughter. Daehwi became the strongest winner as he quickly grabbed Jonghyun’s face and was able to smear 0.4 centimeters worth of lipstick.

Finally, the last game was Jump-Rope Selfies where the groups had to take turns to make funny poses while jump-roping and then share them on social media. “Open Up” team was the victor among the teams.

The most awaited elimination round finally revealed that Daniel pushed Jonghyun as the top trainee, followed by Jihoon, Sungwoon, Jinyoung, and Samuell as the top five.

In the last episode, the top 20 trainees were divided into two groups. Once again, they performed two new original songs, namely “Hands on Me” and “Super Hot.” The positions within the team were choosen first by the lower-ranked trainees, meaning that the higher ones could push them into a lower position or even put them in a different song.

Not only the trainees had to perform the new songs, but they also had to perform “It’s Me” for one last time.

After performing, the announcement regarding the final line-up was announced. The top 11 will debut and perform together as one group for one and a half years. Check out who got to debut in the video below!

Bromance on Produce 101 Season 2


It is indisputable that among the factors attracting fangirls to adore their idols is their friendship with their fellow colleagues in the industry. In the second season of Produce 101, the viewers were able to see lots of bromance between the trainees. Not only with their fellow agency mates, but the trainees also interacted with other participants from different agencies.

Kang Daniel and Lee Woojin


The first bromance showed on Produce 101 Season 2 is none other than MMO’s Kang Daniel and Media Line’s Lee Woojin’s friendship. Despite coming from different companies, these boys are famous for having an adorable friendship. Many fans adore how Daniel acts as an older brother toward Woojin.

Not only on-screen chemistry, but the fans also found out that when Daniel still had his old Instagram, he briefly liked a meme post of two polar bears which tagged him and Woojin.


In an interview held in June 2017, Woojin revealed that he did not know that his friendship with Daniel would be called a bromance, “The power of editing was strong. It was thanks to him that the public found out more about me. I am grateful to him.”


Surprisingly, Woojin does not contact Daniel that much because neither of them checks their phones a lot. Even so, Woojin did not deny that Daniel has a strong impact on him, “He taught me a lot about dancing. He also really has the feel of an idol. He is cool. I learned from him about the talents that idols need to have.”


We hope that Daniel and Woojin will keep their friendship for a long time!

Hwang Minhyun and Kwon Hyunbin


The second bromance shown on Produce 101 Season 2 is Pledis’ Hwang Minhyun and YG K Plus’ Kwon Hyunbin’s friendship. They were spotted together for the first time during the session of the hidden box. Hyunbin unexpectedly succeeded at guessing the hidden item, so he was able to introduce himself while Minhyun had to wear a black mask on his face.

Unlike the sweet nature of Daniel and Woojin’s bromance, Minhyun and Hyunbin’s friendship is more blatant and honest. It can be seen as Minhyun teased Hyunbin for his new haircut after the younger one was slightly envied by other trainees who were praised by BoA for their new appearance. He said that Hyunbin should work hard, referring to the latter one who slacked off during their first project on Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry.”


Minhyun and Hyunbin were together quite often during the farewell concert of Produce 101 Season 2. Many fans are happy that the two attractive trainees-turned-idols were in the same frame!


In an interview with The Star, in July 2017, Hyunbin got his ‘revenge’ by saying that he did not love Minhyun. We believe that the actual context is that Hyunbin respects Minhyun very much.

Minhyun and Hyunbin met again as members of Wanna One and JBJ, respectively, at the Asia Artist Awards on November 15th, 2017. The fans noticed that these newly debuted idols were still close even though they were busy with their respective groups.

Many fan accounts stated that despite never posting any photos together, Minhyun and Hyunbin still hang out during their leisure time. What a strong friendship Minhyun and Hyunbin have!

Lee Daehwi and Bae Jinyoung


The third bromance shown on Produce 101 Season 2 is Brand New Music’s Lee Daehwi and C9’s Bae Jinyoung’s friendship. They were spotted together for the first time during the press conference of the show on April 3rd, 2017. The fans noticed that Daehwi kept linking his arms with Jinyoung’s arms. They noted that despite training in different agencies, these two flower boys got close quite fast.


In the second episode of Mnet’s Wanna One Go, it was revealed that Daehwi and Jinyoung’s friendship started as Daehwi got curious about Jinyoung who kept his head down during the level evaluation on Produce 101.

Unexpectedly, both Daehwi and Jinyoung were located at the center of “Pick Me” in their respective class (Daehwi on Class A and Jinyoung on Class F). At that time, Daehwi got confused that despite dancing so well, Jinyoung was put in Class F. Jinyoung then asked Daehwi about the reason why he looked at him and smiled during “It’s Me,” to which Daehwi answered, “I was dancing hard and you smiled at me so I looked at you and smiled back. I thought ‘he must want to get to know me too’ so I asked you for your number and since then we got close.”


Before being fellow members in Wanna One, Daehwi and Jinyoung already became teammates in the group Boy in Luv. Daehwi and Jinyoung also have lots of interaction during their activities in Wanna One.

Lai Kuanlin and Yoo Seonho


The fourth bromance shown on Produce 101 Season 2 is the trainees of Cube Entertainment Lai Kuanlin and Yoo Seonho. Unlike the previous bromance, Kuanlin and Seonho come from the same agency and have trained together for six months. During their level evaluation, Kuanlin and Seonho did the basic choreography moves which confused the mentors and trainees. Even so, they got praised as they got the moves correctly, meaning that they would be able to do more complex choreography in the future.

Kuanlin and Seonho were also placed together during the session of the hidden box. They had to guess the mysterious item in the box. Unfortunately, neither Kuanlin nor Seonho were able to guess the item, so no one got the chance to promote.

In an interview in July 2017, Yoo Seonho said that he feels a little lonely because Kuanlin got to debut first with Wanna One, “We spent so much time together. Now I am just focusing on working hard and improving myself. I told him to stay on his toes because when he returns from being a member of Wanna One, I am going to be better than him.”


During the promotion of his debut album Spring, Yoo Seonho, in April 2018, the Cube idol said that he is still on great terms with Kuanlin, “It is not too often, but we do contact each other and meet up. I have plans to go eat Ma La Xiang Guo (spicy Chinese fried dish) with him later this evening.”


Seonho said that Kuanlin sometimes visits his dorm and he even hid inside during the winter when nobody was there, which surprised Seonho, “I remember him playing a joke on me as well. He turned off the boiler when I was taking a shower.” Lol, that’s such a funny yet memorable interaction demonstrating their close friendship!

Kim Jaehwan and Jung Sewoon


Finally, the last famous bromance on Produce 101 Season 2 is individual trainee Kim Jaehwan and Starship Entertainment’s Jung Sewoon. They are both known as good friends because they study at Howon University, which has made them known as the Howons couple.


Jaehwan and Sewoon were pitted together during the session of hidden box. The musicians-turned-trainees competed to guess the hidden item located in the box in front of them. Jaehwan successfully guessed the item, so he was able to promote. On the other hand, Sewoon had to wear a black mask and was not allowed to say a word.

Despite sharing the similar spirit in music, Jaehwan and Sewoon only got to be teammates during the final evaluation in “Hands on Me” team. They almost became fellow members in the final line-up of the show as Sewoon got the 12th rank.


On September 8th, 2017, Sewoon talked about Jaehwan on SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time. He said that Jaehwan had contacted him after hearing about his debut. They also reunited at the Asia Artist Awards where Sewoon received the Rising Star Award while Jaehwan, along with the rest members of Wanna One, received the Samsung Pay Award and the Super Rookie Award.


When he was asked by fans about reuniting with Jaehwan at the event, Sewoon responded, “It was the first time to meet him in a really long time, other than hanging out during Wanna One’s reality show Wanna One Go.” He noted that Jaehwan seemed to had lost some weight and praised him for being cool, “It was great to see him after a long time. He told me that he has been watching every show that I am on, which was good to hear.”

On January 24th, 2018, Sewoon received a call from Jaehwan as the rising soloist released the second part of his first mini-album. Jaehwan congratulated Sewoon on the release, “I listened to the song just now in the car as soon as it came out. Congratulations on your comeback. The song is so good, truly.”


Sewoon then replied that Jaehwan seemed to not really mean what he said, to which the older one protested by claiming that he has watched the music video, “I liked it because it seemed beautiful in a pure way. A lot of scenes were memorable but I was really impressed by the scenes where you were walking across a bridge on your own and also when you were holding out your arms.”

Not only congratulating Sewoon, but Jaehwan also described his good friend as, “Someone who is calm about everything and well-mannered.” In return, Sewoon described Jaehwan as, “Someone who is also always calm, very talented, and full of energy.” To this, Jaehwan laughed saying, “I am not calm.” Finally, Jaehwan asked the fans to listen to Sewoon’s new song and keep loving him and his voice. Wow, what a supportive friendship between Jaehwan and Sewoon!

Produce 101 Season 2 Discography


The first song that became Produce 101 Season 2’s notorious song is “It’s Me” (Pick Me). The track is considered as non-album single and picked as the signature track as it got played many times during the airing of the show. Notably, only the chosen trainees from Class A got the chance to record the song. “It’s Me’s” highest rank on the Korean music chart was #26 while its digital sales reached 781,339 downloads.

In the third round, Produce 101 Season 2 released its first album 35 Boys 5 Concepts, which includes five tracks, namely “Show Time” by It’s, “I Know You Know” by Boys Under the Moonlight, “Open Up” by Knock, “Oh Little Girl” by Slate, and “Never” by Nation’s Son. Among the five tracks, “Never” successfully peaked at the second rank of Korean music charts and received the most appreciation as its digital sales reached 874,890 downloads.

At last, Produce 101 Season 2 released its final album Produce 101 – Final, which contains three tracks, namely “Hands on Me,” “Super Hot,” and “Always.” Among the three tracks, “Hands on Me” peaked at #11 rank and was downloaded more than 201,738 times.

The Controversies of Produce 101 Season 2


It is undeniable that rumors and controversies simply have to surround television programs, including Produce 101 Season 2. The first trainee to be involved in a controversial issue was the winner of the show MMO’s Kang Daniel as he was suspected of hinting “Never” as the song he would like to perform in the third evaluation by altering the number of cat emojis in his Instagram biography. As a result, he was prohibited from picking the songs and was moved to “Open Up” team. The second trainee to be involved in a controversial issue was YG K Plus’s Kwon Hyunbin who was seen as an unmotivated and spiritless trainee because he did not really participate in the practice sessions with his group in “Sorry Sorry” team 2. Hyunbin decided to delete all his Instagram posts due to the massive amounts of negative comments.

The third trainee to be involved in controversy was Maroo’s Han Jongyeon who left the show due to the accusation of bullying and sexual assault. One of his former classmates testified that Jongyeon once forced him to masturbate in front of his friends, fight with his friends, and locked him in the cleaning equipment room. Then, the fourth controversial trainee from Produce 101 Season 2 was Kiwi Media Group’s Kim Dongbin whose father asked Dongbin’s fan club president to promote “Never” or “Open Up” as the concept song for Kim Dongbin.

Brand New Music’s Im Youngmin is the fifth Produce 101 Season 2 trainee who was involved in a controversy during the running of the show because of his brother who asked his friend to inform the fans about Youngmin’s preference of “Never” and “Oh Little Girl” for the third evaluation. Later, Youngmin was penalized with a different penalty during the following evaluation because the incident was not caught until after the concept evaluation recording.

Similar to Han Jongyeon, The Vibe Label’s Ha Minho was also involved in a bullying scandal as he tried to harass his middle school ex-girlfriend sexually and engaged in sexual relationships with minor fans. The screenshots of Instagram and Facebook conversations were brought up and as a result, he had to leave Produce 101 Season 2 and canceled his contract with his home agency. The last trainee who was involved in an unpleasant rumor during the airing of the show was 2Y’s Lee Kiwon who hinted that he wanted to perform “Oh Little Girl” by posting “Oh Ki Won> Sa Ki Won Sam Ki Won Lee Ki Won” on Instagram. The following statement said that the post was actually made by his own agency so that Lee Kiwon’s popularity would increase because of the controversy.

Produce 101 Season 2 Final Line Up: Wanna One!


As has been told in the earlier section, the last episode of Produce 101 Season 2 concluded the final line-up of the show. The group would be later known as Wanna One and contains the top 11 contestants.

Kang Daniel was elected as the winner of Produce 101 Season 2 as he received the most votes with a total of 1,578,837. Following Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon was the runner-up as he got 1,136,014 votes. Lee Daehwi, Kim Jaehwan, and Ong Seongwoo cemented their position in the top 5 as they obtained votes from the national producers. Joining their fellow participants, Park Woojin, Lai Kuanlin, Yoon Jisung, Hwang Minhyun, and Bae Jinyoung became the top 10 of the show. Finally, Ha Sungwoon completed Wanna One’s line-up as its 11th member with 790,302 votes.