Controversies And Scandals Involving Ex-‘Produce 101’ Trainees

Lim Young-min

lim young min

During Produce 101 season 2, Lim Young-min already gained a lot of attention due to his performance and visual. However, he was also involved in romance relationship scandals. As it turns out, he had a girlfriend while he was competing on the survival show. Not only that, netizens also found out that he went on vacation with his girlfriend to Japan. There were even reports that they slept together.

From his Instagram account, it was clear that Lim Young-min acknowledged that he went to Japan with his girlfriend right after he finished a photoshoot and shooting for Produce 101 season 2. However, his agency, Brand New Music, denied the rumors and said that he wasn’t involved in any type of romantic relationship.

lim young min scandal
lim young min scandal

Netizens didn’t believe the agency statement, and even discovered that Lim Young-min was caught wearing a couple ring during his performance on Produce 101 season 2.

lim young min

Lim Young-min was reported to have been given a penalty due to accusations of potentially influencing the concept evaluation in Produce 101 season 2. It was revealed from a message capture which consisted of Lim Young-min’s older brother writing “1. Never, 2. Oh Little Girl,” which also referred to Lim Young-min’s song performances that he wanted for the show.

lim young min

Mnet gave a response to the controversy. They said that Lim Young-min didn’t tell his family about the songs that he wanted, but it was true that his family also communicated with some fans about the concept evaluation, as well.

Due to those controversies, netizens were fighting against him. Even though they used to support him, many netizens ended up getting really disappointed and didn’t want to vote him through the next session.

Han Jeong-yeon

han jeong yeon

Han Jeong-yeon has also reportedly been involved in bullying cases in the past. It was revealed when someone named Kangto Lee claimed on the internet that Han Jeong-yeon used to bully him. Not only that, Kangto Lee also revealed some chatroom captures which consisted of other Han Jeong-yeon’s bullying case statements.

It was reported that Han Jeong-yeon had issues with being a bully in elementary school and middle school. He was accused of forcing someone to masturbate in front of the class, was involved in several fights, set a tiny fire in their class, and did other inappropriate things, as well. If all of that weren’t enough, there were also several reports saying Han Jeong-yeon used to smoke and drink while he was still underage.

han jeong yeon scandal

Netizens were starting to talk about the rumors over the Internet, and wanted to know if there was any truth behind them. However, Han Jeong-yeon’s agency, Maroo Entertainment, confirmed that the bullying case made against Han Jeong-yeon in elementary school was true. The masturbation case was completely untrue.

They made a statement apologizing to to everyone who was hurt or injured by Han Jeong-yeon’s unpleasant behavior. Due to those controversies, Han Jeong-yeon decided to leave Produce 101 and would be working on changing his mental attitude, as well.

Yoon Seo-bin

yoon seobin

Last but not least, there was Yoon Seo-bin, from JYP Entertainment! He was involved in a bullying case, smoking, and he used to drink alcohol while he was still underage. Te news came to light when a bunch of old pictures of Yoon Seo-bin from Junior High School and Senior High School appeared on the Internet.

besides that, a netizen who claimed to be one of Yoon Seo-bin’s old classmates also said the same things about him in the past. That netizen also revealed Yoon Seo-bin’s real name was Yoon Byung-hwi, which also written on their school yearbook. Yoon Seo-bin was also caught using vulgar language on several posts to his social media, which is inappropriate behavior for an aspiring idol.

yoon seobin
yoon seobin
yoon seobin

Due to those scandals, Yoon Seo-bin was reportedly kicked out by Mnet, and JYP Entertainment also ended their contract with him, as well. Not only that, all of the recorded videos which had Yoon Seo-bin on them were removed by Mnet.

This news supported netizens who wanted Yoon Seo-bin to removed from the show, as well. However, there were also several netizens who claimed themselves as Yoon Seo-bin’s classmates in the past and who supported him, saying he wasn’t a bully and was a good friend.

That was all of the information about the scandals and controversies of former Produce 101’s trainees! Despite all of those issues and scandals, we need to look for the truth of things and form our own opinions. And also, don’t forget to comment down below!