Up-Close with ‘Produce 101’ Contestant and Former Pristin Member, Jung Eun-woo


Get to Know Ex-Pristin Member Jung Eun-woo from Produce 101

Surely you are already familiar with the viral survival show that was aired by MNet, namely Produce 101, where there were 101 trainees from various agencies in South Korea who fought for positions to debut as members of idol groups. However, for trainees who do not get a position to debut return to their agency to undergo training again or form a new group. One of them is a girl group that had stolen the attention of netizens, PRISTIN from Pledis Entertainment with ten members that debuted on March 21st, 2017.

In this article, Channel Korea will provide you with a run-through of everything about one of PRISTIN’s members, Jung Eun-woo. Jung Eun-woo is one of the trainee participants of Produce 101 Season 1 who unfortunately failed to debut as a member of the idol group at that time because Jung Eun-woo was ranked 21st. However, in 2017, Pledis Entertainment provided an opportunity for other trainees and formed a group of ten members, namely PRISTIN. Jang Eun-woo is known to have a very good voice and she has a main vocal position in PRISTIN. Unfortunately, two years after their debut, in May 2019, Pledis Entertainment announced that PRISTIN officially disbanded.

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Pristin’s Eun-woo’s Full Profile


Real Name: Jung Eun-woo

Stage Name: Eun-woo

Date of Birth: July 1st, 1998

Age: 21 years old

Position: Main Vocal

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Religion: N/A

Blood Type: B

Zodiac: Cancer

Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA)

Instagram: @j_e_w_w_w

Facts About Pristin’s Eun-woo:

  1. Eun-woo’s role model is Girls’ Generation’s Kim Taeyeon.
  2. In Produce 101 Eun-woo said that she was close to Gugudan’s Sejeong.
  3. Eun-woo’s hobby is doodling.
  4. Eun-woo has a song with SEVENTEEN’s Vernon titled “Sickness.”
  5. She was a backup dancer in Orange Caramel’s music video “My Copycat” and she also appeared in Seventeen’s music video “Mansae.”
  6. Eun-woo has been a contestant of The Voice Kids, Superstar K4, and National Singing Contest.
  7. She likes watching Makeup tutorials on Youtube.
  8. She appeared on audition programs which got her to get contacted by Pledis and eventually get cast.
  9. She was revealed to be the best ballad singer in the group as voted by the members of PRISTIN.
  10. Eun-woo has terminated her contract with Pledis Entertainment as of May 2019.

Jung Eun-woo’s Pre-Debut Activity

Before her debut with PRISTIN, Jung Eun-woo’s talent in singing was undeniable and she had somewhat proven her vocal abilities. In addition, Jung Eun-woo also has an attractive appearance, which is why before her debut, she had participated in several music videos of famous idols in South Korea. Jung Eun-woo was also a regular contestant of The Voice Kids, Superstar K4, and National Singing Contest. Now, let’s check out her appearances in the several music videos.

Jung Eun-woo’s Appearances in Music Videos


First, Jung Eun-woo was once a back dancer in the music video of her senior, Orange Caramel. The title of the music video by Orange Caramel is “My Copycat” and it was released on August 18th, 2017. Not only did Jung Eun-woo participate in the music video, but there were several other PRISTIN members before debuting, like Nayoung and Pinky.

Here’s the music video of Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat.”

Before that, Jung Eun-woo also starred in a music video for another senior, Seventeen, titled “Mansae.” Seventeen’s Music Video titled “Mansae” was uploaded on September 9th, 2015, and successfully caught the public’s attention because the music video concept was very unique. Besides that, not only Jung Eun-woo participated in the music video but Pinky and Yebin also participated in the music video.


Here’s the music video of Seventeen’s “Mansae.”

Eun-woo in Produce 101


In December 2016, Pledis Entertainment stated that Jung Eun-woo will participate in the survival show aired by MNet, Produce 101, where 101 trainees from various agencies in South Korea are going to compete for a place as a member of an idol group. Pledis believes that Eun-woo has good potential and vocals because she had also participated in several singing contests and showed excellent vocal skills.

In Produce 101, Jung Eun-woo was also known as a contestant who has an exceptional voice and gets the main vocal position in the group when doing a group challenge. There are many netizens who admire Eun-woo’s unique voice. She also won the challenge in Produce 101.

During her appearance in Produce 101, Jung Eun-woo received a lot of praise after singing a song from one of the most popular idol groups in Korea, EXO. Jung Eun-woo and other contestants sang one of EXO’s songs, namely “Call Me Baby.” They brought to live a very interesting and unique concept by showing their vocal skills that vary greatly according to the character of each person, and they get a very good response.

Previously, Jung Eun-woo and her team also performed a famous song from the idol group Girls’ Generation. They performed the song “Into The New World.” Even though it didn’t perform optimally, Eun-woo’s team got the highest score compared to the other teams because the votes they had were very high.

Jung Eun-woo also managed to present a song called “Fingertips” with her team. Although in her appearance Eun-woo made a few mistakes and regrets, Eun-woo was able to still complete the mission well and get a pretty good score too.

Jung Eun-woo’s Debut with Pristin


After the end of Produce 101, MNet debuted the 11-member girl group namely I.O.I. Unfortunately, Eun-woo was not selected as a member who would debut with I.O.I because she was ranked 21st in the last episode of Produce 101. Even so, in 2016, Pledis Entertainment named the girl group PRISTIN whose members are former Produce 101 contestants. PRISTIN was composed of ten members, Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Kyulkyung, Yehana, Sungyeon, Xiyeon, and Kyla. PRISTIN is known for writing and composing their own music. In the group, Jung Eun-woo has a vocal playing position because she has a very good and stable voice.

The group was officially announced as Pledis Girlz by Pledis Entertainment on March 23rd, 2016. However, on January 6th, 2017, the group was renamed to PRISTIN, a portmanteau of the words prismatic which means “bright and clear” and elastin which means “flawless and strength.” On March 21st, 2017, PRISTIN debuted and released their first mini-album Hi! Pristin, accompanied by the title track “Wee Woo.” They became the first rookie girl group to perform their debut song on a live broadcast during Mnet Present.

Jung Eun-woo’s Subunit, Pristin V


In 2018, Pledis Entertainment announced a sub-unit of PRISTIN, namely PRISTIN V, which only had 5 members, Nayoung, Eun-woo, Pinky, Roa, and Rena. On May 17th, 2017, Pledis Entertainment released a teaser confirming that PRISTIN would be debuting its first subunit. Soon after the group started to release their new material; they released their debut album titled Like a V. On May 28th, their first single album was released, along with the music video of the leading track in the album, “Get It.”