Learn More About ‘Produce 101’ Contestant and MXM Member Im Young-min


Im Young-min, a Talented Rapper of MXM

It cannot be denied that Mnet’s Produce 101 series has popularized many aspiring trainees who later are known as the current trending stars in the K-pop music industry. Besides the program’s final line-up groups such as I.O.I, Wanna One, and IZ*ONE, the public also gets to know the participants who eventually debut as singers and idols. One of them is Im Young-min, a charming member of duo group MXM whom fans know to have an uncanny resemblance with the alpaca. Furthermore, Youngmin is praised for being a young talented rapper all thanks to the upbringing of his agency which is already known to house many underground rappers.  In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Im Young-min including his personal profile, fun facts, discography, filmography, awards and nominations, appearances, scandal on Produce 101, debut as an MXM member, dating news, Instagram feed, fashion style, and latest news. So, keep reading!

Im Young-min’s Full Profile


Birth Name: Im Young Min

Stage Name: Youngmin

Nickname: Alpaca, Tomato

Date of Birth: Singapore, December 25, 1995

Age: 25 (Korean age) / 24 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Astrology: Pig

Blood Type: O

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Siblings: 1 (a younger brother born in 2002)

Groups: MXM, YDPP, Brand New Boys Project

Talent Agency: Brand New Music

Instagram: @bnmboysofficial

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Im Young-min

  • Youngmin lived in Singapore since he was born until 5 years old before he went back to Korea.
  • Youngmin is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment.
  • Before he debuted, Youngmin was trained for 1 year and 2 months.
  • Youngmin applied for a joint audition in 2016 and ranked first among 3500 participants.
  • Youngmin’s childhood dream was to be a scientist because he likes math and science.
  • Youngmin’s specialties are writing rap lyrics and playing the piano, whereas his hobbies are swimming and basketball.
  • Youngmin’s favorite season is autumn whereas his favorite flower is tulips.
  • Youngmin participated on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 and finished the place at the 15th ranking.
  • Youngmin named Jeong Se-woon as his closest friend in Produce 101 Season 2 because he was the first person whom Youngmin talked to. Both of them came from Busan and have similar personalities.
  • After he debuted, Youngmin said that what makes him happiest is when people told him that they recognize him and enjoy MXM music.
  • Youngmin’s ideal type is someone with a nice smile.

Im Young-min’s Discography and Filmography


Ever since his participation in Produce 101, Im Young-min is often invited to television show as both the guest cast and regular cast. On the other hand, Im Young-min also released three albums and singles with Kim Dong-hyun as the duo group MXM and one single with Kim Dong-hyun, Jeong Se-woon, and Lee Gwang-hyun as project group YDPP.  In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs, album, and television appearances by Im Young-min below!

2017 – Mnet Produce 101 Season 2 (as Contestant)

2017 – tvN Problematic Men (as Guest Cast)

2017 – Good Day (MXM pre-release single)

2017 – I Just Do (MXM pre-release single)

2017 – Unmix (MXM mini-album)

2017 – Music video of MXM’s I’m the One

2018 – Match Up (MXM mini-album)

2018 – Music video of MXM’s Diamond Girl

2018 – OnStyle Photo People Season 2 (as Regular Cast)

2018 – Mnet My Tutor Friend (as Guest Cast)

2018 – LOVE IT LIVE IT (Single as of YDPP PROJECT)

2018 – Music video of YDPP LOVE IT LIVE IT

2018 – Gone Cold (MXM singles)

2018 – Love Me Now (MXM singles)

2018 – Music video of MXM’s Gone Cold

2018 – More Than Ever (MXM full album)

2018 – Can’t Take My Eyes Off (solo track featuring KANTO)

2018 – Music video of MXM’s YA YA YA

2018 – Music video of MXM’s CHECKMATE

2019 – KBS2 Battle Trip (as Guest Cast)

Im Young-min’s Awards and Nominations


Has debuted as the member of MXM for almost two years, Im Young-min has been nominated in many prestigious award shows as the rookie star and popular idol who spread the Hallyu wave in Asia and other world continents. Though has not won any awards, it proves that MXM is a promising group who still shines even when they debuted only as a duo.

2017 – Best New Artist on Melon Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – New Artist of the Year (Album) on Gaon Chart Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – New Artist of the Year on Golden Disc Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Global Popularity Award on Golden Disc Awards (Nomination)

2018 – New Artist Award on Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Popularity Award on Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – Hallyu Special Award on Seoul Music Awards (Nomination)

Im Young-min on Produce 101 Season 2


The figure of Im Young-min is firstly known when he appeared as one of Brand New Music trainees in Produce 101 Season 2. Along with Lee Dae-hwi, Park Woo-jin, and Kim Dong-hyun, Youngmin performed self-composed song Welcome to My Hollywood, earning a positive reaction from the viewers as the talented trainee group.

Im Young-min’s rank consistently rose up to the 5th place until various scandals regarding him surfaced in the internet forums. One of the scandals occurred during the concept evaluation where the trainees have to perform newly made songs. A screenshot of a group chat between Young-min’s fans shown that one person claimed to have communicated with Young-min’s older brother who wrote Never as the first choice for Young-min to perform, followed by Oh Little Girl as the second choice. It is unknown whether the information affected the votes but in the end, Young-min was assigned to Never.


The representative of Mnet stated that through the confirmation of Brand New Music, Im Young-min never tells his family about the song he wanted to perform in the show. However, his family did exchange text with the fans about the concept evaluation song.  Due to the scandal, Im Young-min received a penalty and eventually left Never team to join Open Up team. In addition, Youngmin’s rank also dropped drastically.


After the scandal, Im Young-min officially apologized following the announcement of his ranking, “There has been a lot of talks lately. I want to say to both the nation’s producers and my peers who are training together with me who have been inconvenienced, I am really sorry. I will try hard to show you my improved self”. In the end, Youngmin failed to join the line-up of Produce 101 Season 2 final group as he finished the show at the 15th rank.

Im Young-min’s Debut with MXM


Despite failing to be one of the twelve winners in Produce 101 Season 2, Im Young-min is slated to debut in a temporary duo group with Kim Dong-hyun who also participated in the show. In mid-August 2017, their group MXM is confirmed to debut with a mini-album which will be released on September 6. Prior to their debut, MXM snatched their first endorsement with the cosmetic brand ‘Tony Moly’ and released singles Good Day and I Just Do. The duo finally made their official debut with I’m the One on September 7, 2017, and held their showcase which was attended by 400 fans.

During the showcase of their mini-album UNMIX, Im Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun talked about their first awkward impression of each other. Young-min called Dong-hyun as the positivity king while envied his bright appearance. On the other hand, Donghyun is envious of Young-min’s kind and pure eyes.


Not only talking about themselves, Youngmin and Donghyun thanked the fans for the massive pre-order of their albums which reached over 40,000 copies, promising that they will work harder in the future.


MXM’s friendship with their fellow trainees who debuted in project group Wanna One also remains warm as the duo gave their debut album to Lee Dae-hwi and Park Woo-jin. Uploaded by Brand New Music founder Rhymer, the boys posed in the agency’s room training while the caption reads that Daehwi and Woojin are the early recipients of MXM’s first signed albums.

Im Young-min’s Dating News


Besides the scandal of his brother who asked the fans to comply certain request, Im Young-min was also alleged to have a girlfriend before his participation in Produce 101. In Pann forum, the post of Youngmin’s girlfriend surfaced as her Instagram account has been found by the fans. It was stated that Youngmin and his supposed-to-be girlfriend did lovestagram, went to Japan together after he shot the PR video for Produce 101, and spent Youngmin’s Christmas birthday together. What is more shocking is that the girl exposed that she and Youngmin have slept together by taking photos of them sleeping and waking up, a private matter that should not be revealed so easily.


The fans also suspected that during the first episode of Produce 101, Youngmin wore his couple ring.


The dating scandal made Youngmin’s fans disappointed. They understand that the aspiring idol must have dated at some point of his life but they are already upset by his attention-seeking girlfriend, ‘I am not even his fan but as soon as I saw how many spelling mistakes his girlfriend makes, I am completely turned off… Imagine how the other kids want it so bad, but he is busy being obvious about it, it is such a disappointment… He does not look like he is earnest’. In another post, a forum member created a list of why Youngmin should not debut, reasoning that his relationship might affect the other members to do the same, the tribute sent to him might be sent to his girlfriend and that whenever he said something, he might direct it to his girlfriend. Brand New Music as Youngmin’s agency clarified on their official Facebook page that Youngmin’s girlfriend scandal is groundless, “Speculative posts can hurt the person directly involved, so we ask that you refrain from spreading rumors”.


Not only Youngmin’s past relationship, the spoiled result of Produce 101 Season 2 was revealed by an online forum member who claimed to be the acquaintance of Youngmin’s girlfriend. The person stated that Youngmin achieved fifth place, Joo Hak-nyeon took the tenth place, and that Park Ji-hoon who is the strong contender of the show was not first place. The statement turned out to be true when the episode aired in late May. After asking Youngmin’s agency, Mnet’s representative side said that they will not add Youngmin’s penalty because he never revealed the ranking results to anyone.

Im Young-min’s Instagram Feed


Despite has not owned his personal Instagram account, the fans of Im Young-min are still able to get a frequent dose of their idol through official Instagram of Brand New Boys (@bnmboysofficial). Created on 30 March 2017, Brand New Boys Instagram account has been verified and posted approximately 402 posts, gained 383,000 followers, and follows 1 account, the official account of Brand New Music. Here are the top 10 of Im Young-min’s Instagram Feed in BNM Boys account that you must see!





Im Young-min’s Fashion Style


Im Young-min turned up as bright as the color of his hair as he wore a red sweatshirt which is paired up with the ripped-u denim pants and a pair of the black and white slip-on. In addition, Youngmin wore a black shoulder bag.


Im Young-min braved up in the cold weather while wearing the white top covered by the black jacket and paired up with the black pants and shoes. As for the accessories, Youngmin wore a pair of earrings, a long orange shawl with alphabet print, and black neck scarf hanging on the pants.


Youngmin looks cheerful in a black shirt covered in the black and white top and paired them up with the black pants and black and white shoes. As for the accessories, Youngmin wore black and white tote bag and black bracelet on his left wrist.


Youngmin is as shining as the sunny weather as he wore the yellow and white striped sweatshirt which is paired up with the black pants. As for the accessories, Youngmin has several ear-piercings on his left ear, silver necklace with round pendant, and black and white straps on his waist.


Despite joining the interactive game competition, Im Young-min still looks stylish as he wears the white shirt paired up with the yellow and brown checkered cardigan, denim pants, and black and white shoes. Noticeably, Youngmin also wears an earring on his left ear.


Im Young-min greeted the fans who wait outside the broadcast station while wearing the white top with tiny but adorable pocket which is paired up with the pale blue cardigan. In addition, Youngmin wears an earring, silver necklace with the round pendant, and grey shoulder bag.


Just like his nickname, Im Young-min is as refreshing as the tomato as he wears an orange shirt which is paired up with the brown and red jacket, denim pants, and grey sneakers. Moreover, Youngmin’s hand is wrapped by the warm sweater whereas an earring is on his left ear.


Im Young-min attended the launching of the cosmetic brand ‘Tony Moly’ as one of its brand ambassadors while wearing the white shirt paired up with the long grey coat, denim pants, and black platform shoes. Youngmin keeps it simple by only wearing earrings and medium-sized silver necklace as the accessories.


Similar to the first fashion style, Youngmin looks fiery and bulky as he wears black long johns combined with a black and white top, red and white jacket, black cargo pants, and white sneakers. As for the accessories, Youngmin wears black and red shawls and necklace.


Finally, in the last picture, Youngmin looks classy as he went on a stroll with a snack in the sunny winter while wearing dark blue sweater combined with caramel brown long coat, denim pants, and white sneakers. As for the accessories, Youngmin wears a grey shawl on his neck.

Im Young-min’s Latest News


In early January 2019, Im Young-min is busy promoting as MXM along with Kim Dong-hyun as they have North America tour and Sapporo Snow K-Pop Festival. After they concluded these activities, he and Donghyun will join Lee Dae-hwi and Park Woo-jin who finished their activities as Wanna One members to train as the future line-up of Brand New boy group.


Rhymer as the CEO of their agency confirmed the news, saying that the wait for the upcoming boy group will not take too long, “Instead of worrying about getting the right timing and rushing into things without preparation, I would like to make an awesome team with pleasing music and appearances that will receive love and support from the bottom of your hearts for a long time”. Well, we will wait for more good news then!