Produce 101’s Kim Hyung-eun: Full Profile, Career, Controversy, And Latest News


For several months Kim Hyung-eun had been debuted with Bulldok, then there’s a controversy that involved herself. Around May 2017 when Hyungeun appeared on BJ Rose, which aired on Afreeca TV there was a viewer who asked her about BTS, and then she responded to that question. Kim Hyung-eun spoke up about BTS and as reported by Allkpop, she said :

“I totally lost interest in them.” She specifically talked about V and said, “He was dancing but he must’ve had athlete’s foot because he was wearing slippers…”

After the show, apparently her comments immediately exploded and became criticism for him from netizens. They assumed that what Hyungeun said about BTS’ V was very presumptuous and sounded rude because Hyungeun commented on BTS’ V foot.

Netizens also feel mad with her by giving criticism to her, moreover, Hyungeun is a member of the rookie group who can be said as a junior at that time. They said that Hyungeun should be more polite to speak to her senior, who had build a career before her. Shortly after that, BJ Rose deleted the video about her comments because it invited controversy.

Then at that time, Bulldok was reported to be promoting their new song and according to her agency, Hyungeun wouldn’t join in their promotion due reason her healthy. And after that, Hyungeun reportedly left the group and her agency.

That’s information about one of Produce 101 Season 1 contestant, Kim Hyung-eun. What do you think about this talented rapper? Don’t forget to write your thought on the comment section!