All You Need to Know About Former ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 Contestant Ha Min-ho: From His Profile to His Scandal

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After his contract with The Vibe Label was terminated, Ha Min-ho continued to update his social media and was also seen out and about with friends by fans. This angered some of the fans as this was seen as him having no remorse at all for what he had done and how much he had betrayed his fans.

Shortly after the scandal, Ha Min-ho posted a new status update on Kakao Story that made most fans upset, stating this, referring to the scandal, is just a passing rain shower. This status is a reference to the I.O.I song titled “Rain Shower,” which further alludes to his current situation. This made fans upset as he is belittling the effects of his actions.

Furthermore, only a few days after his contract had been terminated, he was seen out and about with a faceless female in a cafe around Seoul. This angered fans due to the fact that he does not seem to be repenting or reflecting upon his actions, rather he is seemingly having the time of his life, no longer a trainee bound to rules made by both his agency and Mnet.

ha minho
ha minho

As of recently, he has been mostly focused on training as a trainee without an agency with mixtapes stacked up high on his social media platforms, featuring collaborations with other rap artists. Not only that, he still keeps up communication with fans who are still by his side supporting him despite all his scandals. He has also recently celebrated his birthday with posts of several photos on his Instagram commemorating the occasion, relaying his thankfulness to fans for gifts and to keep waiting for him as he prepares to debut sometime soon.

So what do you think of Ha Min-ho’s appearance on Produce 101? Are you one of the few who were interested in him during his “Sorry, Sorry” performance? Are you disappointed by the scandal he was involved in? Comment your thoughts in the section below!