All You Need to Know About Former ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 Contestant Ha Min-ho: From His Profile to His Scandal

Meet Ha Min-ho, The Disgraced Former Contestant of  Produce 101

Most of those who have religiously followed Korean survival shows since their hay-day are not unfamiliar with the name Ha Min-ho. The former trainee of The Vibe Label definitely made waves up until 2017, when he was suddenly expelled from both Produce 101 and his own label. The controversy even led to the most ridiculed editing in Mnet history, where he was blurred and edited out of one whole episode, despite being both the center and ranked highest in the particular mission.

The controversy that led to all of that still baffles some viewers and fans to this day. So, are you curious to know what happened with trainee Ha Min-ho? And, what he has been doing since the show? Let’s dig deeper and get to know better the former Produce 101 contestant, Ha Min-ho!

Ha Min-ho’s Profile and Facts

Full Profile

ha minho
Name Ha Min-ho
Entertainment Agency Unsigned (Formerly The Vibe Label)
Date of Birth December 20th, 1998 (20 Years Old)
Academic Background Seoul Seoun Middle School (Graduate)
Yangjae High School (Graduate)
Height 176 cm
Weight 64 kg
Blood Type B
Hobbies Rap making, reading the news
Special Talent whistling open-mouthed


  • Yonsei University Public Administration Professor Ha Yeon-seob’s son.
  • He passed for both High School Rapper and the second season of Produce 101 auditions and decided to go for Produce 101.
  • Life Motto: 끝까지 땀 흘리고 달려나가 끝엔 웃고 있겠습니다 (I’ll sweat to the end and I’ll be laughing at the end)

Produce 101 Season 2

Produce 101 is a trainee survival show that first made it to the screens in 2016, with the girl group I.O.I. The show garnered immense success, becoming one of Mnet’s primetime television shows that airs on Thursdays. It is to no one’s surprise that the show returned for a second season in 2017, with a roster of male trainees instead of the usual female trainees. One of those trainees was Ha Min-ho, who had already become quite popular even before the show’s airing due to his handsome profile pictures and a cute introductory video.

As a part of the trainee roster, Mnet released a short profile along with photos, which can be seen below:

ha minho
ha minho
ha minho

While on the show, each trainee is expected to dorm together and follow a set of rules that have been determined by Mnet, such as no accessing personal social media accounts and no leaving the dorm while shooting the show. Unfortunately, mid-way through shooting the show, Ha Min-ho and another handful of trainees were caught up in a scandal revolving around their presence on social media during the show, where they involved themselves with fans. Some only used it as a tool to promote themselves, but it was way worse with Ha Min-ho as he used it to communicate with younger fans and sexually harassed them.


Week Rank Change in Rank Votes/Class
5 47 16 132,056 Votes
4 Unrevealed Rank On-site Voting
31 Votes
3 63
2 63 13 B Class → C Class
1 50


The show itself revolved around a series of missions and challenges, and involved the audience’s votes, dubbed The Nation’s Producer, to determine the final lineup of 11 lucky chosen members. Each week, the trainees are ranked from 101 to 1 with eliminations coming every 3-4 weeks. The missions were there to help the audience decide on which trainee they want to support and all have very different purposes. The first mission was related to the show’s main title song, then a group battle, followed by position evaluation, and concept evaluation.

Due to Ha Min-ho’s scandal, he was only able to perform up to the position evaluation mission, and that was heavily edited and censored in order to erase his existence from the performance itself, as at the time he had already left the show. Below are some of the details involving his missions:

Type of Mission Group Battle Position (Rap)
Song Title Sorry, Sorry 니가 알던 내가 아냐
Team Team 1
(Super Mario)
No Name
Part Sub-Vocal 5 (L) Sub-Rapper
Votes 31 ???
Team Votes 208
Rank within team 3 1
Rank Overall 66 4


Check out some of his performances mentioned above in the videos below!