Up-close with ‘Produce 101’s Runner Up and Gugudan’s Main Vocal, Kim Sejeong!

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On April 28th, 2019, Gugudan’s Se-jeong and Block B’s Park Kyung were announced as special MCs of Radio Star and this has been confirmed by the MBC talk show. Their episode has been scheduled to be aired in May 2019.


The representative from Radio Star announced that after the previous MC’s departure, Cha Tae-hyun, in March, the show will continue to be aired with a new MC for each episode. Kim Se-jeong will host Radio Star along with other special MCs, namely Park Kyung, Lee Ji-hye, Choi Wook, and Ahn Young-mi.

As reported from Soompi, Kim Se-jeong was confirmed to be one of the cast members of the upcoming KBS drama Let Me Hear Your Song.


Let Me Hear Your Song is a romantic-comedy drama that tells the story of a woman timpanist who tries to uncover her lost memories from the day she almost got murdered. Then one day, she meets a tone-deaf man and she tries to find out more about the mystery.

The cast members that have already been confirmed are Kim Se-jeong, Yeon Woo-jin, Song Jae-rim, and T-ARA’s Jiyeon. Kim Se-jeong was chosen to be part of the leading cast and plays the character of Hong Yi-young, a cousin of Hong Soo-young (played by Lee Si-won).

On April 7th, 2019, Kim Se-jeong, who is positioned as the main vocal of the group revealed that she has joined The King of Masked Singer and identifies herself as Eliza.


Eliza, who is her stage name in The King of Mask Singer, performed by singing a song from Lee Sora, “To You, Who Does Not Love me” and successfully made it to the 3rd round where she competed with another contestant, Chuno. Eliza eventually won the round and made it to the last stage and battled with the show’s champion, Gulliver.

Eliza eventually took off her mask after the singing battle with Gulliver where the people were really amazed by the appearance of Gugudan’s Kim Se-jeong.


Kim Se-jeong revealed herself behind the mask at the final episode. Before, she had joined the show but was eliminated in the first round. Kim Se-jeong said, “I was feeling so much better than the last time since I felt like I was trying to get some experience through this show but this time, I just wanted to sing and seeing everyone was moved because of me made me a lot happier.”


One of the panelists, Oh Na Mi, cried when she watched Kim Se-jeong’s performance on stage and she responded by saying, “Hearing a lot of nice things and support towards me, I actually cried 3 times at the backstage. This will be a great start for me to show more performances on stage in the future.”

Kim Se-jeong doesn’t have an Instagram account, but her group, Gugudan, has made their official Instagram account. Let’s check out their recent Instagram feeds below!


Well, that was all the information about Gugudan’s Kim Se-jeong’s full profile and the latest news about her. Let us continue supporting her and hope for the best for her career, whether it comes to her girl group, Gugudan, or her solo career, in the future!