Let’s Find Out More About ‘Produce 101’ in China: Songs, Judges, and More


The Success of Produce 101

After the first airing of Produce 101 back in 2016, more and more Produce 101 series have appeared. Starting from the ongoing season, Produce 101 Season 2, Produce 48, and Produce X 101, there is also an adaptation in various countries such as China and Japan. Fans really love the concept of survival show including one hundred trainees from various agencies to compete to form an idol group. Being in Produce 101 has actually helped a lot of other trainees, or an underrated idol, to get more recognition from the public with their talents.

In this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you with all the information you need to know about Produce 101‘s Chinese adaptation, Chuangzao 101. So, stay tuned!

About Chuàngzào 101


Chuàngzào 101, or also known as Produce 101 China, is on Tencent’s Chinese music survival competition where 101 female trainees from all sorts of agencies compete to form a new girl group of 11. The show is a spinoff of the South Korean television show Produce 101. The filming began on March 21st, 2018, and the show was released on Tencent Video on April 21st, 2018. The series is produced jointly by 7-D Vision and Tencent Penguin Pictures, operated by Mnet’s promoter, CJ E&M. The show received over 4.3 billion views on Tencent Video.

Since the popularity of Super Girl (2004-2006) in China, a national show that has generated as much attention from the public in the same way, has yet to come. Subsequently, while the series launched the careers of many young solo vocalists, the Chinese-speaking world has lacked female girl groups. S.H.E. was the biggest girl group in the early 2000s and there has been a lack of well-known organized girl groups as popular since then.

Chuàngzào 101 aims to create a brand new It girl group that represents modern women and the new generation appealing to all genders. Unlike the original version, this spinoff introduced a number of different rules and challenges starting in episode 2. Another such example is the introduction of “knock-out” challengers who can take the place of a 101 candidate in the initial “auditions” depending on the judgment of coaches about the skills of the challengers relative to the original trainees. Those members who had the highest votes in the first expulsion could also choose to save a member who was up for elimination as a “private” second chance.

Judges and Mentors


Not to be mistaken with iQIYI’s Idol Producer, including famous K-Pop stars such as EXO’s Lay, GOT7’s Jackson, and PRSTIN’s Kyulkyung, Produce 101 China features an equally impressive group of mentors. In an unexpected twist of fate, ex-EXO member Tao is announced as the show’s main host. S.H.E’s Ella and Chinese pop singer Jason Zhang will act as voice mentors, Chinese singer-songwriter Tiger Hu will be responsible for composition, while Mandopop dance king Show Luo and UNIQ’s Wang Yi-bo will take on the role of a dance instructor.

Here’s the complete list of the mentors:

Name Age (then) Age (now) Role Notes
Tao 25 26 Nation’s Producer
Tiger Hu 34 36 Songwriting/Composition instructor
Jason Zhang 35 37 Vocal instructor
Ella Chen 36 38 Member of S.H.E
Show Lo 38 40 Dance instructor
Wang Yibo 20 22 Member of UNIQ


And watch their appearance as mentors in the video below!

The mentors are just as amazing as the ones in the original version, right?

Trainees and Agencies


Similar to the Korean version, all of the trainees are presented by their agencies and choose from #1 to #101 where they want to sit. Once each girl is seated, the room darkens and Tao invites the mentors to each perform their own piece. After the mentors’ results have finished, contestants compete from grades A to F alongside their label mates for a pre-made party to be judged.

Check out the introduction of the trainees by their respective agencies:

And here is the complete list of trainees:



Chinese Name

Grade evaluations

1st ranking period

Final Rank

Individual Trainee (No company) Wang Ju 王菊 C C Saved B A N/A 15
Ge Jiahui 葛佳慧 D C B Eliminated 10 43
Luo Tianshu 罗天舒 C C Eliminated 82 92
AKB48 CHINA Liu Nian 刘念 C F Saved Eliminated 61 42
Mao Weijia 毛唯嘉 D D Eliminated 64 70
Banana Entertainment Qiang Dongyue 强东玥 A → B B A A B 2 21
Fu Jing 傅菁 B A A A B 8 10
Wang Yiran 王亦然 B B Eliminated 81 83
Lu Niyi 刘尼夷 C C Eliminated 80 75
Wang Manjun 王曼君 C D Eliminated 96 96
Checkmate Entertainment Yang Han 杨晗 C B Eliminated 89 93
Li Tianyun 李天韻 D D Eliminated 43 80
C.Y Media Lin Chiaan 林珈安 C B Eliminated 62 72
DongLun Media Wang Moha 王莫涵 D C D B Eliminated 33 29
Dream Entertainment Ju Lin 菊麟 D F D Eliminated 71 45
Shao Xia 邵夏 F C Eliminated 92 73
Emperor Entertainment Group Angela Hui 许靖韵 A C D C B 32 19
EMT Academy Liu Renyu 刘人语 A A B B B 24 13
Luo Yijia 罗奕佳 B B B C Eliminated 44 36
Su Ruiqi 苏芮琪 C B C C Eliminated 78 25
Ma Xingyu 马兴钰 D F B Eliminated 28 53
Zhang Jingxuan 张静萱 D F Eliminated 95 62
Wang Yalin 王雅凛 C D Eliminated 85 77
Yan Kexin 颜可欣 C D Eliminated 97 98
Esee Model Management Re Yina 热依娜 A F B Eliminated N/A 40
HIM International Music Wu Yunting 吴昀廷 D D Eliminated 94 95
Liu Yushan 刘宇珊 F D Eliminated 84 85
Huakai Banxia Culture Zhang Chuhan 张楚寒 F C D Eliminated 31 55
Jiang Yanxi 姜彦汐 D D Eliminated 80 58
Zhang Xinjie 张新洁 D F Eliminated 79 65
Wu Xiaoxuan 吴小萱 F D Eliminated 88 61
Huanri Shiji Culture Qiu Luqing 邱路晴 D F Eliminated 101 100
Yin Rouyi 尹柔懿 D F Eliminated 86 91
Zhu Jiaxi 朱佳希 D D Eliminated 49 86
Huayi Brothers Qi Yandi 戚砚笛 B C C B B 55 18
Huaying Yixing Huaying Yixing 李紫婷 A → B A A A A 11 9
Ivy Culture Lu Xiaocao 鹿小草 D F C C Eliminated 27 32
JC Universe Entertainment Yamy 郭颖 A A A A A 1 5
Wei Jin 魏瑾 A → B B C C Eliminated 39 30
Luo Yitian 罗怡恬 C C C C Eliminated 60 34
Du Jinyu 杜金雨 C C D Eliminated 59 37
Chou Chou 丑丑 A → B B D Eliminated 58 44
Luo Zhiyi 罗智仪 B B D Eliminated 70 50
JOY Entertainment Chen Yihan 陈意涵 C F C C B 20 14
JXJY Culture Yin Rui 尹蕊 F C C Eliminated 45 58
K-L Entertainment Sunnee 杨芸晴 A B A A A 6 8
Zhao Yaoke 赵尧珂 F D B B Eliminated 17 24
Wang Qing 王晴 B C B Eliminated 9 39
Yu Meihong 于美红 C F C Eliminated 25 41
Lucia Chen 陈盈燕 C F Eliminated 34 57
Zheng Chengcheng 郑丞丞 C F Left the show 93 Left the show
Lajin Media Wang Juemeng 王珏萌 C D Eliminated 100 99
Zhang Xinyue 张馨月 B D Eliminated 36 64
Long WuTian Culture Duan Aojuan 段奥娟 B C A A A 3 4
Mango Entertainment Lu Xiaoyu 吕小雨 A A B B B 35 20
Mavericks Entertainment Zhang Zining 紫宁 A A B A A 47 7
Blair Yue 王玥 C D Eliminated 51 74
Zhang Ruimeng 张芮萌 D F Eliminated 29 79
MOMO Limited Zhang Xinlei 张鑫磊 F F Eliminated 57 56
OACA Li Zixuan 李子璇 B A A B B 12 12
Lin Junyi 林君怡 A B Eliminated 46 71
Ni Qiuyun 倪秋云 B C Eliminated 65 67
Poodoo Entertainment Wang Ting 王婷 F B D C Eliminated 50 31
Gou Xueying 勾雪莹 D D D Eliminated 69 48
Qigu Culture Lai Meiyun 赖美云 B B B B A 18 6
Jiang Shen 蒋申 C C Saved C Eliminated 56 23
Xu Shiyin 许诗茵 D F Eliminated 72 75
RealShow Entertainment Cindy F Eliminated 15 Eliminated
Dora F Eliminated 68 Eliminated
Abby D Left the show 23 Left the show
ReDu Music Liu DanMeng 刘丹萌 A → B B C C Eliminated 38 33
Rhonin Studio Zhang Yuwen 张瑜纹 B D Eliminated 99 97
Liu Jiaying 刘佳莹 D C Eliminated 87 94
Rongyi Culture Zhou Xue 周雪 F C Eliminated 53 60
Sanmei Entertainment Chiao Manting 焦曼婷 F D B B Eliminated 19 35
SDT Entertainment Gao Yingxi 高颖浠 C A C B B N/A 17
Wu Qianying 吴芊盈 B A C C Eliminated N/A 27
Super Jet Entertainment Zhu Tiantian 朱天天 B F C Eliminated 90 38
Liu Dexi 刘德熙 A → B C D Eliminated 37 46
T-Trainee Culture Wu Yingxiang 吴映香 A B B C B 14 22
Universal Music Taiwan Kimberley Chen 陈芳语 A B A B Eliminated 7 26
Wenlan Culture Yang Chaoyue 杨超越 C F A A A 4 3
Yang Meiqi 杨美琪 F D Eliminated 54 69
Yang Meiling 杨美玲 D F Eliminated 75 87
Zhao Ling 赵羚 F Eliminated 98 Eliminated
Yuehua Entertainment Meng Meiqi 孟美岐 A A A A A 16 1
Wang Xuanyi 吴宣仪 A → B A A A A 5 2
Shao Ximengna 邵西蒙娜 B B C Eliminated 52 52
Jiang Jinger 江璟儿 C B D Eliminated 40 47
Zhang Xi 张溪 B B D Eliminated 42 51
Pan Junya 潘珺雅 C C Eliminated 63 76
Ruihan 杨蕊菡 C B Eliminated 83 68
YY Media Fan Wei 范薇 C C C C Eliminated 22 28
Liu Sixian 刘思纤 D D C Eliminated 76 54
Wu Qian 吴茜 D C D Eliminated 74 57
Xiang Yuxing 向俞星 C F D Eliminated 30 56
Chen Yifan 陈怡凡 D D Eliminated 66 81
Z-Cherry Culture Yang Bing 杨冰 D F D Eliminated 26 49
Chen Yuyan 陈语嫣 C B Eliminated 41 82
Xia Shijie 夏诗洁 F C Eliminated 48 84
Zhiyi Media Ren Zhen 任真 D D Eliminated 73 66
Hu Yueer 胡悦儿 D D Eliminated 67 78
Zimei Tao Culture Gao Qiuzi 高秋梓 D D B A A 21 16
Xu Mengjie 徐梦洁 C C B B B 13 11
Han Dan 韩丹 D D Eliminated 91 89