All About Pristin’s Kyla: One Year Hiatus From The Group and Her Latest News


All About Pristin’s Kyla

Between  all the rookie groups in the Korean entertainment industry, who do you like the best? Among all the many rookies group in Korea, Pristin is a rookie girl-group that got quite famous when some of its members went on the infamous survival program Produce 101. One of their members, Kyla, is currently in the middle of a hiatus.

Are you curious as to why she went hiatus right now? Let’s find out more about Kyla by going through her profile first!

Pristin’s Kyla’s Profile and Facts

Kyla Solhee Massie, better known as Kyla, is a rapper and the youngest member of the rookie girl-group Pristin. She was born on December 26, 2001, in Indiana, but later moved to California. She has two siblings, an older brother named Luke and a younger sister named Karisa. According to Pristin’s VLive, the other members called her Ila.

Before she started working under Pledis Entertainment, Kyla did quite a few CFs in America. She also used to be a child actress and a model there. She started her career in America when she was 6 or 7 years old. Later, she moved to Korea and became a trainee at Pledis Entertainment in 2010. Before debuting as a member of Pristin, she had a chance to become a back dancer for Orange Caramel’s My Copycat music video.

Controversies and Hiatus From Pristin

1. Kyla’s Body Shaming

During Pristin’s promotions, some controversies rose around Kyla’s figure, which is quite different from other idols, in general. This controversy started when Pristin released their second mini album, SCHXXL OUT. As you can see, Kyla’s body isn’t as thin than the other members’. Seeing her figure, netizens debated over it and split into two camps.

One side said that she should have “taken care of her body”, as they thought that Kyla’s chubby figure was a problem for a newly debuted girl-group because media coverage are important for them. They also mocked Kyla many times, as they thought if someone like Kyla could become an idol, then someone like them should have able to become an idol, too. On the other side,  other netizens said they didn’t have any problems with her figure, and those who were bashing her were just trapped inside a stereotype that a girl-group member should have a slim figure. They also said that what idols do is sing and dance, and their look isn’t as important.

All the same, the nasty comments had to hurt. After the controversy, she decided to go on a hiatus. Her agency, Pledis Entertainment, said that she had to rest for the sake of her mental health. The agency stated, “Kyla expressed her willingness to partake in PRSITIN’s activities and our company wanted the same as well. Kyla’s doctor, however, expressed that what Kyla most needed was to rest and that it would be difficult for her to participate in PRISTIN’s promotional activities. As a result, Kyla will be resting at her home in the U.S. until her condition gets better. We apologize for the sudden news, but we concluded that what is most important is Kyla’s health. Kyla will join PRISTIN upon her recovery.”

In the middle of the controversy, a Youtuber called Edward Avila posted a video and gave his response to Kyla’s body figure controversy. You can watch the video down below.

His comments on the Kyla controversy enraged many fans, and attacked him in his comment section. Due to this, he turned off the comment section for the video and released a video where he apologizes for the previous video. You can watch the video down here.

2. Kyla with Her Brother

After all controversies around her figure, another controversy surrounding her surfaced. This time, the controversy involved her brother and his girlfriend. As Pledis Entertainment released a statement that Kyla was going on hiatus for mental health reasons, her brother, Luke Massie, revealed on Twitter that the real reason for her hiatus wasn’t because of her mental health, but because of a concussion. Besides revealing that Kyla was actually on hiatus because of an injury, he also criticized Pledis Entertainment for not telling the truth.

His tweet made the fans start speculating about the real reasons why Kyla went on hiatus, then there was another controversy about a conversation between Luke and Kyla. An image of his email and Kyla response to it stirred the internet up the again. Here is the email that Luke sent to Kyla.

This is how Kyla responded to Luke’s email.

But, later it came out that Luke has lied about Kyla’s response. A friend of Kyla’s confirmed the fact and said that he sent the response himself.

Following that revelation, many fans began attacking him for being a liar and accused him of trying to drag his own sister down. He started to reveal family secrets, saying that he got kicked out because of his girlfriend. In addition, his girlfriend, Shay, also joined the Twitter war, and cursed Kyla’s fans.

Later, it came out that Luke lost all his money gambling and left his family for his girlfriend. Then, it turned out that Shay cheated on Luke and gave him STDs later. Someone else said that he is actually a racist, based on his previous posts.

Here are some of Luke’s posts that show him as a racist.

In the end, he cursed Kyla and decided to deactivate his Twitter account.

If you want to see the full thread, you can see it here!