Pristin’s Kyla Opened up Instagram Account and PRISTIN’s Disbandment!

Details About Pristin’s Kyla

Kyla Solhee Massie is a rapper and the youngest member of Korean girl-group called Pristin. She was born in Indiana on December 26, 2001, but was raised in California. Her father is American, while her mother is Korean. She has an older brother named Luke and a younger sister named Karisa.

In 2017, Kyla decided to go on a hiatus from her group promotions because of her body-shaming controversy by netizens. Her agency, Pledis Entertainment, announced that Kyla would take a break from the group’s activities and she temporarily returned to the United States and spent time with her family to focus on her recovery.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about Pristin’s Kyla. So, stay tuned!

Kyla’s Back in Korea and Opened Up Instagram and Twitter Accounts

It’s been two years since PRISTIN‘s Kyla went on an indefinite hiatus due to health issues, but now she has returned to Korea.

On April 6, her friend, Alex, posted a photo through her personal Instagram which was taken with Kyla at Shinsadong, in Seoul. And she wrote a caption: “Our lovely Kyla~ hard-working hard-working hard-working. There aren’t they many mixed-blood friends, so Kyla is a special friend~ You’re working hard.”

However, this is not the first time Kyla has returned to Korea since she took a break from all of her activities as an idol. Last year, she was spotted enjoying her time in a theme park. There were many photos of her in a theme park spread online at that time.


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And so the adventure begins 🌸🍃

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Recently, Pristin‘s Kyla has left fans debating on what, exactly, the future prospects for both her and Pristin were when she opened up her new personal Instagram account. She wrote a caption on her first Instagram post stating that “And so the adventure begins 🌸🍃”, this has led fans to be even more confused and made them assume what exactly she means.


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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself 🥀🖤

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She also uploaded another picture with the caption “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself 🥀🖤”.

Besides Instagram, Kyla also has opened up her official Twitter account so that she could interact more with her fans.

Some fans assume that Kyla opening up her own personal Instagram and Twitter accounts means that she has left the group. They even believe that Kyla has returned to Korea to officially end her contract with Pledis Entertainment.

She looked happy and healthy as she spent time with her loved ones. Many fans are still waiting for her to return to the stage and left encouraging words. They stated how relieved they were to see that she looks happier and healthier.

Though some fans are happy to see that she is doing well, there are still some people criticizing her and saying that she must not want to be an idol anymore, since she had gained weight.

What’s Next For Pristin?

Now that Kyla is back in Korea, fans are excited and hoping that Pristin can finally have a comeback with a new album after nearly two years of hiatus since the group’s last comeback as a group in August, 2017. Their last activities were as the sub-unit, Pristin V. It is a sub-unit consisting of members Eunwoo, Kyulkyung, Rena, Roa, and Nayoung, and there are no activities were seen.

Many fans really want to see the group coming back to the stage. They even criticize how Pledis Entertainment is treating them. According to the fans, Pledis tends to ignore Pristin and does not provide certainty about whether the group has disbanded or will comeback with their new album soon. The agency also has no intention of reviving the group from inactivity.

On May 24, Yonhap News reported that Pristin officially disbanded two years after debuting. Pledis Entertainment has finally released an official statement regarding the group’s disbandment and revealed that Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Xiyeon, and Kyla have terminated their contracts with the agency, while Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon will stay under Pledis Entertainment. Wish all the best for the members!

Kyulkyung Opens Up Instagram Account?

KyulKyung, one of Printin’s members, also has opened up a personal Instagram account recently. This has increasingly made fans believe that the inactive girl-group has now disbanded.

She posted her first picture with a caption, “春暖花开📷” which means “Spring blossoms” in Chinese. However, things are even more puzzling at the moment, as KyulKyung suddenly deleted her Instagram (zhoujieqiong.jong) account.

Kyulkyung’s Dating Rumor with Wang Sichong

Not long after opening a new Instagram account that left fans confused and in an uproar, Kyulkyung was rumored to be in relationship with a Chinese billionaire.

In March, Chinese media reported that PRISTIN‘s Kyulkyung and Wang Sicong, a Chinese billionaire, were dating after the two were seen having a vacation in Japan. The rumors also spread after it was reported that Wang Sicong personally picked Kyulkyung up  from Shanghai International Airport.

After the rumor had become widespread, Pledis Entertainment firmly denied it. The agency even stated that they will take legal action against the news agency that started the rumor. XCSS (星燦盛世, Xing Can Sheng Shi), Kyulkyung’s Chinese agency, also denied all the rumors with their own statement.

Eunwoo, Rena, and Xiyeon Open Up Instagram Accounts

After Kyla and Kyulkyung opened up their personal Instagram accounts, some other of Pristin’s members joined Instagram, as well. Fellow members Eunwoo and Xiyeon have created their own Instagram accounts under the usernames @j_e_w_w_was and @0_0.1114. On April 26, Rena appeared on Instagram with the username yaebby_kang. The idol stars have been frequently updating their feed with dance videos, selfies, and more.


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바야흐로 막내졸업식날

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While Xiyeon’ Instagram is still active, Rena and Eunwoo decided to deactivate their accounts. They made the decisions to deactivate their accounts after a Twitter user started to post false rumors about the idols.

That was all for the information about Pristin’s Kyla and the group’s disbandment. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments down below!