All You Need to Know About Pristin Members: Profile, Facts, Discography, and Much More!

Goodbye Pledis Girlz, Hello Pristin!

Anticipated as the upcoming group from Pledis Entertainment in 2017, Pristin already gained exposure since their pre-debut appearance in Produce 101 Season 1. All seven members who appeared on the show already gained a strong and loyal fan base who is waiting for their official debut. In addition, Pristin members broke the stereotypical rule of K-pop groups because they don’t have official positions within the group, which was affirmed by Roa who stated that every member is able to do many things and is not limited to one aspect only. Certainly, this makes Pristin a group with a refreshing vibe compared to other rookie girl groups that usually have fixed classifications among its members.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide information about all Pristin members including their personal profiles, facts, discography, filmography, awards, pre-debut appearances, scandals, Instagram feeds, and latest news. So, keep reading!

Pristin’s Nayoung’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Nayoung

Birth Name: Im Na Young

Nickname: Nana, Stone Nayoung

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, December 18, 1995

Age: 25 (Korean age) / 24 (International age)

Probable position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Astrology: Pig

Blood Type: O

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Education: Dongduk Women’s University

Siblings: 1 (an older brother)


Fun Facts You Have to Know About Pristin’s Nayoung

  • Nayoung moved to Asan when she was in 3rd grade of middle school.
  • She became a trainee in 2010 after going through a private audition when she was in grade 3 in middle school.
  • She is a long-time fan of SHINee.
  • Her specialties are writing songs and making choreography, while her hobby is painting.
  • Nayoung almost debuted with After School.
  • She appeared in the music videos of Ailee’s “If You,” Hanhae’s “Man of the Year,” TROY’s “Why Are We,” and Kye Bum-zu’s “Game Over.”
  • She was a member of I.O.I. Her final ranking in Produce 101 Season 1 is 10.
  • She was a backup dancer for Orange Caramel’s music video “My Copycat” and for Raina and SanE’s performances for “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness.”
  • According to Eunwoo, Nayoung is the father who “silently watches over you from behind.”

Pristin’s Roa’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Roa

Real Name: Kim Min Kyung

Nickname: Roro

Birth: Chuncheon, South Korea, July 29, 1997

Age: 23 (Korean age) / 22 (International age)

Probable position: Lead Vocalist

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Chinese Astrology: Ox

Blood Type: B

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Siblings: None


Fun Facts You Have to Know About Pristin’s Roa

  • Roa started training at the end of 2013 during her middle school days in a practical music school. She officially became a trainee in 2014.
  • Roa is known as PRISTIN’s sub-leader, from time to time Nayoung calls her “the sub-leader of the group.”
  • Roa’s specialty is writing songs, while her hobby is cooking.
  • Roa was a backup dancer of Orange Caramel in music video My Copycat.
  • Roa shared a room with Yuha, Xiyeon, and Kyla.
  • Roa appeared in music video of NU’EST Jr and Minhyun’s Daybreak and featured on Raina’s Reset and Han Dong-geun’s Falling Slowly.
  • Roa was a contestant of Produce 101 Season 1. Her final ranking is 42.

Pristin’s Yuha’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Yuha

Real Name: Kang Kyung Won

Nickname: Yuyu

Birth: Gwangju, South Korea, November 5, 1997

Age: 23 (Korean age) / 22 (International age)

Probable position: Lead Vocalist

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Astrology: Ox

Blood Type: A

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Pristin’s Yuha

  • Yuha became a trainee in 2014. She was studying in a practical music school there and went to an audition introduced to her by an acquaintance in June 2014
  • Yuha was the last to join the trainees’ line-up among the Pristin members.
  • Yuha’s specialties are writing and composing songs. She is also able to play the piano.
  • Yuha’s hobbies are collecting bags and writing letters.
  • Yuha was a contestant of Produce 101 Season 1. Her final ranking is 48.
  • Yuha appeared in music video of NU’EST Overcome.
  • Yuha was a backup dancer of Orange Caramel in music video My Copycat.
  • Yuha shared a room with Roa, Xiyeon, and Kyla. According to Xiyeon, Yuha is in charge of the mother role.

Pristin’s Eunwoo’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Eunwoo

Real Name: Jung Eun Woo

Nickname: Nunu, Beagle

Birth: Bucheon, South Korea, July 1, 1998

Age:22 (Korean age) / 21 (International Age)

Probable position: Main Vocalist

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Chinese Astrology: Tiger

Blood Type: B

Height: 166.6 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts


Fun Facts You Have to Know About Pristin’s Eunwoo

  • Eunwoo appeared on audition programs such as The Voice Kids, Superstar K4, and the National Singing Contest which got her to get contacted by Pledis and eventually get cast. She became a trainee in 2013.
  • Eunwoo’s hobby is doodling. She also likes watching makeup tutorials on Youtube.
  • Eunwoo was a contestant of Produce 101 Season 1. Her final ranking is 21.
  • Eunwoo appeared in music video of Seventeen’s Mansae.
  • Eunwoo was a backup dancer of Orange Caramel in music video My Copycat.
  • Eunwoo’s phone lock screen is a photo of Jessica Jung (former Girls’ Generation member), while her role model is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.

Pristin’s Rena’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Rena

Real Name: Kang Ye Bin

Nickname: Rere, Snowman

Birth: Ilsan, South Korea, October 19, 1998

Age: 22 (Korean age) / 21 (International age)

Probable position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Chinese Astrology: Tiger

Blood Type: A

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Education: DreamVocal Vocal Academy


Fun Facts You Have to Know About Pristin’s Rena

  • Rena became a trainee in 2011 when she was in the 7th grade.
  • Rena attended a practical music school and got accepted to Pledis after an audition. Before auditioning for Pledis, she auditioned for TS Entertainment in 2012.
  • Rena used to live in the Philippines for a few years, she said it in a fan sign event.
  • Rena’s specialties are writing songs and playing the drums. She can also play the guitar and the piano and speaks in English.
  • Rena’s hobbies are watching videos of international pop artists.
  • Rena appeared in music video of Seventeen’s Mansae.
  • Rena was a backup dancer of Orange Caramel in music video My Copycat.
  • Rena gets cold easily in winter and always wears multiple layers of clothes., hence her nickname ‘snowman’.
  • Rena was a contestant of Produce 101 Season 1. Her final ranking is 29.
  • Rena was a participant of Show Me The Money 4 but was eliminated in the 2nd round. She was so nervous that when the writer passed her the microphone she was shaking so much that he told her “Don’t drop the microphone!”
  • After SMTM, Rena was traumatized about forgetting lyrics for a while, but she is fine now as she is good at memorizing lyrics really fast.
  • Rena’s role model is Lee Hyo Ri. She gets energy from watching her, even just on Youtube.

Pristin’s Kyulkyung’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Kyulkyung

Birth Name: Zhou Jie Qiong

Korean Name: Joo Kyul Kyung

Nickname: China’s Miracle, Chinese Dancing Machine, Pinky, Juju

Birth: Shanghai, China, December 16, 1998

Age: 22 (Korean age) / 21 (International age)

Probable position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Astrology: Tiger

Blood Type: O

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Education: Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Seoul School of Performing Arts

Siblings: 2 (younger brother and younger sister)


Fun Facts You Have to Know About Pristin’s Kyulkyung

  • Kyulkyung became a trainee in 2009. After a test in the 6th grade in Shanghai’s practical music school, Kyulkyung got cast and came to Korea in the summer of 2010.
  • Kyulkyung travels back and forth between China and Korea during the holidays.
  • Kyulkyung is able to speak Chinese and Korean. She also plays pipa (a four-stringed Chinese musical instrument) and the piano.
  • Kyulkyung’s hobbies are shopping and searching beauty sites.
  • Kyulkyung appeared in music video of Seventeen’s Mansae.
  • Kyulkyung was a member of I.O.I. Her final ranking in Produce 101 Season 1 is 6.
  • Kyulkyung was a backup dancer of Orange Caramel in music video My Copycat.
  • Kyulkyung made her solo debut in China, with the digital single Why. She is also is one of the dance mentors of Idol Producer.

Pristin’s Yehana’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Yehana

Real Name: Kim Ye Won

Nickname: Hana

Birth: Ilsan, South Korea, February 22, 1999

Age: 21 (Korean age) / 20 (International age)

Probable position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Astrology: Rabbit

Blood Type: A

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Pristin’s Yehana

  • Yehana has been a trainee since 2013.
  • Yehana does not like milk.
  • Along with Xiyeon, Yehana is the student of SOPA.
  • Yehana was a backup dancer of Orange Caramel in music video My Copycat and Hoshi’s solo stage in Seventeen’s concert in February 2016.
  • Yehana is good at dancing especially at freestyle.

Pristin’s Sungyeon’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Sungyeon

Real Name: Bae Sung Yeon

English Name: Shannon Bae

Birth: Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea, May 25, 1999

Age: 21 (Korean age) / 20 (International age)

Probable position: Main Vocalist

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Astrology: Rabbit

Blood Type: A

Height: 162.5 cm

Education: Orange County School of the Arts

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Pristin’s Sungyeon

  • Sungyeon has lived in the United States of America for nine years. She lived in Buena Park City, California.
  • Sungyeon’s specialties are writing and composing songs. She is also able to play the piano and good at imitating people.
  • Sungyeon became a trainee in 2009 and has been trained for 8 years. She would go back to America for school and then come to South Korea during the summer for training.
  • Sungyeon attended a school for foreigners. She graduated in advance (May 2017) because of Pristin debut promotions.
  • Prior to her debut, Sungyeon joined jTBC’s singing competition Girl Spirit.
  • Sungyeon was a backup dancer of Orange Caramel in music video My Copycat.
  • Sungyeon admires IU a lot. They even traded signed albums.

Pristin’s Xiyeon’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Xiyeon

Birth Name: Park Jung Hyeon

Legal Name: Park Si Yeon

Nickname: Ddiddi

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, November 14, 2000

Age: 20 (Korean age) / 19 (International age)

Probable position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Visual, Center

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Astrology: Dragon

Blood Type: O

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Siblings: 2 (younger sisters)

Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Pristin’s Xiyeon

  • Xiyeon became a trainee in 2008 and has been trained for 9 years.
  • Xiyeon’s hanja name means ‘beautiful kindness’.
  • Along with Yehana, Xiyeon is the student of SOPA.
  • Xiyeon was a contestant of Produce 101 Season 1. Her final ranking is 25.
  • Xiyeon is able to play the piano and violin, while her specialties are writing songs and making choreography.
  • Xiyeon’s hobbies are watching comedy shows and movies.
  • Xiyeon used to be a child actress and started at 5 years old. She appeared in CFs, movie, and dramas, namely Korean Ghost Stories, Anatomy Classroom, and Educating Kidnappers. She also appeared on music videos of After School’s Bang, NU’EST’s I’m Bad, Pledis Family’s Love Letter, and Orange Caramel’s Aing.
  • Xiyeon was a backup dancer of Orange Caramel in music video My Copycat.
  • Xiyeon shares a room with Yuha, Roa, and Kyla.
  • Xiyeon is considered as the princess of Pledis Entertainment. Sungyeon even wrote lyrics for Xiyeon in Wee Woo, specifically mentioned her princess role.

Pristin’s Kyla’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Kyla

Real Name: Kyla Solhee Massie

Nickname: Ila

Birth: Indiana, United States of America, December 26, 2001

Age: 19 (Korean age) / 18 (International age)

Probable position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Astrology: Snake

Blood Type: O

Height: 165 cm

Siblings: 2 (an older brother named Luke and a younger sister named Karisa)

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Pristin’s Kyla

  • Kyla’s hometown is in California, Los Angeles.
  • Kyla’s mother is a Korean while her father is American.
  • Kyla became a trainee in 2010.
  • Kyla is able to speak Korean and English.
  • Kyla is studying online.
  • Kyla did a few CFs and was a child actress and model in America when she was around 6-7 years old. She did CFs for shoes and dolls.
  • Kyla loves Mexican food.
  • Kyla shared a room with Xiyeon, Yuha, and Roa.
  • Kyla was a backup dancer of Orange Caramel in music video My Copycat.

Pristin’s Discography, Filmography, Variety Shows, and Music Videos

Despite being a rookie group, Pristin members have already appeared on various television and radio programs to promote, making their figure more noticeable among the new artists who debuted in 2017. Besides promoting on public broadcast, Pristin also often does broadcast on their V Live channel, be it for the scheduled broadcast or casual broadcast. Contrastingly, Pristin has only released two mini-albums compared to other groups who debuted in the same year. Here you may see the list of Pristin’s discography and filmography below!

2016 – Mnet Produce 101 Season1 (Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Rena, Eunwoo, Kyulkyung, and Xiyeon as Contestants)

2016 – Music video of “We”

2016 – “We” (pre-debut single)

2016 – jTBC’s Girl Spirit (Sungyeon as Contestant)

2017 – Hi! Pristin (mini-album)

2017 – Music video of “Wee Woo”

2017 – Schxxl Out (mini-album)

2017 – Music video of “We Like”

2017 – Channel: P (Regular Cast)

2017 – HICAM: HI&HIGH Camera

2017 – KBS’s Hello Counselor (Kyulkyung and Xiyeon as Guest Cast)

2017 – KBS’s Immortal Song (Guest Cast)

2017 – MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol (Guest Cast with Pledis Family)

2017 – Let’s Walk the Cooking Path (Guest Cast)

2017 – SBS’s Lee Guk-joo’s Power FM (Guest Cast)

2017 – Daughters of the Wind (Guest Cast with Weki Meki)

2017 – NCT Night Night (Guest Cast)

2017 – SBS’s Power FM Youngstreet (Guest Cast)

2017 – KBS’s Kiss the Radio with Lee Hong-ki (Guest Cast)

2017 – Seoul Land Play (Guest Cast)

2017 – Tei’s Dream Night (Guest Cast)

2017 – Pristin Press SCHXXL OUT Showcase (Regular Cast)

2017 – Pot Stand (Guest Cast)

2017 – Kangta Starry Night Radio (Guest Cast)

2017 – MBC’s Oppa Thinking (Kyulkyung as Guest Cast)

2018 – SBS’s Master Key (Nayoung as Guest Cast)

2018 – SBS’s Lee Guk-joo’s Power FM (Nayoung as Guest Cast)

2018 – V Live’s Midnight Voice (Yuha as Radio DJ)

Pristin’s Concerts

Ever since their days as Pledis Girlz, Pristin has held numerous concerts to introduce each member’s figure and talent. The concerts held in every week and took approximately five months whereas the final concert was held in January 2017. Here you may see the complete list of Pristin’s concerts below!

14 May 2016 – Rena

21 May 2016 – Xiyeon

28 May 2016 – Sungyeon

4 June 2016 – Eunwoo

11 June 2016 – Yehana

18 June 2016 – Kyla

25 June 2016 – Yuha

2 July 2016 – Roa

23 July 2016 – Sungyeon

30 July 2016 – Xiyeon (Guest appearance: Hwang In-sun)

6 August 2016 – Yehana (Guest appearance: Park So-yeon)

13 August 2016 – Eunwoo (Guest appearance: D.A.L, Kim Da-jung, and Kim Ji-sung)

20 August 2016 – Kyla (Guest appearance: Ahn Ye-seul)

27 August 2016 – Rena (Guest appearance: Yoon Seo-hyung)

3 September 2016 – Yuha (Guest appearance: I.O.I)

16 September 2016 – Roa (Guest appearance: Han Dong-geun)

6 January 2017 – Bye & Hi (final pre-debut concert)

Pristin’s Awards and Nominations

As has been explained at the beginning, Pristin’s debut was really anticipated in K-Pop music scene due to their intense pre-debut promotion and its members’ talented knack. Thus, it is not a surprise that Pristin would be nominated as the best new artist in almost every award shows soon after their debut as you may see in the list below.

2017 – Best New Artist on Melon Music Award (Nomination)

2017 – Rookie Award on Asia Artist Award (Winner)

2017 – Popularity Award on Asia Artist Award (Nomination)

2017 – Best New Female Artist on Mnet Asian Music Award (Winner)

2017 – Artist of the Year on Mnet Asian Music Award (Nomination)

2018 – New Artist of the Year (Song) on Gaon Chart Music Awards (Nomination)

2018 – New Artist of the Year on Golden Disc Award (Nomination)

2018 – Global Popularity Award on Golden Disc Award (Nomination)

2018 – New Artist Award on Seoul Music Award (Winner)

2018 – Popularity Award on Seoul Music Award (Nomination)

2018 – Hallyu Special Award on Seoul Music Award (Nomination)

2018 –Global Rookie Top 5 on V Live Awards (Winner)

Pledis Girlz and Debut as Pristin

Prior to their official debut, some of Pristin members already got public recognition due to their participation on Mnet’s survival show Produce 101. At that time, Nayoung, Roa, Eunwoo, Xiyeon, Rena, Yuha, and Kyulkyung became the contestant of the show. In an early episode, the viewers are able to see the seven of them performing After School’s Bang in front of After School’s former member who is also the mentor of the show, Kahi.

As the show went by, five of them are eliminated whereas Nayoung and Kyulkyung were picked as the part of the final line-up for the project girl group I.O.I along with other top 11 finalists. Along with three additional members named Yehana, Sungyeon, and Kyla, Pledis Girlz started their pre-debut promotion by holding concerts as Pledis Girlz which was announced on 23 March 2016. Not only concerts for the local fans, but Pristin also showcased their multi-talented abilities through videos for the international audiences. Their choreography for Seventeen’s Adore U, Girls’ Generation’s Catch Me If You Can, and f(x)’s Rum Pum Pum Pum gained interest and praises from the public as they are able to deliver coherent movement despite having numerous members.

Some of its members Sungyeon, Kyulkyung, and Xiyeon also display their versatile charm while singing. Accordingly, Sungyeon and Kyulkyung played the guitar while singing Put Your Records On and As Long As You Love Me, whereas Xiyeon wrote her own lyrics for her Block B’s cover 100% Synchronization.

Pledis Girlz held their final concert Bye & Hi on 6 January 2017 and announced that their official group name is Pristin, a combination of the words “prismatic” (bright and clear) and “elastin” (flawless strength).

Pristin’s Instagram Feed

Currently in hiatus, Pristin activities in their official Instagram account (@pristin_official_) is not much heard of as well as the account only posted photos for the members’ birthday. Even so, Pristin’s official Instagram account still has its loyal 610,000 followers who are waiting for the group’s comeback. Here are the top 10 of Pristin’s Instagram Feed that you must see!

In the first picture which was posted on 14 November 2018, Xiyeon assured the fans that she is still doing well during the group’s hiatus. In the caption, Xiyeon wrote, “Let’s cheer up.”

In the second picture which was posted on 15 July 2018, Rena shared behind the scene of Pristin V music video shooting. In the caption, Rena wrote, “RenRen Movie Behind <3.”

In the third picture which was posted on 29 April 2018, Yehana shared her vacation photo in the sea. In the caption, Yehana wrote, “I went to Busan’s Haeundae sea!! I fought hard with the wind while taking the cruise. The scenery is good to look at.”

In the fourth picture which was posted on 23 April 2018, Yuha shows her adorable side in a selfie. In the caption, Yuha wrote, “Anti Blues with Yuha.”

In the fifth picture which was posted on 20 April 2018, Nayoung, Yuha, Rena, and Roa shared their selfies. In the caption is written, “Today V LIVE is with unnie line <3.”

In the sixth picture which was posted on 19 February 2018, Eunwoo took a cute selfie with rabbit camera filter. In the caption, Eunwoo wrote, “19 February, Rabbit Eunwoo <3.”

In the seventh picture which was posted on 9 February 2018, all Pristin members except Kyulkyung, Kyla, and Rena were seen taking photos. In the caption is written, “Posture of Pristin kids waiting for V live broadcast <3.”

In the eighth picture which was posted on 11 September 2017, Roa took candid photos against the window. In the caption, Roa wrote, “The outer part of the window (1 >_<1) photo by Juju (Kyulkyung).”

The last full group picture was posted on 30 September 2017. In the caption is written, “Thank you so much for your support on Korean Music Festival 2017 <3.”

Finally, a picture of Pristin without Kyla was posted on 15 November 2017. In the caption is written, “Highdeul <3 we will never forget the rookie award in 2017 for the rest of our life. We will be with you for a thousand years in the future! Love you.”

Pristin’s Scandals

Long before Pristin’s debut, one of the members Roa has been in controversy for her past behavior as the photos of her drinking liquor at a bar surfaced in various internet forums. What makes her act seen as problematic was due to her young age when the photo was taken.

Many netizens bashed Roa for her underage drinking, saying that they should avoid staining Pledis’ female artists, whereas the others compared Pledis’ treatment toward Pristin and Seventeen, “They are really harsh on Seventeen but they don’t even bother to filter Pristin? They should be promoting Seventeen more while they are rising,” “Pledis needs to just focus on Seventeen. Seventeen fans know that Pledis cannot multitask,” and “Don’t call them a sister group… I don’t want a sister like that.”

In May 2017, the youngest Pristin member Kyla suffered body shaming controversy after lots of netizens called her out for being fat. The netizens stated that Kyla was a little chubby for a member of the girl group and compared her figure to other Pristin members. The body shaming went far as the crowd of Pristin’s live performances and fan signing who did not cheer for Kyla whenever she appeared or sung her part.

Despite the hatred, the other netizens defended Kyla, saying that she looks just healthy and fine the way she is and that not every girl group should be stick skinny or fit in tight clothing. Kyla’s older brother Luke Massie also found out the horrible news. He tweeted, “and to the ones who are attacking her, shame on you. I feel sorry that you have nothing better to do than pick on a 15 yr old. But to the on” and, “PSA: Whatever seems like a harmless little joke can actually hurt someone more than you think. So always think before you say.” Luke also relayed Kyla’s message to the fans, “PRISTIN Fans: My sister thanks you for all of the kind words and said she’ll ignore the hate that she receives! She’ll continue to work hard.”

Four months later, Kyla was reported to halt all promotions as a celebrity as she would receive treatment for her health issues in the USA. Pledis Entertainment announced on Pristin’s official fan cafe, “After returning home to her home in the USA. to rest during Chuseok and receiving a doctor’s check-up, Kyla received advice to rest. Kyla wanted to continue her promotions while receiving treatment and the company also hoped Kyla could go on promoting, but the doctor revealed that it would be difficult for Kyla to go on with her promotions in her current state of health and put recovery as her utmost priority. As a result, we have decided that it would be best for Kyla to focus on recovery at her home in the USA despite our regrets. Kyla will rejoin PRISTIN once her health returns.”

Kyla’s brother Luke Massie confirmed the news of Kyla’s hiatus as he replied a tweet of fan who asked about Kyla’s current state, saying she is resting and that the family is trying to get her feeling better. However, Luke revealed other reason for Kyla’s resting in her hometown on 13 October 2017, “To clear things up: Kyla isn’t on discharge for mental health/ weight. She received a concussion and is recovering.” The deleted tweet shocked the fans as it is clearly different to Pledis Entertainment’s official announcement which stated that Kyla is simply resting due to the doctors’ recommendation. Luke commented that there is a lot more to the story that he cannot say, as well as criticized the agency, “If maybe you would have been honest from the start, you wouldn’t be facing these many problems.”

Ever since his sister’s hiatus from Pristin, Luke Massie has been vocal about Kyla and the rest of his family on Twitter. Despite the initial friendly relation with K-pop fans especially Pristin fans as he constantly updates regarding Kyla’s condition, Luke made a scene as he posted the screenshots of the email exchange with Kyla in January 2018. He revealed that his family has kicked him out of his house and has had a falling out with his family, including Kyla. At that time, Luke sent Christmas and birthday wishes to Kyla on 26 December, which later replied by the idol with a rude answer.

Despite the ill intention by Luke, many people doubted about Kyla’s email as the screenshot of the message was cropped in a way that made it unclear whether it was really a reply from her. They also said that the emails’ writings are too similar, hence the allegation of Luke fabricating the whole issue. Besides posted the email screenshots, Luke also tweeted that Kyla “can suck his dick,” implying how bad their family relationship in the current time. After receiving backlash from the fans, Luke decided to deactivate his Twitter account for good.

In mid-November 2018, the photo of Eunwoo and Kyulkyung going to a night club posted in several fan communities. Many fans are disappointed especially at Kyulkyung since she once said that she would not go to clubs when she turned 20, “Right now is the time for them to make up their images on public and yet they went to a night-club and took a selfie as if they wanted to brag it off to the public,” “When fans meet them on the street and ask for pictures, they would reject it saying that their company does not allow them and yet they are bravely taking selfies in a night-club,” “The fact that their company doesn’t control them, a girl group that’s barely one year into their debut, just doesn’t make any sense at all to me,” and “Both their company and also the girls themselves are problematic. I am freaking disappointed in Zhou Jieqiong, seems like her desperateness has faded away since she originally comes from a wealthy family.”

As the controversy got bigger, a fan of Kyulkyung asked one of the girls in the photo about the location of the photo was taken. The girl answered that it was taken in Itaewon during the Halloween. The disprove was later defended by the fans and the public siding with Kyulkyung, “They are adults anyway, they are free to go to night-clubs..,” “I have nothing to say since I’m not a Pristin’s fan but I don’t get it why their fans are disappointed and decide to leave the fandom just because of this..,” “It’s normal for female idols to go to night-clubs and have relationships with men, they are human too..,” and “I’m sure that some of their fans must have been disappointed with the picture they took, but they should not have closed their eyes and ears and not listen to any explanations behind it…”

During Pristin sub-unit group Pristin V promotion, the fans noticed that Pristin Korean fans who attended the music shows never cheer for Kyulkyung during their live performances. They compared how these fans would cheer for other members during their part but not Kyulkyung when she appeared on the center or sung her part.

Rumor has it that the Korean fans did it because they are disappointed that the center position between the music video and live performance are different. In the music video, Roa and Eunwoo were in the center for the chorus, whereas Kyulkyung occupied the center for the chorus in the live performance. In addition, Korean fans are speculatively calling Kyulkyung a ‘traitor’ because of her hefty individual schedules and promotions in her home country China than her own group in South Korea.

In mid-September 2018, latest photos of Kyla who visit a theme park with her family and friends were exposed. While the fans are happy about Kyla’s current state who looks healthy and beautiful as ever and gave their encouragement while waiting for her return to Pristin, the hateful commenters still attack her appearance, “What was Pledis thinking? Why did they debut this kind of thing? There are truckloads of prettier, skilled, and more desperate girls,” “It’s like she does not want to return as a girl group… She’s fat… I’m sure there will be news of her departure from the group soon,” and “She is totally given up on losing weight. I bet her label’s furious and rightfully so.”

One month later, a video of Kyla working at a carnival surfaced on Weibo. She was spotted as a vendor who collected money for one of the numerous games at a carnival in Los Angeles. While the others are pitying her, the malicious haters still have the nerve to put her appearance down.

Surprising news came from Xiyeon who reportedly has terminated her exclusive contract with Pledis Entertainment in late October 2018. The agency soon denied the news, saying that Xiyeon is currently training hard and would still be affiliated with them in the future. The similar news coming from Kyla one month later, though with no confirmation with Pledis as the report has since been deleted as soon as it was released.

In early December 2018, Korean fans of Pristin went on the mass protest by sticking lots of sticky notes in Pledis Entertainment’s building, asking for the comeback of Pristin. The action was led after Pristin’s disbandment rumor due to the group’s long hiatus.

Pristin’s Latest News

In late May 2018, Pristin first sub-unit group Pristin V made their official debut with Get It. The group debuted with five members, namely Nayoung, Roa, Eunwoo, Rena, and Kyulkyung. Unlike their initial high school concepts, Pristin V debuted with girl crush concept which attracted not only male fans but also female audiences.

Kyulkyung graced @star1 magazine for its August edition. In the interview, Kyulkyung explained the preparation of Pristin V debut, “We prepared with intense focus for the recording process since it was the first time we challenged ourselves to choreography and genre that we have never done as Pristin. I also practiced my pronunciation in order to perfect my part and studied expressions that could look like that of ‘villains’ to fit our unit’s theme.” In addition, Kyulkyung revealed her personal desire as a celebrity, “I want to let more people know me and be recognized for my skills. I plan to do my best in various ways so that this can happen. I will try really hard in everything. I would appreciate it if you would keep an eye on me.” Well, best of luck for Kyulkyung!