Famous For Her Natural Beauty, Let’s See Photo Comparison Before-and-After Plastic Surgery of Kim So-hyun!

Natural Beauty or Plastic Surgery?

Recently, Kim So-hyun looks more mature. There have been unbelievable changes over the years, as she has grown from a beloved child actress into a young lady. The drastic changes make people speculated whether she undergo a surgery or not.

Responding to the speculations during an interview, Kim So-hyun was asked what she thought about cosmetic surgery, as many former child actors/actresses have gone under the knife.

She answered, “Rather than me being satisfied with my appearance, I’m trying to just accept it, becauseĀ it’s my face. I do get a lot of advice telling me not to do it. I, also, don’t have any parts of my face that I greatly want to change.”

Here are some of her school photos. The photos don’t seem very different with her current looks. She’s always been a beautiful girl. Even at her graduation, she looked stunning in her uniform.


Finally, she commented on how she felt about growing up, beginning with her child-actress days and what role she would like to take on in the future. “Of course, the variety of roles I can take on has expanded as I became an adult, but it’s still hard for me to imagine trying something new,” Kim So-hyun shared.

“Originally, I thought I would take on a role of a university student once I turned 20, but I took on a role of a writer on Radio Romance. I carried out a role of a professional as my first character since becoming an adult. Because of that reason, I would really to try a role of a university student soon. I would like to play a character that matches well with my age,” the actress remarked.

These are some of her most recent photos that show her mature image!

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