Get to Know The Position of Le Sserafim: Vocal, Dance, Rap, and Visual!

Le sserafim positions 2022

Let’s Take a Peek at Le Sserafim Official Positions of Members!

Le Sserafim was formed by Source Music and HYBE, which debuted on May 20, 2022, with 6 members, but now, there are 5 members left because Kim Garam was removed from the group on July 20, 2022, because of a bullying controversy. Debut with their 1st mini album, “FEARLESS”, Le Sserafim managed to get attention from fans because of members’ visuals and their vocal, dance, and rap skills.

This article provides you with information Le Sserafim’s position that you should know. Then, which one of these members is included in the position? So, let’s find out more information about Le Sserafim members’ positions here!

Le Sserafim Official Line Up and Positions

In each K-Pop group, indeed, they have their official positions like Le Sserafim. Their position will make them accessible in doing perfect and stable performance. So, here are the lists of their positions:

Le Sserafim’s Members Name Position
Chaewon Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer
Yunjin Main Vocalist, Center
Kazuha Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Sub-vocalist
Sakura Sub-vocalist, Visual, Lead Rapper
Eunchae Maknae, Lead Dancer, Sub-vocalist


Le Sserafim Positions: Vocal Line

Even though this group is still new, the quality and ability of Le Sserafim’s members in singing are undoubted. To find out about Le Sserafim’s vocal line and who the members are in this line, you can find it below!

Position of Chaewon

As we know, Chaewon is a former member of IZ*ONE, and she was the 4th member to be revealed in Le Sserafim. In her previous group, she knows with “cute” image, but in Le Sserafim, she shows off a different side. Chaewon got a position as a leader who would be responsible for anything and lead vocalist.

She attracts people’s attention with her soft vocals and cute while singing. With this characteristic, she occupies the vocal position in Le Sserafim or even in IZ*ONE.

Position of Yunjin

Yunjin got a position as the main vocal in Le Sserafim. As a main vocal, she indeed gets more parts of a song than others, and she’s responsible for the chorus. As the main vocalist, Yunjin is stunning with her melodious soprano voice. You can check it through the video below!

Le Sserafim Sub-vocal: Sakura, Kazuha, Eunchae.

If there’s a main and lead vocal in a K-Pop group also, there’s a sub-vocalist. Sub-vocalist have functions to support the main and lead vocalist in the group, which is Le Sserafim, Sakura, Kazuha, and Eunchae as sub-vocalists who help Yunjin and Chaewon. However, their presence is significant to advancing a song and can be a differentiator between the main and lead.

Le Sserafim: Rap Line

Besides vocal lines, a group certainly has rappers, which is they will support a rap part in a song. Among Le Sserafim members are the position of main rapper and lead rapper. Let’s find out about it here!

Sakura Position in Rap Line

As we know, Sakura is a former member of IZ*ONE, and she’s charming even though currently she’s showing off her girl crush style. In her group (Le Sserafim), she is the lead rapper. Even though she isn’t got many rap parts, there’s a video that shows her rap skills.

Kazuha Position in Rap Line

Unlike Sakura, Kazuha’s looks are very bold and brave. She already looks stunning, especially in rap in this group. Kazuha holds a position as the main rapper is her deeper voice is very suitable for a rap part. Here’s a video of her!

Le Sserafim Positions: Dance Line

Not only their debut song, but Le Sserafim is also known as a girl group that has a unique, energetic, and sexy choreography. Among the members, there are two lead dancers and one principal dancer in the group. So, here they are!

Lead Dancer: Eunchae & Kazuha

Lead dancer in charge of leading the choreography movement by dancing in the front position during the group’s formation. In this group, the maknae Eunchae and Kazuha got responsible to take a place as the lead dancer. As a lead dancer, Eunchae had attended Def Dance Skool for 2 years and already become a trainee under Source Music in 2021.

Meanwhile, Kazuha has been in ballet dancing class and won first place in ballet competitions from 2016-2019. So, no wonder they are made as lead dancers.

Position of Chaewon

This Le Sserafim member got a position as the main dancer in her group. Chaewon’s specialties are singing and dancing, she also likes to watch dance choreography on video. She stands out with her energetic movements!

Le Sserafim Visual & Face of the Group

Since its debut, Le Sserafim members have had amazing visuals and never disappointed fans. Even though all members have their beauty standards, there’s a member who claimed as the visual and face of the group. Check out Le Sserafim’s visual lineup below!

Position of Yunjin

Yunjin, the face of the group in Le Sserafim was chosen as a group representative, and it can be influenced by popularity. Her visual is no joke, she has big eyes and strong charisma. So, her visuals are preferred by people.

Position of Sakura

Unlike Yunjin, Sakura is a visual of this group. Visual is the member who is considered the prettiest member in a group. Sakura’s visual is beautiful, unlike her looks in IZ*ONE. In Le Sserafim, she shows her slim body and sexy vibes.

Position of Chaewon

She’s also the visual of the group; Chaewon has two sides expressions. Namely, she can be cute and sexy at the exact times. Her visual has a seductive allure, so all eyes are on her.

So, that’s all information regarding Le Sserafim members’ position. Don’t forget to share this article with your friend so they will know everything about this group’s official position!