PoshGirls: Profile, Debut, Discography

PoshGirls’ Debut Era


PoshGirls made their debut by releasing a music video titled “Got Chu” on August 18, 2021 at 4 PM through their YouTube channel.

“Got Chu” is the title track of PoshGirls’ first mini-album ‘S.O.G: Songs Of Goddess’.

PoshGirls has a meaning about elegant girls who are on their way to taking the crown. Besides that, every member are having their own goddess names, such as goddess of flowers, goddess of wind, goddess of the sun, and many more.

PoshGirls’ fandom name is “Po_With (포위드)” and they also have official greetings with, “PoshGirls Pose! Hello, we are PoshGirls!


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PoshGirls’ Discography


PoshGirls released their first mini-album titled ‘S.O.G: Songs Of Goddess’ with 5 tracklists. Check out their songs below!

No. Title
1 Got Chu
2 Fly With You
3 Some Day (PoshGirls Story)
4 Got Chu (Inst.)
5 Fly With You (Inst.)

PoshGirls’ Formation Changes


PoshGirls originally debuted with 8 members, but several months later after their debut, some members decided to leave the group.

PoshGirls’ former members are Jiwoo, Doyeon, Yejin, and Yebin, who decided to leave in October 2021, while Sowon is their pre-debut member who didn’t make it into the debut line-up.

On November 20, 2021, PoshGirls added new members to their line-up, Yeny, and Yebin. On March 15, 2022, PoshGirls added one new member, Seah.

PoshGirls members that are still active are Jiin, Miyu, Riona, Yeny, Niina, Tsugumi, Seah and Yebin.

PoshGirls’ Sub-Unit: PoshGirls-K


On March 15, 2022, PoshGirls announced that they would be making a second sub-unit consisting of Korean members: Jiin, Yeny, and Seah. This sub-unit has appeared in the metal cover “Got Chu” with uploaded content on 노밴드 스튜디오-No band studio Youtube channel.

Let’s give support and love to PoshGirls-K and wait for their newest activity!

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