Find Out More About PocketDol’s Studio, A Sub-Label Of MBK Entertainment Overseeing Talented Groups In K-Pop Industry

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The Details About PocketDol’s Studio and Their Talented K-Pop Artist!

PocketDol Studio was best regarded as the sub-label of agency MBK Entertainment from South Korea. It was formed since 2017 and was created by MBK Entertainment along with Interpark as well. Many artists have been released, such as boys’ groups, girls’ groups, duos, soloists, and many more. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you the details about them, so stay tuned and enjoy!



On the first list, we have 1THE9! The group, which pronounced as Wonder Nine, was formed under the MBK Entertainment, then managed by PocketDol Studio and has made a debut since April 13, 2019. They consisted of nine members: Jeon Do-yeom, Jung Jin-sung, Kim Tae-woo, Shin Ye-chan, Jeong Taek-Hyeon, Yoo Yong-ha, Park Sung-won, Lee Seung-hwan, and Kim Jun-SEO. 1THE9 was also born from those nine members who participated through the UNDER 19 survival show!

XIX was becoming their debut mini-album, which was also released on the same date as their debut. The spotlight was becoming the title track from the album. Aside from that, 1THE9 was formed under 17 months of a contract, which was divided within five months of training and then 12 months of promotion as well.


During April 2019, 1THE9 also did their V Live broadcasting to held their debut stage. The show was aired for one hour and thirty minutes, and from the broadcast live also made people to have known that 1THE9’s official fandom was Wonderland.  Meanwhile, their fandom colors were lime punch.

Because the group was not a permanent entity and had some contract duration, 1THE9 should probably have been dissolved after the contract had expired, even if there was no formal announcement of their separation. Some of the members also went to another project, such as Yong-ha and Junseo, who reportedly were involved in a new boy group project under OUI Entertainment, OUI Boys.

Spotlight by 1THE9:

Former Member of DIA, Cho Seung-hee

cho seung hee

Cho Seung-hee was famously known as DIA members, but she decided to leave the group in 2016. Previously, Cho Seung-hee also debuted as F-ve Dolls members in 2013, but the group was disbanded in November 2014. Then she joined the girl group DIA in 2015, but she left a year afterward. F-ve Dolls was born under MBK Entertainment as well, but at that time, the label hasn’t renamed and still using Core Content Media as its name. Through DIA, Core Content Media was renamed into MBK Entertainmet until now.

Currently, Cho Seung-hee was famously known as an entertainer and actress. It also revealed that actually, Cho Seung-hee has a huge passion for acting, even before her debut with F-ve Dolls. She used to receive an acting offer at first, but she refused it and chose to mae her debut with F-ve Dolls members instead.

f-ve dolls

To pursuing her acting career, Cho Seung-hee was also taking time to accept some of the acting projects. At the same time, she was active within the girl group schedule. She also revealed her desire to remove those ‘girl group members have changed into actress’ image since, at that time, she also did those activities at the same time. She intended to improving her acting ability and to present an excellent acting appearance for people as well.

After she continued her career as an actress, Cho Seung-hee also showed her acting skills through several appearances such as in 109 Strange Things, Wednesday 3:30 PM, The Unusual Family, Bravo My Life, My First Love, and many more. In 2017, Cho Seung-hee signed a contract with Urban Works Entertainment and changed her stage name into Jo Seung-hee.

jo seung hee

Currently, Jo Seung-hee has also become the producer of PocketDol Studio. She was in charged of managing PocketDol Studio’s boy group members as well as for works which was related with trot genre artist.

Song Ga-in (trot singer)

song ga in

Song Ga-in was famously known as trot singer from PocketDol Studio when she became the winner of Miss Trot in 2019, a reality show which also intended in looking for trot singer! But she has started her debut as a singer in 2012 under her birth name Jo Eun-sim.

Previously, she has released two studio albums, Hanggu Agassi, in 2016, while she was under Cooking Music label, and then Beautiful Woman in 2019 when she went to PocketDol Studio afterward. Aside from that, Song Ga-in is also involved within Crash Landing on You’s official soundtrack Pictures of My Heart in 2020.

Not long ago, Song Ga-in also appeared in the Knowing Brother TV show. She appeared along with other trot singers, Hong Ja. She also showed her amazing vocal performance and proved her trot singer vibes as well!

song ga in & hong ja