Plastic Surgery Has Ruined Nam Gyu-ri’s Face? How Did This Happen and Let’s Look at the Details

Behind the Truth of Nam Gyu-ri’s Plastic Surgery

Nam Gyu-ri is a South Korean actress and singer who debuted in 2006, under SidusHQ. She is most famous for her role in Death Bell.

Nam Gyu-ri is also known for her very beautiful face, many have even said her face looks like Barbie’s face. However, behind her beauty, she was rumored to have plastic surgery to achieve her look. She admitted that she’s had surgery on some parts of her face and her teeth.

Nam Gyu-ri explained, “I was rather sad that I placed second in the rank of ‘celebrities with shocking pasts’. After that aired on TV, I didn’t want to go around saying,’ I didn’t get a total makeover, I look the same as before.” She added, “I think women get more beautiful as we age. Truthfully, I got my teeth straightened and got done on my face twice.”

Now, let’s look at the changing face of Nam Gyu-ri, before and after she had surgery!

Nam Gyu-ri’s Old Photo Before Plastic Surgery

We know that Nam Gyu-ri admitted to having plastic surgery on her face. She did it because she lacked confidence when she appeared on the screen.

She had work done on her jaw and eyes to perfect their shapes. She was willing to spend a lot of money so that her appearance would be better on the screen later, and now she feels confident with her new look. In fact, Nam Gyu-ri now has a face like a Barbie doll.

When she was still in school, she had a rather large, wide jaw, and her eyes were very narrow. However, neither of those are issues anymore.

Nam Gyu-ri After Plastic Surgery

After having cosmetic surgery on her jaw and eyes, her jaw looks narrower and smaller, and her eyes look large and have eyelids. Nam Gyu-ri looks very beautiful when uploading selfies, there are many who praise Nam Gyu-ri’s appearance, saying that it seems very natural.

Even when attending a press conference, Nam Gyu-ri’s beautiful face stole netizen’s attention. The skin of her clean face and beautiful face could make anyone jealous. Even though she admitted to having the plastic surgery, her fans still supported what she had done.

In fact, her face always looks beautiful and radiant when doing photoshoots. She always looks beautiful and natural, no matter what the circumstances are. Well, what do you think? Very beautiful isn’t it?

Success always for Nam Gyu-ri!