Profile and Facts about “Pinocchio” Actor Jung In-gi

Jung In-gi

Theater Shows

  • 1990 – Jung In-gi made his acting debut in the Korean open-theater. He played a role in진짜 노동자 or ‘Real Worker‘ in English that tells the audience a story of a labor who shares his pain, anger, and hopes in the relentless progress. In the 1990s, the Korean labor movement was the nucleus of the global anti-dissident movement. From the 1987 labor struggle to the general labor law strike in 1996 after the establishment of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions (1990) and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (1995), Korea’s labor movement was in a slump. There were frequent performances by labor groups everywhere in the industrial complex, and three or four labor songs were produced in a medley of songs. There was a series of analyses that radical and masculine group culture, which can be found in European labor classes, was being formed around organized labor groups.

Radio Shows

  • 2016 – Jung In-gi became a host for EBS FM Radio as a book radio reading series

Music Videos

  • 2012 – “Sorry I’m Sorry” by Kim Hyung-jun


  • 2016 – Jung In-gi became an advertisement model for a multi-vitamin product named”유한양행 삐콤씨”

Jung In-gi’s Awards

Jung In-gi Awards
  • Jung In-gi has won many awards during his acting career. He was nominated in many categories and was awarded for his great acting skills. He won awards in shows such as the 3rd Asiana International Short Film Festival (2005) as Face in Short Award of About a Bad Boy, the 5th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival (2006) as Special Jury Prize of Illegal Parking, and the 28th Busan Internasional Short Film Festival (2011) as Best Actor of Broken Night

K-Drama lovers must be familiar with Jung In-gi’s role in every drama and series he’s in. He also shows great personality and skill as a veteran actor, because his role in dramas or movies impress the audience with his great acting skills. Who’s waiting for his upcoming drama this year? Let’s give Jung In-gi a lot of support!