Profile of Actor in ‘Pinocchio’ Drama, Jung Woong-In

Jung Woong-In’s Daughters

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Jung Woong-In and his wife, Lee Ji-In named their first daughter, who was born on May 18, 2007, Jung Se Yoon. Jung Se Yoon is well-known as the “Korean Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise’s daughter)” that has attracted much attention for her adorable appearance. Jung Se Yoon has even said that she wants to be a comedian (literally: gag woman).

Jung Seyoon

Jung Woong-In with his first daughter, Jung Se Yoon, joined MBC’s Dad! Where Are We Going? as part of the second season of the series, replaced Kim Jin Pyo and his daughter. MBC’s Dad! Where Are We Going? was a South-Korean reality show featuring five celebrity fathers and their children as they travel to rural places, and go on camping trips to spend quality time together. Their first appearance was on May 4, 2014, which was also the first episode aired after the Sewol Ferry tragedy. Jung Woong-In wanted to join to the show because he wanted make memories with his eldest daughter. Although he has always gone on trips with his family, he had never gone on trips with his eldest daughter only.

jung woongin

Their second daughter is Jung So-yoon, who was born on January 09, 2009.

Jung Soyoon

The third daughter is Jung Da-yoon, who was born on May 16, 2012.

Jung Dayoon

Jung Woong-In’s three adorable daughters are also well-known as the “Three Yoons” and have received a lot of love for their appearances on MBC’s Dad! Where Are We Going? for their innocence and genuineness. Because of that, the national sisters “Three Yoons” were chosen as models, and were featured in HAZZY KIDS Magazine in February 2015.

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Following Jung Woong-In’s first daughter, Jung Se Yoon’s solo pictorial that received positive feedback because of her bright and lovely image in September 2014.

Jung woongin

Here is one of the photos from the photoshoot of Jung Woong-In’s first daughter Jung Se Yoon as the main model for HAZZY KIDS Children Fashion Brand. Jung Se Yoon is also called “Miss Smile” because of her cute smile.

Jung seyoon

Jung Woong-In’s Wife

jung woongin

The wife of Jung Woong-In, Lee Ji-In always uploaded their daily lives on her personal instagram account (@jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin), such as uploading a picture of her third daughter Jung Da Yoon pouting her lips and trying to mimic a cute duck that attracted cooing responses from online commenters.


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