Get to Know Pink Punk, The Origin of Blackpink

Evolution From Pink Punk to Blackpink

Before debuting as Blackpink, the group had the name Pink Punk. Looking at the name of the group, it’s easy to guess what genre their music was going to be. In 2011, YG Entertainment planned to debut two new girl groups after 2NE1. The first group was a charming and talented group similar to SNSD, but with a YG’s style, called Next Girl Group (NGG), and the next was a 2NE1 upgrade with girl-crush vibes and a bold style called Future 2NE1 (F21).

The agency planned to debut NGG before F21, but even now, there hasn’t been any news about F21. In 2012, NGG reportedly was set to debut but, for some reason, their debut was postponed and it was rumored their new debut date would be in 2014. Many people started leaking the trainees’ personal information, so the debut date kept getting pushed back, with the final date being in 2016.

At first, NGG would debut with nine members under the name Pink Punk. But then, some of trainees chose to leave the agency, leaving Pink Punk with only four members left, Chaeyoung (Rose), Lalisa, Jennie, and Jisoo. They still debuted, but did it under the name Blackpink, not Pink Punk.

Before Blackpink debuted with four members because Pink Punk didn’t debut, and the original group’s remaining five members were the current Blackpink members plus Miyeon, who would debut with them. But Miyeon also ended up leaving the agency, leaving Blackpink to debut with the remaining four girls. On July 29, 2016, YG Entertainment announced the group’s name and final lineup.

On August 8, 2016, Blackpink debuted with their first single album, entitled Square One, with the single song “Boombayah.” The song ended up being ranked on the Billboard World Digital Song chart, and the accompanying music video set a record for number of times viewed..

What makes the group unique is that the members debuted and built their careers as Idols without the group having an official leader, and only having one member who lived in Korea, Jisoo, even though Rose and Jennie were of Korean ancestry, and Lisa is Thai.

Where are the Other Trainees Now?

Many people wonder where the former YG trainees are now. In fact, all the former trainees kept pursuing their dreams to become singers or Idols, such as Kim Eun Bi, Co Miyeon, Jang Hanna, Euna Kim, and Jinny Park.

1. Kim Eun Bi. She eventually debuted under Moon Entertainment as a solo singer and songwriter. She currently uses her initials, E.B, as her stage name, and debuted in 2019.

2. Cho Miyeon. After she was rumored to be dating a YG trainee, Miyeon finally joined the girl group (G)Idle under Cube Entertainment in 2018. She still has a good relationship with several of the members of Blackpink

3. Euna Kim. After finishing her schooling in the USA, she returned to Korea in 2015 and became a member of The Ark, but the group just survived for a year. She became a contestant on Unpretty Rapstar, and also competed on The Unit. After that, she debuted in a duo named KHAN, but currently she’s working as a solo singer and Korean-American rapper.

4. Jang Hanna. After deciding to leave YG Entertainment and never debuting with them, Jang Hanna now is a solo singer who debuted on May 1, 2020, with the song RUNAWAY.

5. Jinny Park. This former trainee once joined Mnet’s survival show Produce 48, and she debuted in May as part of the new Idol group Secret Number.

That’s all information about Pink Punk, the group that was the seed for Blackpink along with ex-trainee’s latest news. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in comment section below!