Pink Lemonade (2018) by Twice

Pink Lemonade (2018) by Twice

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album Wake Me Up
Release Date May 16, 2018
Length 3:39
Label Warner Music Japan
Songwriter Lauren Kaori, Yu-ki Kokubo
Composer Lauren Kaori, Kohei Yokono
Genre J-pop


We all know that Japan is one of the countries that is used as the target market of K-pop groups. It is all thanks to the loyal Japanese fans who buy albums every time their favorite singer releases an album or single. Seeing this, JYP Entertainment did not want to waste this good opportunity for one of their groups, Twice, especially with 3 members coming from Japan. Of course, this would make their popularity even bigger.

One of the songs that got a good response from fans and the public is entitled “Pink Lemonade” and was released by Warner Music Japan on May 16, 2018, as a b-side track on Twice’s 3rd Japanese maxi single, Wake Me Up. For further information about “Pink Lemonade” by Twice, find it here!

Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Pink Lemonade” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account.

Here is the instrumental version of Twice’s “Pink Lemonade” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account.

Background of “Pink Lemonade”

“Pink Lemonade” by Twice is included as a b-side and second track on Twice’s 3rd Japanese maxi single called Wake Me Up that was released on May 16, 2018, by Warner Music Japan. They announced the news of the song on April 1, 2018.

Besides the standard audio version, “Pink Lemonade” by Twice also has an instrumental version that is set as the fourth and final track on the single. Both of these versions were released by Warner Music Japan through Twice’s official YouTube account on May 15, 2018. The standard audio version has gained 783,608 views and 12,555 likes while the instrumental version has gained 19,335 views and 900 likes since it was first uploaded on YouTube.

“Pink Lemonade” by Twice was officially released both as a digital download and physical version on May 16, 2018, on different online music platforms in Japan.

Here are some of the photo teasers from Twice’s 3rd Japanese maxi single called Wake Me Up where “Pink Lemonade” is included.

The Group Photo Teaser










Story of “Pink Lemonade”

Released nearly in summer, from the start, you can feel the summer vibe in “Pink Lemonade” by Twice. Lauren Kaori and Yu-ki Kokubo are the songwriters of this song and tried to show us the feelings of a girl who is falling in love by using pink lemonade as the symbol of it.

As there are many different feelings felt when falling in love, they describe it as the taste of pink lemonade, stating “My heart’s swaying back and forth, sweet and sour, I’m so in love. Love is pink lemonade. My heart’s fizzing.” By using the taste of pink lemonade as the symbol to describe the feelings she has, you can see that she feels various things when she fell in love with someone. And, maybe it can also happen to you.

Just like the other songs and albums from Twice, the producer for this song was J. Y. Park “The Asiansoul,” the one who made Twice into a popular group like now. The people who composed the music were Lauren Kaori together with Kohei Yokono who also worked on the arrangement of the song.

MV of “Pink Lemonade”

As the b-side and second track of Twice’s 3rd Japanese maxi single, “Pink Lemonade” by Twice does not have an official MV. But, we have provided you the lyric version of “Pink Lemonade” in case you still want to listen to the song while understanding the meaning of the song.

Here is the lyric video of “Pink Lemonade” by Twice.

“Pink Lemonade” Performance

The live performance videos of “Pink Lemonade” by Twice might not be as much as the other songs from Twice, but we have found some of the live performance videos of “Pink Lemonade” by Twice that you can watch here.

“Pink Lemonade” by Twice Live Stage at Day Dream Concert at Tokyo Dome

“Pink Lemonade” by Twice Live Stage

“Pink Lemonade” by Twice Live on VLive

“Pink Lemonade” Achievements

There are some achievements that “Pink Lemonade” by Twice gained when first released in Japan on May 16, 2018.

Here are the details of the “Pink Lemonade” achievements on song charts.

Song Charts

Chart Date Peak Position
Japan Line Music Top May 15, 208 1
Japan Line Music Daily Chart May 16, 2018 2
Japan Line Music June 15, 2018 79
Line Music Year End Chart December 26, 2018 67
Japan Top Songs YouTube Chart April 24-30, 2020 35